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    Passions to Continue in Canada: Updated

    Monday, February 11 2008

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    Posted by VevaVeda at Thursday, January 03 2008 03:47 PM

    My sister and I really miss Passions. When it goes on Superchannel will it be new episodes or reruns.

    Posted by Mike and Eric Martsolf at Wednesday, January 09 2008 12:36 AM

    I hate Gwen and I hope she looses Ethan forever and that he's goes through with the divorce, she doesnt deserve him. I am hoping that theresa gets this whole problem about her mother's secret solved with Juanita cleared so that her,little ethan, jane and ethan can be a family.

    Posted by nekeisha at Monday, February 11 2008 09:16 AM

    i am trying to understand something here why it is that passions keeps on movin from station to different station i dont really understand it is really unfair because what about the people who dont have direct tv you cant keep on doing that not every body have money to by direct tv but you people dont seem to care about people passions use to be so good when it was on NBC now that you have moved it to drtv it makes no sense at all why you think that i have to go on the internet just to see that passions is being aired and to try and keep up with the latest news it realy does not make any sense cant you people see that it is drivin people crazy. why do you people just leave the show on one channel people are goin nuts here i cant even see it on tv because of this caos and it is really unfair to me and other people cant you see that you "ll can gett o see it because you "ll have money not every body have to buy drtv.

    Posted by nekeisha at Monday, February 11 2008 09:24 AM

    i agree with mike and eric, gwen needs to just leave ethan alone and let him b with the woman that he loves very much and that is theresa she and her mother just does not know when to give up what do you have to do in oder for that evil woman and her mother to just leave them alone gwen liste ethan does not want you, you left him and told him that he can finally be with theresa and then you keep on trying to chase him still what is your problem woman leave the man alone he does not want you, will he try to build a proper realationship with the woman that he loves if you keep tryin to chase everytime he gets a chance to be with her.

    Posted by angel1973 at Wednesday, February 13 2008 08:38 PM

    ok well i dont live in canada and i also do NOT wanna lose passions i love this soap there has to be a way to keep passions alive and on the air......i for one will be lost without it its my escape from reality. and i dont wanna see that end.....:(

    Posted by slims at Monday, February 18 2008 09:41 AM

    i love passion and i'm were disappointed when its on direct tv but i'm still a fan of passion

    Posted by nekeisha at Friday, February 22 2008 06:19 AM

    waht is the matter with stupid FANCY can she get the picture that luis loves her what do men at PASSIONS have to do in order to win these stiff hearted woman at PASSIONS if i Was a man and thats what i have to be goin through i would just forget about you woman there at passions you are beginin to sicken me with all your folish behaviour whats up with that are you fancy waitin until your evil ggrandfather allister crane get a hold of you and luis you cant see that you are just to full of your self first poor poor noah tried to pour out his love to you and thats what you did to him you hurt him so much if i was any man i would never be with you because why how could you have even taught for one minute that luis could have been the serial killer/rapist and you say that you love him you dont have a dam clue what is the meanin of love how can a man who say that he loves you tried to rape you and kill you are you out of your mind or what/ if it was not for DR eve Russell luis would have died because of you not believin him when he told you that he could never hurt you like that or in any way .

    Posted by Spoiley at Tuesday, March 04 2008 09:20 AM

    Like whats happening? Is the show coming back to Saskatchewan? I really need to know......or do i have to order some kinda special superchannel or whatever i don't get it........please let me know what's going on..thanks

    Posted by Mike and Eric Martsolf at Thursday, March 27 2008 09:01 PM

    So now does tihs mean passions won't be getting cancelled?, and if it does, i hope the ethan/theresa storyline has to have a good ending.... this is wonderful news, but the questions is Can i get it?, i live in thorold, ontario!

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