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    In our 'Passions' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Passions' New Controversy

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Chad and Vincent (
    Since Chad Harris Crane's lover was revealed to be another man, we've received a flood of mail. Much of it has been negative and it's reached the point that we feel compelled to answer some of your concerns. Passions has, from its beginnings, always been a soap that has pushed further than any other daytime drama, both in style and in content. This story is no exception and neither is the controversy. Women's groups have often attacked the show for its portrayal of women, while completely ignoring the fact that men are depicted far more negatively than the female characters are. Christian groups have attacked the show because it has witches and demons on it. Nurses' groups attacked the show for having a monkey nurse and animal rights groups attacked it for the show's depiction of a monkey's sexual fantasies. Scandalous, and sometimes ludicrous, behavior is the life-blood of any melodrama; without it, it would be a dreary thing indeed. Shock and moral ambiguity, whether we like to admit it or not, have been what's drawn the audience to soaps since radio days.

    Danielle T writes, "I have watched you program for the last 3 years and happen to like it, but the story line portraying Chad as having an affair on wife with another man and showing such graphic scenes in the afternoon is appalling. I really dislike and disagree with the way you have chosen to portray this black man in your program. I�ve noticed in the last few years your soap has been rated last in all soap opera polls if you continue your risqu� story line you will soon be canceled. You just lost a fan."

    This storyline has actually been hinted at for the last two years. It only became clarified in the last several months. The scenes are really not graphic. Kissing is brief and generally more implied than seen. Even the obligatory topless beefcake scenes have been kept to a minimum. Given the blackmailing angle in the story, not showing at least as much as they have been would be difficult, never mind unfair. By the way, since many people have been upset by the fact that so many gay characters on the show are black, for the sake of accuracy, Chad is only half-black and compared to the sexual habits of most of his white Crane relatives, he's downright conservative. As far the ratings go, the show's rating are actually higher than they've been since the beginning.

    Sandy J writes, "Hello, I am writing about my concern about the content of your show. This show is on when there are small children are at home. I don't think showing two men or two women in bed with each other is necessary viewing. If you have to have this subject in your show, leave it to the viewer's imagination about what is taking place. I am disgusted enough to stop watching this soap opera! I thought it was silly, but fun up until now. I believe that you have gone over the line."

    Linda Shelton writes, "To the writers, please stop the love scenes between men. This is daytime TV and sometimes children see these if their moms watch. I will not watch while this is a story line and I will inform the one million moms group so they can send out emails to their list to write in about the content of your show."

    Passions has been unique among soaps in that it has long targeted a gay audience as well as a straight one. Having a gay character without actually showing that he is gay, would be like having a black character whose skin is never seen. We see sex scenes between men and women which are far more graphic quite frequently and have never received a response about it. The show is not made for children and networks generally rate their programs so that viewers can decide whether it's appropriate viewing. They have kept fully within the rules governing content and it is up to concerned parents to decide what they will allow their children to watch. No network is obliged or capable of doing that. If you are concerned about that, write to NBC or to the FCC to voice your concerns. Like I said before, protests over the content of the show have been going on for years. It's what a majority of the fans expect and have come to it for.

    Kelisha James writes, "I like to watch Passions and The Bold & the Beautiful, I'm advising the writers of these soaps to continue their outstanding jobs as they teach the people of today's world about daily life experiences."

    Well said! Passions has always sought to go to the places that other soaps are afraid to go. Surprisingly, the more risks they take, the better they've done in the ratings. Additionally, they've have garnered much attention as well as awards from both creative institutions and civil rights groups. The show's unique perspective and zest for controversy have been a welcome addition to the often too safe and predictable world of soaps.

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    Posted by AllieB at Saturday, March 10 2007 05:01 AM

    I for one didn't agree with the Chad and Vincent lovers lines. Why is everyone turning it into a racist issue. I stop watching passion when they made Jessica out to be a hooker and Endora an 500 year old witch getting pregneant and on top of that the storylines carry over waaaaaay tooooooo lonnnnnnng. It was just too crazy for me and there hasn't been no happy couple since day one. And now it's getting cancelled. I think in my opinion it needs to be.

    Posted by sexychicktesha24 at Saturday, March 10 2007 08:38 AM

    pasiion to me is too drawn out in some aspects. the suspenses are too long therefore you get tired of watching it over period of time

    Posted by Flauh at Sunday, March 11 2007 06:51 AM

    Hi! I'm a huge fan of Passions from Spain (sorry for my english!). I don't understand the crontroversy around Chad being gay and his "sex" scenes with his lover. In Spain we have an afternoon soap and one of the main storylines this year is a gay teen love story. We saw the teens kissing and making love (no sex scenes, of course) and, you know? No complaints! We understand it's natural, it's not bad and no one turns off the tv saying that storyline may damage their children minds! And years before there was a storyline about a threesome: two women and a man where the married couple was ultra catholic. And no complaints again! When the story is portrayed with respect and good taste there is no problem.

    Posted by kitten_2008 at Sunday, March 11 2007 09:47 AM


    Posted by candy caines at Sunday, March 11 2007 12:16 PM

    I think it's really classy that Passions isn't giving in to this homophobic nonsense and is keeping on with this storyline. I say bravo to the writers, actors, and everyone else working on the show.

    Posted by Treyca923228 at Sunday, March 11 2007 05:29 PM

    I just wanted to thank the writer for having an open mind and being true to all of Passions' fans. Its true, gay people are subjected to sex scenes between men and women all the time, and our culture's continued obsession with girl on girl action has set an extremely unfair double standard! As a matter of fact as a gay black man, Im truly moved and inspired to turn on the television and not only see people who look like me, but have been through many of the same things a lot of black gay men go through. I applaud Passions and think the love scenes between Chad and Vincent were very tasteful. America, its time to wake up and accept the fact that people are different and many gay black men are raising families together and have a very normal life. Its unfair to say we as Homosexual African Americans should constantly be subjected to Caucasian love scenes, but when it comes to showing something that is real and important, people are appauled. Well its time to realize that men like Chad and Vincent exist and are bringing awareness to the ongoing problem of being "dl" in a homophobic culture. Thank you passions and to all those who support this storyline!

    Posted by Taurus at Sunday, March 11 2007 06:28 PM

    WOW...can't wait for Whitney to catch them (Chad/Vincent) together.

    Posted by divaDiane at Monday, March 12 2007 07:12 AM

    I don't believe the problem with Chad being gay is the problem. If Chad is gay Chad is gay so what! The problems is the storyline drags on too.... long. One sentence can last an entire week. There is never any closure. Are we to wait until the last show before Whitney finds out that Chad is Gay? This is the whole problem with this show.

    Posted by tande4ever at Monday, March 12 2007 08:51 AM

    I agree that it is a soap that goes beyond the norm for soaps and i feel if parents don't want their kids watching why do they let them see it? I think Passions is a great show and i applaud the fact that they are willing to go beyond the norm to have a soap that is unique.It is a little out there at times but that is what makes Passions what it is and pulls so many viewers in. Kudos to Passions for sticking with their storylines through all the controversy.And if it offends i am sure they did not intend that.There have been gay issues on there for awhile now.

    Posted by RicanMa625 at Tuesday, March 13 2007 06:41 AM

    I think this is RIDICULOUS!!!! Why is it that when Simone and Rae were in a sexual relationship no one said a word, but now two men are in a relationship and its a bad thing?!?? Pleaseeeeee!!!!! Dont make it out to be a racist issue either because Simone is a black woman who is in a gay relationship!! Not everything is about race! To the person who wrote about Passions being on when there are young kids home heres an idea...PUT THE KIDS IN ANOTHER ROOM!!!!!!!! The kids watching Passions with you is not Passions fault its yours!!!!!!!

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