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    Passions: Is Theresa Dead Again?

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Passions fans have been shocked to see that troubled and troublesome Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane has, apparently, gone to sleep with the fishes, or the sharks at least. Following Kay's premonition that death was coming to someone from Harmony, could it really be that she is gone? And, if she really is gone, this opens up all sorts of questions like: Will a grieving Ethan turn to Gwen, will this drive Pilar to the dark side and will this only be the beginning of Juanita's revenge?

    Of course, this isn't the first time that the raven haired beauty has, apparently, ended up in the land of the non-living. Long time viewers will remember that she's been dead before. Unlike her brother Luis, who was only held in captivity while his dead doppelganger floated through the streets of Harmony, Theresa was actually dead. That didn't stop the action for her though. Ethan had just dumped her after discovering that Julian had gotten her pregnant (which turned out to be wrong) and, heartbroken, she promptly committed suicide by jumping into Harmony harbor.

    Since the universe of Passions is governed by the laws of a somewhat esoteric Catholic theology, Theresa quickly went all the way down to Hell, always a popular destination for the townspeople. While there, she met Zombie Charity, disguised as Julian, and made a pact with the dark side. She was returned to life and a chance with Ethan in exchange for carrying out various evil deeds. The exact nature of her alliance with the forces of evil has never been fully clarified to the satisfaction of many Gwen fans, but the official Dear Tabby column states that: "Once Zombie Charity was destroyed the pact wasn't in force anymore." This is perhaps why the born again Theresa has had even worse luck than she had in her previous life.

    In the coming weeks, we'll get to see the people of Harmony mourn the passing of its most fanatical believer in fate, but has Theresa really shuffled off the mortal coil once again? Will she be rescued by mermaids, demon elves or various spirits, good or evil? Will she come back as a zombie and drag the entire town into Hell after eating Gwen's brain (Ethan's wouldn't make a meal)? Only time will tell.

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    Posted by JeFzLaDy at Monday, February 25 2008 07:56 AM

    I really pray and hope that the writers decide to keep Theresa alive.I think that Theresa is a major role player and that she does not deserve to be taken off.Her and Ethan deserve to be together after all the things they have been through.Please keep her on so that she can finally be happy with the man she loves and their family.

    Posted by PassDOOLamcYR at Monday, February 25 2008 07:59 AM

    I think kay will be the one to bring her back to life. Kay will see how much miguel misses his sister and do it for him. Now if this ruins thier relationship i don't know (and really don't care he belongs with charity). And when Theresa comes back no more beating around the bush Tell Ethan the truth for once i want to see Gwen and rebecca pay.

    Posted by CHUCK70 at Monday, February 25 2008 11:14 AM


    Posted by PacificCoastChika at Monday, February 25 2008 11:20 AM

    The only reason I watch Passions is for the Ethan/Teresa storyline. Every other storyline is so lame it borders on pathetic. But, I cannot WAIT to see if Teresa and Ethan get back together. They just drag and drag and drag it out. It KILLS me! But, I do not want to watch Passions unless Teresa and Ethan have some chance of getting together.

    Posted by bigame at Monday, February 25 2008 03:41 PM

    If Teresa and Ethan is the whole show it deserve to be put of the air. Teresa and Ethan is one boring s/l after another. I hope she stay dead and the writers move with the show.

    They need to get rid of Kay as a witch cause she is so boring. When she was with Fox her s/l was more interesting. Now they have her as a love sick witch madly in love with Miguel. Why would u want to be with a man who didn't love u in the begining it took him of loosen Charity his love of his life.

    Posted by Nasaria at Monday, February 25 2008 04:11 PM

    Please i beg you to keep theresa alive, even thou that i can't watch passion on the cable i have to be on the internet

    yours truly
    cayman islands

    Posted by passionsobserver at Monday, February 25 2008 06:05 PM

    Theresa just cannot die off the show. We need her, Passions needs her. This show would be nothing without Theresa.

    Posted by nekeisha at Tuesday, February 26 2008 05:37 AM

    why does every one want theresa dead what did she do to abny one especially you bigame you need to stop postin your comment on this thing because you do not make sense at all you so feel you know everything about this show and who you think should be on it and who you think should go why dont you go from this show how about that take my stupid advise you really think that they will take theresa off the show she is the main role in this show you fool dont you think that if she gone passions will be over for good so many times they tried to kill her but she survied it like for instance when gwen found out that jane was not her's she freaked and almost kill theresa but she manage to get her paralyzed

    Posted by nbcdayswatcher at Tuesday, February 26 2008 02:12 PM

    They are doing the wrong thing Theresa brings spice to the show. Ethan and her belong together bring her back!!!!!!!

    Posted by rmeli206 at Tuesday, February 26 2008 03:29 PM

    there has to be some twist to the story where she isnt dead ...anyway they cant claim her dead with out the body it happend with sherdian when they thought she was dead..

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