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    In our 'Passions' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Saying so-long to Passions' Michael Dietz

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    Jake and Esme (
    Oh Pete, er... I mean Jake...we knew you for so little time and you're already gone. Jake, for those who need some clarification, was the third corpse to spontaneously appear after a lengthy bout of lovemaking to Harmony's most eccentric new mistress of kinky good times, Esme Vanderheusen. And while Esme may one day give resident kink goddess Rebecca a run for the money, the dead men that she's piled up have run off to do other things. Well, the actors that play them have anyway. Just take Michael Dietz, the man who played Jake during his sadly brief, but well-received, run on the show. He has a face familiar to fans of soaps. You may have remembered him as Alan-Michael Spaulding on GL or as Doctor Joe Scanlon on Port Charles or for his role on Beverly Hills 90210. Most famously, however, he portrayed Dr. Mark Maclaine on B&B.

    Michael Dietz on B&B (
    After his brief sojourn back to the land of daytime, Dietz has already gotten himself busy once again. He is back working with partner Richard Friedman at their production company Lucky Butterfly. Together they have put together a wide array of projects in the past year. Among these were several horror films included Born, starring Denise Crosby, and the soon to be filmed American Voodoo. They have also produced three TV projects including The Bogeyman for NBC, the reality TV show The Deprogrammer for CourtTV and NV for Bravo. Anyone interested in these projects can visit the company's official website at this link to check out trailers and get additional information.

    The multi-talented Mr. Dietz is also the only soap actor I can think of who has invented a board game, Bubblebrain, which has won numerous awards.

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    Posted by stacybezner at Thursday, November 08 2007 12:34 PM

    Well, Teresa and Ethan are married, and if the previous husband was legally declared dead, so Teresa took over, she did, then she is legally wed to ETHAN. In 2011 we will find out that the deceased (Gwen's demon) baby was sired at a sperm bank, maybe even with a LEFTOVER, fertilized egg. I know that it is legal for Sperm docs to mix some of their own seeds in the petrie dish to make fertilization take better. Meanwhile, we want to know if we have to dump our allegiance with PILAR. We don't want absolute goody goodies, but stop messing with Teresa even if you are her Baby Mama. And who is Baby Daddy, Al or Martin? We know that Al slept with everything female at the mansion. But will Big Al kill to hide that secret? Would be nice if Paloma and Teresa inherit the entire Crane fortune by birth right. Has anyone found a doctor for Sher? One that won't SHOCK her or drink when she sees dead creepy offspring. Who is Baby Daddy to Vincent's DEMON? Dead Chad or Ethan or DADDY Julian? We like the Dark Side, but incest is for National Geographic and Greek mythology. I sincerely hope that NBC buys back Passions. Please put Passions fans out of their misery. This internet chatting is fun, but some ladies will gain weight or ditch their husbands if they don't have network Passions in the near future. What happened to that story in TV Guide that said that Soap Net was picking up Passions? If you lie to us we will call on the Dark Side to curse you to Hades.

    Posted by deenbighead2 at Thursday, November 08 2007 03:26 PM

    I wish Pilar just tell the truth because it's probaly nothing anyway.I think Esme's neice is the killer because she don't want Esme to be around anyone taking her attention away.

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