Passions McKenzie Westmore Sheds The Baby Pounds! image

McKenzie Westmore (NBC)

Passions star McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) is taking the no pain no gain route when it comes to losing her baby weight. Back in May, McKenzie and husband Keith welcomed a new son, Maddox. Unlike the normal woman, being a daytime actress, she doesn't have the luxury of letting that baby weight fade away on its own, but wants to focus on exercise and eating right, losing it the correct way. Entertainment Tonight will be featuring McKenzie in a segment on how to accomplish just that, due to air in December.

Although McKenzie is a personal trainer, she hasn't always been health conscious. Back when she was 12, she suffered from anorexia. Having gone through treatments and taking the proper supplements, McKenzie was able to beat the battle. Even though one never really recovers from an eating disorder, through mental strength and proper eating habits, McKenzie says she's the strongest she's ever been.

Look to see McKenzie return to her role as Sheridan on Passions sometime in late September, early October.