The Head Floats Into Harmony image


As Passions reaches the end of its run on NBC, faces old and new have been passing through the crazy little town of Harmony faster than they have in years. With the 'end' looming, a death or two in store and a small exodus of characters amid catastrophe, the future may be looking grim for some. Perhaps the best character to give some answers in the chaos is expected to arrive on the scene soon. This week, we'll see a reappearance of the mysterious Floating Head. For those who don't remember, the Floating Head is, well... he' s a floating head who basically gives advice, passes on information from the spirit world, offers future predictions etc., although in the way that only a supernatural character on Passions can. It's been a few years since he haunted the halls and attic of Tabitha's home, but since her magic bowl hasn't been working very well lately, she could use some help glimpsing into what will be in store for her and the residents of Harmony. (Hint: Tabs will be getting a message of her own).

Once again the Floating Head will be portrayed by the unique talents of Adrian Zmed. Mr. Zmed was a staple of 70's and 80's television, famously starring alongside William Shatner in TJ Hooker. He is better known, however, for his role in the original production of Grease and its cinematic sequel. Expect to see him beginning on August the 29th.