Passions LIVE! Update! image


Passions fans will be getting a little treat before the show moves to its new home on DirecTV this September. Starting on August the 23rd, viewers will be able to watch the show with new insight after tuning in to see episodes of Passions LIVE! This new program will be airing exclusively on DirecTV's Channel 101 but will also be available in streaming video format on the NBC page here. It will be hosted by the always charming Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop). Each episode will cover a different theme and feature a few different Passions stars offering their commentary on the show's history, their characters and upcoming storylines.

A new episode will air each Thursday night at 8:00 PM EST beginning on August the 23rd until September the 16th. If there are any questions that you've always wanted to ask or if you are eager to get the low down on some of next season's stories, this could be your chance. Viewers will be able to participate by calling in at 800-860-8537 or by submitting their questions in advance through email to

We're pleased to announce that Passions LIVE! will also be simulcast by Stickam. Their website will stream live behind-the-scenes footage and present exclusive post-show chat with host Eric Martsolf. Passions fans can sign up for a free Stickam account and a chance to post questions through it to their favorite performers. For more information about this terrific opportunity, please visit their website here.