Passions News: Pretty Comes to Harmony image

Fancy's life is about to get more difficult (NBC)

As Luis' execution looms on the horizon, it's hard to imagine things getting much worse for him and his ladylove Fancy...but they will. The much anticipated arrival of the mysterious Crane heiress, Pretty, will be happening on Monday, July the 30th. The part will be played by actress Melinda Sward. Since this past January, the estranged Crane sister has become the frequent topic of avoided and incoherent conversations by everyone from Father Lonigan to Pilar to Sheridan to Esme. No one even wants to talk about her, especially Fancy, who seems to have very good reason for dreading the mention of her sister's name. With the recent reveal of the blackmailer's secret identity adding yet another black spot on the Crane family's already bleak reputation, what revelations are in store when another lost child appears? With Alistair's rumored return and at least one murder coming up, it promises to be anything but pretty.

There isn't very much that we know about Pretty Crane except that, well, she's pretty, or used to be. We also know that she's been hiding out in Europe, she was disinherited from the family and some part of her was, apparently, horribly deformed. At least those have been the hints given out so far, accurate or not. The fact that Fancy almost has a seizure every time her sister's name is mentioned hints at something far more devious than the often mentioned, if largely unexplained, story of Fancy stealing her sister's boyfriends. Soon, a few more hints should filter out, even if some surprising characters go out of their way to try and stop them.

Not entirely new to the soap scene, Melinda Sward played a small role on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2001. She actually auditioned for the role of Siren, the mischievous mermaid, on Passions a few years ago. That role went to Brandi Lynn Burckhardt and Siren wound up shrunken and living in Endora's fish bowl. So far, Ms Sward has reportedly been having a grand time getting used to the craziness in Harmony. She is currently engaged to Polo coach Adam Roth and the couple will be marrying on August the 11th.