Passions' James Stevenson Helps Out at the APCH image

James Stevenson (NBC)

Emmy nominated Passions star James Stevenson (Jared Casey) took a break from filming and his burgeoning music career to put his indelible twinkling charm to good use when he visited the 7th Annual Cinderella Event for A Place Called Home (APCH) in Los Angeles. APCH is a youth enrichment center founded in 1993 to give a secure and positive environment to at-risk youth. They provide opportunities for youth to learn useful skills and help them develop their confidence. He met volunteers at the event with a full wardrobe of lovely dresses once worn by the ladies of Passions. They were donated by the show to the APCH for the upcoming proms of its many clients. The young women of the facility had their choice of fashionable dresses and accessories handed out by the smiling Mr. Stevenson. After touring the facilities, he said it 'was great to be part of such a great event and to see what they do for the kids.'