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Adrian (Miguel, Passions) (NBC)

Adrian tells that the cast is staying positive! (NBC)

Adrian Bellani plays Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on daytime's Passions.

Adrian was kind enough to give me a call this afternoon on his day off to chat about Easter, the possibility that Passions could land on another network and the Daytime Emmys.

It's not always an easy feat for us Editors to schedule an interview with an actor because of our conflicting schedules but I'm happy to report that each time has requested an interview with the delightful Adrian Bellani; he has made himself available to us right away! Adrian called me this afternoon on his day off while he was relaxing in his living room. So what does a soap star do with his time off? Adrian told me that for the next few days he's thinking of, "Relaxing and sleeping and catching up on some reading and just little things like that."

Adrian and I spoke about an upcoming holiday that he celebrates. You'll see this interview in April.

We got to talking about the cancellation of Passions, and I asked Adrian his thoughts on the demise of the show. He divulged, "You know what? It's very unfortunate. It's different for everybody. There are people that are on my show that have been there since the very beginning and for them it has to be very hard and very sad and emotional for the next couple of months. It's sad in a way because it's where I've gotten my start and I still have so much more to offer the role and the show and I just wish it could go on to see what would happen with the character, but it happens for a reason." He tells me. I asked him if he was looking at this as a new chapter in his life and he tells me he's excited! "Believe it or not, everybody on the show is in good spirits and we are all professionals and we've all taken it as a sign to where we have to move on. Everyone's good about it and positive and we're still working. "He thinks it's harder for them, knowing that they still have their jobs for another 6 or 7 months but that the attitude is very positive!" People aren't freaking out because of this," he tells me. I was happy to hear that the cast and crew remained optimistic and explained how good it felt to be able to tell the fans this news!

Adrian confides that nobody is leaving the show yet. He says, "Everyone is still working and we will be working until August I believe but then hopefully some other network will pick the show up and we can stay there and keep providing this crazy Harmony life!" He tells me a little inside information that they apparently do hear word from the network that people are interested in the show and that there have been 'talks'! Hopefully these talks will mean good news for fans. We discussed the news regarding FOX taking on daytime and that Direct TV may be interested in taking on the show. Adrian thinks it's great that there are so many fans out there who want the show to stay on the air. "I don't think people realize the following the show has." He's right! He goes on to say, "The show has been on for 8 years and for a reason! On behalf of my whole cast and crew on the show, I think I can say thanks to everybody [the fans] for the great support they've given us and I hope they can keep fighting to keep the show on the air!"

Adrian and I exhausted talks of the possible cancellation so we switched gears and discussed the upcoming Emmys!

"Are you going?" I asked.

He pauses. "I don't know. I don't see why not. They haven't said anything to us about it but hopefully the network can get us some tickets and we can go. I know for a fact that James Stevenson (Jarred) will be there, who is a good friend of mine and got an Emmy nomination!"

"That was very exciting! I was really happy for that because I noticed that NBC seems to be left out of the loop quite a bit [concerning the Emmys]"

"Yeah, they have been and it's unfortunate." He agrees. Adrian goes on to say that he's really excited for James, who he says deserves the Emmy nomination. Adrian is very supportive of his close friend James and thinks he has a good shot at winning. "He's one of the stronger characters on the show and hence his performance is up to par. With an Emmy nomination on a show like ours that gets really no acclaim from the critics, it says a lot about his work. I'm really proud of him. I hope he wins! I think he's going to win!"

I let him know that I'll be covering the Daytime Emmys and will be in L.A. that week. I ask, "Maybe you'll be going to the pre-Emmy parties then?"

"Oh, I'll be partying for sure," he says.

Although Adrian isn�t positive that he will be at the ceremonies he says, "I look forward to being there with my cast and celebrating probably our last Emmy appearance. If you see me, pull me aside and say hello!"

"I will definitely do that"


We tied things up and said our goodbyes. I thanked him for his time and wished him a Happy Birthday and a Happy Easter and he replied, "Thank you so, so much Chrissi. I really appreciate the call and the interview. Hopefully the fans can understand where we'll be. Our spirits are good and we're working hard to give them exactly what they want! Thank you so much and have a great one and a Happy Easter!"

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