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Brandi Burkhardt - 'Siren', the mermaid (NBC)

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The Mermaid gets engaged!

Sexy Brandi Burkhardt, who portrays the mermaid,Siren on NBC's Passions, is off the market for good! She is officially engaged to musical composer - lyricist - producer, Frank Wildhorn.

When asked about how Wildhorn popped the question, Burkhardt replied,"It was a series of events. He got back from Japan and he said, "I know we weren't going to do this yet, but here, let's get married". I almost didn't know that he was asking me for real. Then I was like, "Sure, I'll marry you!"

The couple has set a date for their wedding to take place in the summer of 2007, but have yet to plan where the nuptials will take place.