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Kristina Sisco (

* Passions' former Ethan Crane, Travis Schuldt, has just released a new DVD. Schuldt plays Randall in the film, Automatic. It was shot in 2005 and spent a successful year on the festival circuit before being released this month. The film revolves around a group of six characters as they try to break free from their behavior patterns once they have grown stale and automatic. Schuldt also served as the producer of the film. The production team issued this press release: 'We are proud of this film and are excited to finally release it into the world. It's getting harder and harder to maintain an independent identity in this ever corporate film industry but we are dedicated to sharing stories about the human experience with all its facets and flaws. This film is about that part of all of us.'

* The new Charity Standish, Kristina Sisco, has just completed shooting the role of Meagan in a new film. It is called Sands of Oblivion and also features George Kennedy and April Bowlby. It is a sc-fi/horror film which is set to air on the SciFi channel this summer. You can also see Sisco in the MGM thriller The Flock, starring Claire Danes, Avril Lavigne and Richard Gere. That film is set to be released on May 11th, 2007. The film details the story of a public safety employee as he tracks down a missing girl.

* Former Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald turned Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalf and former Charity Standing, Molly Stanton, are rumored to return to Passions near the end of its run on NBC, although not in the roles that they had originated.

* In other news, you should check out the new telenovela on MyNetworkTV. It's called Saints and Sinners and it just premiered this month. The show promises a modern day version of the always popular Romeo and Juliet tale and features Passions' own, ever fabulous, Eva Tamargo (Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald).