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This week, NBC announced that the official final date for Passions will be Septmber 7th. Since the first rumors of concellation leaked out, we have received many concerned responses from upset fans. These have ranged from outrage to sadness at the loss of a treasured part of their day. It is a show unlike any other on television and it has broken more rules and caused more delirious pleasure than most. Many of us have already signed petitions or made our own in an attempt to save the show or find it a new home this fall. Anyone interested in protesting the cancellation is encouraged to visit this link or visit or messageboard for more information.

We'd like to share a few of the many wonderful responses we've received from fans.


Please dont get rid of Passions. This is the only soap opera I have ever liked. My sister is addicted to it and now I am too. We even got our boyfriends watching it!!! It's my favorite. I really want you to keep this show. If you don't, what am I going to do everyday at 2 o'clock? I put things on hold just so that I can watch it. Even though things never go the way I want them to, it's still very addictive. So please keep the show, it's not fair to take it away!


This show is going to become a cult classic... I take that back, it is a cult classic. I can't begin to tell you how many people I know that are closet Passions fans. I have heard that celebs such as Jay Leno and Carson Daly admit to watching Passions. Jay Leno even suggested that NBC move Passions to prime time. I am a huge fan. This show is unlike anything on TV, let alone daytime TV. The funny thing about this show is that everybody you talk to that becomes a closet fan all say that it's so bad that it's good, and then become loyal fans. I have to admit that Passions is the only soap I watch and will ever watch. This is because it is nothing like all the other soaps. With Passions, you can laugh. It's like watching wrestling. You know it's fixed, along with crazy plots, but you can't help but keep tuning in. I have no doubt this show will find a new home.

Madam' Fire fly

I Am sooo sad that Passions is going off the air. I called all of my friends who watch the show with me and broke the bad news. I am serious that, come June/July, I�m throwing away my T.V.! How much news do we really need anyway? The corporate people need to realize that a lot of viewers have invested a lot of time and energy into the plots of these shows and for what?!? So they can mock us with the news and fake Katie for a whole extra hour in the morning when most of the good T.V. watchers are asleep? Give me a break! I watch Passions because it is like nothing I have ever seen on T.V. and, as far as I am concerned, they are making a huge mistake. Frankly, I hope the Today Show rots in h*** with Alister Crane.


Please don't cancel Passions. It is our favorite show. If ratings are what is needed, I will personally get at least one T.V. in the home of everyone that I know, just to play the show daily. I love this show with all of my heart. Please don't let it go. I will do anything.


Please keep Passions on the air!

When the show first aired, my daughter took her first steps and that was a memorable day. My daughter has grown up with Passions and we have shared many memorable memories with the show in our family.

Passions is a part of our lives and the actors and actresses are a part of our lives also. We have cried with them, when the actor who played Timmy passed away; we laughed with them when Norma and her sidekicks just brought us to the floor laughing; and when Julian and Tabitha were Tarzan and Jane and all the other wonderful, funny, kind and caring plots this wonderful show and the wonderful actresses brought and continue to bring to our lives.

Passions is my passion for life!


Roses r Red
Violets r Blu
NBC cancelling Passions?
What�s happening with you?!

Please don�t cancel Passions
Luis and Sheridan have yet to marry�
Alistar could be alive and that�s really

Gwen and Ethan have called it quits�
and Kay with Fox, now that�s the pits!

Please don�t cancel Passions
Whit and Chad ain�t kin�
and Julian with Ivy�that could happen again!

Noah and Paloma, that�s kinda sick�
and Jessica�s not through turning her tricks!

Please don�t cancel Passions�
I beg you find another way�.
for I watch my Passions faithfully
each and every day!