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Jack Krizmanich

Jack Krizmanich (ex- Aaron Spencer) (Credit - WBPN MY8)

Today I am excited about speaking with Jack Krizmanich (Aaron Spencer) from primetime�s latest sensation Wicked Wicked Games on MyNetwork TV. Many of you will probably remember him from his daytime role on the hit soap Passions.

The Basics:
Birthday: 12/16/77
Birth Place: Phoenixville, PA
Currently lives in Los Angeles
Height: 6�2�
Hair Color: Brown

Shannon: �Hey Jack, how�s it going?�

Jack: �Good, how are you?�

Shannon: �I�m great, thank you. So, do you have a busy day today?�

Jack: �Um, a little bit, I�m moving to a new place, so I�ve got that going on and my brother is coming into town today. Other than that, it�s a pretty easy day.�

Shannon: �Well, I won�t keep you too long. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today.�

Jack: �Oh, no problem.�

Shannon: �So, tell us a little bit about Wicked Wicked Games�how would you describe that show?�

Jack: �I guess I would say that it is definitely a guilty pleasure, a nighttime soap opera. I think it�s pretty interesting. It�s got a good story, there are a lot of interesting characters and it moves at a quicker pace I would say.�

Shannon: � Yes it does.�

Jack: �It�s a lot of fun!�

Shannon: �When is that scheduled to end, I know it usually runs about 13 weeks, or something like that?�

Jack: �Yeah, I think it goes until about the first or second week of March.�

Shannon: �And what about your character Aaron Spencer, what can you tell everybody about him?�

Jack: �He definitely wants to do right by his mother. He�s been kind of overshadowed by his twin brother who is a successful, smart doctor now. I feel like he has always felt like he could never be as good as Josh. He�s always wanted his mother�s acceptance.�

Shannon: �Your mother is played by the fabulous Tatum O�Neal, right? She plays Blythe Hunter?�

Jack: �Yep�

Shannon: �On the set of Wicked Wicked Games, who have you had the most fun working with and why?�

Jack: �Um��. laughter. . .

Shannon: �All of them, right?�

Jack: �I honestly had fun with a lot people, maybe too much fun. I would say. . .let me say my top three: which was Tatum, Kate French who plays Brooke and Tim McElwee who plays Edward, although we don�t have a lot of scenes together, it was always a good time. Oh yeah, and Clive Robertson, who plays Theodore. It was a really good lighthearted cast.�

Shannon: �And pretty intense filming isn�t it? Didn�t you do it all really quickly?�

Jack: �It was absolutely insane, which I think led to some of the goofiness, because you get to a point where you�re either going to laugh or cry from all the work. And I chose to laugh.�

Shannon: �Well, you might as well go that route, right?�

Jack: �Yeah.�

Shannon: �Well, who would you say is the most unlike their character?�

Jack: �I would say, maybe Tim McElwee who plays Edward. On the show he plays this conniving adulterer, but Tim is like one of the most loyal people I know. My personality as well is pretty far from my character. I try to be a pretty honest person and all I�m doing on the show is manipulating people, so that�s kind of far from me.�

Shannon: �Is it fun to play though?�

Jack: �It is; I had so much fun playing him. Even when you�re going 15-hour days, 6 days a week, you know, I just had a great time. And Kate�s character too, Kate plays this outrageous flirt party girl but she always has her nose stuck in a book.�

Shannon: Laughter� �total opposite huh?�

Jack: �Oh yes!�

Shannon: �Many of the visitors to our site are going to remember you from when you played John Hastings on Passions.�

Jack: �Yeah.�

Shannon: �Are there many people from the Passions set that you still keep in touch with?�

Jack: �Yeah, a little bit. I still keep in touch with Jesse Metcalf and James Hyde. I don�t really talk to them that much, just once in a blue moon pretty much now. James has become a father, we used to play basketball a lot, but that�s kind of it right now. I got along really well with everyone from Passions and I hope to run into a lot of those people again.�

Shannon: �We�re all sad to hear about Passions being cancelled.�

Jack: �Oh, so am I!"

Shannon: �Years from now when you look back on your time at Passions, what are you going to remember from that show?�

Jack: �It was my first working experience and I remember starting out in that and not really knowing what I was doing. I remember trying to take in everything, getting used to seeing myself on TV and developing a work ethic. Being grateful for the opportunity to do what I wanted to do and I look back on the Passions days with fondness. It was a great experience and I took a lot away from it. I�m kind of bummed that it�s going off the air. It was very surprising.�

Shannon: �It�s never easy when those things happen. Summer is right around the corner, do you have any big vacation plans yet?�

Jack: �No, I have nothing planned. I�m basically looking for the next job and not really planning any vacations right now, just looking to try and work right now. I�m Just going to try to get out and enjoy the sun, I love summertime.�

Shannon: �Do you have any other projects lined up or any thoughts as to what you are looking for?�

Jack: �I�ve always been pretty open to what comes my way. I like to do all aspects of TV, film or even doing a play. I just want to stay busy, stay sharp and be open to whatever comes. I want to do my best at whatever project I get.�

Shannon: �What is the one thing that you could tell your fans about yourself that they don�t know or probably wouldn�t guess?�

Jack: Hmmm�.laughter�. �Probably that I am a bit of a loner I guess. I like my privacy, but I like going out and having a good time. I would say that I am very loyal to my friends and my fans. I�m very appreciative of all of the things that I�ve gotten and hope to continue to do more.�

Shannon: �Do you have any charitable causes or organizations that you feel really passionate about that your fans can help out in any way?�

Jack: �You know, my aunt is recovering from breast cancer. She�s been in recovery for the past 3 months now. She�s doing much better, but it was touch and go for a while. You always hear about people coping with certain things, but it doesn�t really hit you until someone in your family gets it, so that was kind of a wake up call. Anything to support the fight against breast cancer is great!�

Shannon: �I think that�s a cause that many of your fans can really help with; it�s always good to help out with breast cancer research and awareness! One last question for you Jack. For all of your Passions fans out there wondering, would you ever consider doing another daytime role if the right one came along?�

Jack: �Yeah, of course I would consider it if it was the right role and looked interesting.�

Shannon: �So they can all hold out hope right?�

Jack: �Absolutely!�

Soaps.com would like to thank Jack again for taking the time to do an interview with us. I would also like to thank his agent Cindy for making this interview possible. Thanks Cindy! Be sure and tune into to Wicked Wicked Games weeknights on MyNetwork TV!

**For more information on how you can help win the fight against breast cancer, please visit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation website. To Jack's aunt, other cancer survivors and their friends/family members, our thoughts are with you and together we will find a cure!**

Shannon Burrell
Soap Journalist