Passions: Vote in the Third Annual Sudzies! (Votes are in!) image

One more vote, for Passions!

Thanks for all who voted! The Sudzies are now over. You can view the complete list of winners in's Third Annual Sudzies Awards Winners!

Welcome to the Third Annual Sudzies!

These awards are for the 2008 season, so keep that in mind before you vote! Please be aware that this is the last time Passions will be a part of the Sudzies, as the show is no longer on the air. Note that if you post more than one name in any option that you aren't supposed to, your vote will not count.

When you click the link, the survey will pop up in a separate screen. You'll receive an informational note on what the Sudzies are about and how it works.

Here is the cast list for Passions, just in case you need a reminder of who played in 2008!

John Reilly (Alistair Crane)
Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop)
Christopher Maleki (Spike Lester)
Ben Masters (Julian Crane)
Colton Shires (Little Ethan Crane Winthrop)
Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald)
Richard Steinmetz (Martin Fitzgerald)
Blair Redford (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald)
Dylan Fergus (Noah Bennett)
Jean Paul San Pedro (Roberto)
James Hyde (Sam Bennett)
Danny Woodburn (The Demon Elf)
Phillip Jeanmarie (Vincent Clarkson)
Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Winthrop Crane)
Danica Stewart (Jessica Bennett)
Tracey Ross (Dr. Eve Russell)
Kathleen Noone (Edna Wallace)
Nicole Cox (Endora Lenox)
Erin Cardillo (Esme Vanderheusen)
Emily Harper (Fancy Crane)
Leigh Taylor-Young (Katherine Crane)
Heidi Mueller (Kay Bennett)
Hannia Guillen (Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald)
Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald)
Melinda Sward (Pretty Crane)
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan Crane)
Juliet Mills (Tabitha Lenox)
Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane)
Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (Valerie Davis)
Amy Castle (Viki)
Jossara Jinaro (Rae)
Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss)
Dana Sparks (Grace Bennett)
Liza Huber (Gwen Winthrop)

Thank-you for taking the time to complete our survey! Please feel free to check out the winners from the Second Annual Sudzies, in the meantime!