Scissor Sisters to appear on Passions image

Scissor Sisters get zapped to Harmony

On the show is reporting that Scissor Sisters will appear on Passions early next year.

"They're big fans of the show they called us!"NBC Daytime VP Annamarie Kostura happily tells "We got a call from their record label, Universal Motown, saying that the Scissor Sisters are huge fans of Passions, they're touring with their new album and they'd like to be on our show. I spoke to Passions' head writer, Jim Reilly, and he said 'Sure!' So Passions' musical director, Paul Antonelli, and I went to the first concert of their new tour and we met with the band. They were just hysterical over how much they love this show."

Ms. Kostura says Scissor Sisters that's Jake Shears, Babydaddy, Ana Matronic, Paddy Boom and Del Marquis have agreed to tape two episodes in December. They will air during the first week of February.

In their first episode, Endora, Nicole Cox, zaps the band into Tabitha's kitchen for a command performance of their hit song "I Don't Feel Like Dancin."

Their second episode Scissor Sisters performs "Land of a Thousand Words" at The Blue Note. Both songs are off their just-released album, Ta-Dah.