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She has played Eve Russell since Passions began in 1999, but in just a few short weeks, her portrayer Tracey Ross and her fans must say goodbye to the good doctor permanently.

For the past nine years, we have seen Eve battle drug and alcohol addiction, Alistair, her sister Liz and her son/daughter Vincent/Valerie. She’s been a prostitute, a jazz singer and a doctor; she’s fallen in and out of love with both TC and Julian; and helped her daughters Whitney and Simone deal with their own love lives.

It’s been a good run, but on August 11th Passions will air for the last time. recently caught up with Ms. Ross and found what how she really feels about the bizarre world of Harmony she called home for almost a decade.

Lori Wilson: You were on Passions since day one. Did you have any idea the show was going to get as wacky as it did when you started?

Tracey Ross: No, I had no idea that Passions was suppose to be "wacky" at all. I didn't get it until Grace floated out of her bedroom window.

LW: Was there anything that you felt crossed the line or were you up for anything?

TR: I was never crazy about the incest storyline with Whitney and Chad.

LW: What was the most bizarre thing you were asked to do on the show?

TR: I think hanging on to the top of a flying jet was the most bizarre. There was a huge fan blowing wind on me at the same time that I was in a halter that hoisted me up so I could look like I was just barely hanging on. All the water stunts in the tsunami were pretty crazy too. Also, having to sing so many songs on the show took me by surprise. And since I'm not a singer, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the songs turned out.

LW: Which storyline did you enjoy playing out the most?

TR: I loved the Julian and Eve falling back in love storyline. It was so well written and romantic and Ben is such a wonderful actor. It was playing Romeo and Juliet.

LW: Vincent giving birth to his father’s child has certainly been one of the strangest and most dividing storylines among the fans. What did you think of the story and what was it like to play out those scenes?

TR: That storyline made me physically nauseous. It was only Maria O'Brien
(Passions acting coach) who could get me to see the comedic possibilities.

LW: Without giving anything away, are you happy with how things wrapped up forEve?

TR: I wish there had been time for Eve and Julian to get married but I'm happy they ended up together.

LW: How hard was it saying goodbye to the cast and crew after nine years?

TR: I realized at the wrap party that there were so many people that I really didn't know and hadn't spent any time with and I wished I had made more of an effort to know them better.

LW:Do you still see any of the cast now that filming is over?

TR: I live kind of far out-of-town and feel like I miss a lot of opportunities to hang-out. I saw Mac (Sheridan) at an Emmy party. I went to a comedy revue that Emily (Fancy) was in. I saw James (Sam) and a lot of the cast at his wife, Sue-Ling's art show. I email Kim (Ivy) all the time and Dana Sparks (Grace) and I live near each other. I wish I lived closer to everyone. I miss seeing their beautiful faces.

LW: Did it take awhile for it to sink in that it was over or did you easily adjust to life after Passions?

TR: I've decided to stay in a state of denial. I just keep pretending that were all on hiatus.

LW: Eric Marsolf told us he took his nameplate off his parking space after the last day of taping. What if anything did you take with you from the set?

TR: I took my nameplate as well. I didn't take anything off the set but I did go to the warehouse sale and purchase some things including Dr. Eve's framed medical certificate. I also became inadvertently Passions unofficial archivist. I was at the production office the day all the Passions episode DVDs were about to go into the trash. I put them all in my car so now I have a copy of each episode of the whole nine years. I'm really happy about that.

LW: What having you been doing since Passions ended? Do you have any new projects in the works?

TR: I guess I've given myself the summer off because all I do is lay in bed all day with my laptop on my stomach watching reruns of "Bridezilla" on TV. (laughs)

Sounds like a good way to recoup after 9 years of constant angst and turmoil on Passions! wishes Tracey a relaxing summer and hopes to see her pop up on in our living rooms again soon. With all the activity at the hospital on Days of Our Lives lately, does anyone else think Salem could use another smart and sexy doctor?

Lori Wilson