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(Courtesy of McKenzie Westmore)

McKenzie, Seven and Maddox (Courtesy of McKenzie Westmore) would like to welcome McKenzie
Westmore, who portrays Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald, on the exhilarating soap opera, "Passions!"

Jenni: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us today!

McKenzie: Thank you so much! It is all my pleasure!

Jenni: Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. Can you tell us how he has changed yours and your husband Seven's lives?

We are beyond thrilled!! Maddox has made our lives so much richer! We can't even imagine how we lived before without him around!

During your maternity leave, how did you and your new family spend your time?

McKenzie: We did a lot of traveling. Since Seven has started his new band Whiskey Falls we went back to Nashville a few times where he performed and had a bunch of meetings with record labels. We also went to San Francisco to visit my grandma, aunt and uncle and then New York to visit all of Seven's family. Maddox is becoming the little traveler at an early age! Other than that we spent the rest of our time at the beach, doing mommy and baby yoga, and just having fun being a new family!

Jenni: How did it feel to be watching the show progress? The fans would like to know what your thoughts are about your character's own niece being yourcompetition for the love of your life?!

McKenzie: I think it's a very interesting direction. It still cracks me up though that Emily is my niece being that she is the same age as me! As far as the storyline of Fancy and Luis goes, how could they not go in that direction. Sheridan is married and moved on. Poor Luis can't just be left alone! Although I don't like it one bit. . .I will forever be a Shuis fan!:)

Jenni: Even though Kam Heskin has done a great job, no one can replace
you as Sheridan in the hearts of your fans. They have been emailing us regularly asking when you were coming back.

McKenzie: Thank you very much! I thought Kam did an outstanding job! Sheridan is a complex character and she filled it very well!! As for my return, my air date is Oc. 23rd.

Jenni: Can you share with us what it was like for you, coming off maternity and getting back in the swing of things in that first week back on the set of Passions?

McKenzie: It was weird cause my first day was great! I felt like I had only been gone a few days and then as the week went on I started to feel like a fish out of water wondering what the heck I was doing! Now I finally feel like I am back in my groove! It took a little bit, but I am getting there!

Jenni: Besides your own, what storyline on Passions excites you the most right now?

McKenzie: Anything with Endora excites me!! She is just so darn cute!!

Jenni: You're in fabulous shape! We know you're a personal trainer, and hear that you got in shape the good old fashioned way - proper diet and exercise! For all the women who are still trying to figure out how to do it, can youshare any tips with them?

McKenzie: It takes a lot of hard work and discipline! I work out 5 days a week doing cardio for about 45 minutes and then light weights 3 days a week and yoga 2 days a week. When I was breast feeding, I kept my calories up and didn't exercise as much but as soon as I stopped in order to keep the pounds coming off (which I am still doing!) I had to crank up the exercise and lower my calories. Not too low thought. Just enough to keep my energy up and so I was eating 5 small meals throughout the day. . .all organic and extremely healthy!!! With a lot of my exercise I try to incorporate Maddox too. I will put on a weighted vest and go for a walk through the hills with him in the stroller. . .It's a killer workout!

Jenni: You are very blessed to be able to sing and act. I f you had to
choose one, which would you pick and why?

McKenzie: I don't think I could just pick one! I love them both so much and get so much joy from both acting and singing!

Jenni: I would like to give you the opportunity to promote your husband's band Whiskeys Falls!

McKenzie: Whiskey Falls is seven's new country band. They will be touring next year and have a tie-in with NAXCAR in which a die cast car with their C.D. will be coming out in Wal-Mart this Christmas. You can check out their music at

Jenni: Can you share something about yourself that your fans may not know?

McKenzie: I'm pretty much an open book but if I think of something then I will get back to you on it. :)

Jenni: The staff is very excited about you appearing on! We would love to hear what you think of our website and quote you!

McKenzie: WWW.SOAPS.COM isawesome and a must for link suggestions! I have it on my top 10! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Jenni: Thank-you so much for your time! It's a real pleasure to have you on our website. Best wishes to you, your husband and baby! We're glad to have you back where you belong!

Thank you so much!!Great doing the interview. . .Hope it was a good one for you!

God Bless,


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