Former Passions Stars in Las Angeles image

Silvana Arias (NBC)

Adrian Bellani (NBC)

With the filming of Passions completed, its actors are already heading back into the hectic world of auditions. Recently, more information about a new project involving several of Passions' former stars has begun filtering out. The indie comedy Las Angeles is currently being shot on the West Coast. It tells the story of Marta Castro, a film student at UCLA who tries to revitalize her family's car wash business. While doing so, the secrets behind the business, and why the LAPD wants to close it down, come out. The film is credited to writer Pancho Villa and director Gerardo Flores Villarreal and features a predominantly Latino cast. Former Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, Silvana Arias, stars as Marta, bringing her charm and quickness to the role. (Arias has been very busy lately. Please see our article)

The film so-stars Arias' former on-screen brother, Adrian Bellani. The young heartthrob will be playing Freddy. Bellani left the world of Harmony behind after the show moved to DirecTV last fall. Since then, he has appeared in an episode of the hit series Heroes and been busy auditioning. He has also been spending a lot of his time doing charity work. Last month he was putting his time into the "Spike for Hope" event and this month he will be putting it toward the "Padres 5K Charity Walk / Run". He will be joining Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker on May the 31st, 2008 at the Staples Center in Downtown LA for the charity run. For additional information on this event and how you can participate, please visit the official event site.

In an added Passions note, the film will also feature Adrian Quinonez, who appeared as a bar tender at the Blue Note last year who was lucky, or unfortunate, enough to get roped into Esme and Julian's drunken sex games. A release date for the film is still some time off, but fans should keep their eyes open in the new year. sends our congratulations to everyone involved and wishes them the best of luck!