The Busy Career of Passions' Bruce French image

Father Lonigan advises Pretty (NBC)


Passions audiences have long known him as Father Lonigan, the blind and saintly priest with a penchant for premonitions of evil. He has served as the most faithful confidante of Pilar and as the spiritual adviser to Harmony's morally dubious citizens for years. He's also one of the few people to consistently go up against Alistair Crane, losing his sight in the battle, but surviving none the less. Since the show moved to DirecTV, we haven't seen much of the kind hearted clergyman, but Bruce French, the man who has been playing Father Lonigan since the show began in 1999, has been keeping busy.

French could be seen most recently in an episode of the eccentric courtroom fantasy, Eli Stone. Audiences have also been able to see him over the past few months on shows like Jane Doe and Bones as well as the critically acclaimed series The Riches. He's been appearing on that show in a regular role as Jim Burns, Eddie Izzard's wealthy neighbor.

Over the past three decades, French has been a steady staple of television casting, stretching his talents to appear on everything from Magnum PI and The A-Team to The Practice and Gilmore Girls and just about every major primetime TV show in between. He even appeared on a few soaps in the past, including recurring roles on the now defunct Dallas, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing, Beverly Hills, 90210 and even soap opera parody, Soap.

Of course, Mr. French has not limited himself strictly to television. Aside from leading a respectable stage career, the Reinbeck, Iowa native has also appeared in feature films including Mission Impossible III, Thank You for Smoking, Mr. Deeds, Legal Eagles, Wildcats, Christine and Mr Mom.