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Photo courtesy of Jean Paul San Pedro

When we heard that the character of Roberto would be returning to Harmony, we were curious to say the least. What made things even more exciting was that the role would be getting a new actor and, one expects, a new twist. Jean Paul San Pedro has taken over the role and will be making his first appearance on April the 1st. The role of Paloma's one-time boyfriend, and partner in the smuggling of prescription drugs, had previously been played by Jorge Alberti. He left the show in 2006 after Paloma turned down his marriage proposal. This, of course, left Paloma to be romanced by Noah Bennett. After several months of being Passions' only happy couple, they began to hit a rough patch, thanks largely to Tabitha's interference. Now, with the beautiful young Lopez-Fitzgerald's ex-flame returning to the scene, things could more complicated for Harmony's youngest policewoman and her fiancé.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Jean Paul San Pedro, who graciously gave us his time to answer a few questions.

Matt: What made you want to get into acting?

Jean Paul: Honestly, I was at a point in my life where I had recently graduated from high school and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my life. Coming from Cuban/Colombian parents, I was expected to go into the family business but fate would take me to acting. A girlfriend I had got me a job as an extra on Any Given Sunday. It was a 14 hour day but I fell in love with the craft. The next day I was bumped up to featured extra so I was given the opportunity to be with the actors and I haven’t looked back since.

Matt: You've been involved in daytime for a number of years, having taken part in CBS' Soap Star Screen Test competition in 2003, auditioning for Guiding Light and appearing on several shows subsequently; is there something in particular that attracts you to this form?

Jean Paul: Some of the best actors came from soaps or are currently on soaps right now. I’m just honored to be a part of the soap world.

Matt: Were you familiar with Passions before starting work on it?

Jean Paul: Yes, Passions was actually my second audition ever. I had auditioned for Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. They put me on tape in Florida and sent it in. I didn’t get that part but I moved to NY and started working on As the World Turns.

Matt: Roberto was formerly involved with smuggling and, of course, with Paloma; any hints of what viewers can expect to see with the storyline you're involved with?

Jean Paul: You really have to watch to see but he does stir things up.

Matt: Does portraying a character who has a previous screen history, and has been played by someone else, impact on the choices which you make as an actor? If so, how?

Jean Paul: It’s definitely important to take into account the history of the character, the choices of the previous actor and also what the fans thought of him. Taking that all into account, I think it’s important to bring something fresh to the table.

Matt: How would you describe your character?

Jean Paul: My character did have a past. But it seems like, at the point where I took over, he has changed. He seems to have matured and he seems humble. But you know how it can get when love gets involved!!

Matt: You've also worked on As the World Turns and General Hospital (as a bodyguard in 2007), which are both extremely different shows, in terms of content and style, from Passions; how was Passions different from those other working environments?

Jean Paul: Well, they’ve all been professional working environments. So in that sense they have all been very similar. Now there’s a funny story behind Passions for me. On my first day I had been scheduled to do most of my scenes with Paloma (Hannia Guillen). The first day is always the hardest but this was different. As it turns out, Paloma was being played by an old friend of mine from Miami. We hadn’t seen each other in about six years so you could imagine how surprised we were to see each other again on the set of Passions.

Matt: Are there any upcoming projects you care to tell us about?

Jean Paul: Well, I have been in LA for about seven months and I have been very fortunate because I haven’t stopped working. I have just wrapped on several Indie features which should be coming out next year!

We extend our thanks to Jean Paul for the interview. We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and we're sure that he will be an exciting addition to the cast. wishes him the best of luck on all of his future endeavors!