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One of the Hall brothers (NBC)


Passions has long been known not simply for being a show about some rather peculiar people getting up to outlandish things, but also as a show which seems haunted by odd coincidences and details. While some of the more famous of these anecdotes have been unfortunately macabre, some have been more amusing.

Avoiding the normal confusion arising from recasts, the show benefited by having the role of Reese Durkee played by two different actors, Bruce Michael and Seth Hall, who just happened to be identical twins. Although rumors of this were rampant even before the switch was publicly announced, most people assumed it was either a joke or a stunt. It was neither. Bruce played the role from July the 21st, 1999 until January the 10th, 2003 while his brother, who had minimal acting experience and was studying medicine at the time, took over the role from April the 11th, 2003 until March the 19th, 2004. While such a switch is rare, it has happened a few times in soap history. Since we at love trivia, we dug around a bit and discovered a few other times this has happened. In the late sixties, on the now-defunct show The Secret Storm and on One Life to Live, a twin took over the role of their twin. It also happened on Days of Our Lives in the late eighties.

Bruce Michael, who is the younger twin by 53 minutes, left the show to take a contract part as one of the many Joe Buchanans on One Life to Live from 2003 until 2004. In an added bit of trivia, while there, he was joined by fellow former Passions actor Robin Strasser (who played Hecuba). Following his time on that show, in an eerie Passions echo, he played a character named Sam Bennett, which is, of course, the name of Harmony's police chief, for several episodes of the series Summerland in 2005. After that, he starred in the thriller The Fall of Night which was released in 2007. His twin brother also appeared in that film, playing a yuppie biker. Previous to that, he had appeared in the film The Mafia Type, shortly after leaving his time on Passions.

Reese, for those who don't remember, was the geeky accountant's son who became smitten with his friend Miguel's fated love Kay. He and Kay never got together, in spite of some magic from the dark side which nearly put him in bed with both her and her arch rival Charity. He's probably best remembered for being the boyfriend of Kay's little sister, Jessica, when she was an uber goody two shoes. After she dumped him, he vanished, rarely to be mentioned again.