Passions: Krissy Carlson, The Fill in Fancy image

Krissy Carlson as "Fancy" (NBC)

Krissy Carlson (NBC)

Some viewers were surprised this week to find a new actress inhabiting the role of Fancy Crane. As Fancy went on a rampage down by the wharf and almost keeled over thanks to her malicious sister mucking about with brain, Luis finally pulled away her golden locks to reveal that it wasn't Emily Harper under there. Instead, viewers were treated to seeing the role played by Krissy Carlson, also a former cheerleader, albeit for the XFL. It's always fascinating to watch a different actor play a characters that you've become accustomed to seeing a particular way, bringing out aspects embedded in the writing that you might not always expect. But fans of Emily Harper don't need to worry. She will be returning to the role forthwith. She just had to take a few days off to deal with a family emergency.

Krissy began her acting career a decade ago, appearing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pacific Palisades. She's not a stranger to the soap world, however. She, like many of the stand-ins to appear on Passions, was once an actress on short lived soap Sunset Beach. She played Amy Neilsen from 1997 until that show's demise. In addition to daytime, she also appeared on the Reality TV show Meet My Folks and in the films Nowhere to Go, Devil in the Flesh and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Lately she's been working as the model carrying case 16 on game show Deal or No Deal.