The Musical Past of Passions' Amy Castle image

Amy Castle as "Viki" (NBC)

Young Amy (

Before joining the cast of Passions last fall, Amy Castle (Viki) had already established herself on television. She had featured in roles on Lizzie McGuire, Oliver Beene and Malcolm in Middle as well as gaining some notoriety for portraying the younger version of Ally McBeal on the eponymous show. All of that seems to be a long way from the strangely untalkative serial killer she's been playing lately. Who could have guessed that even further in the dark recesses of the past, the young actress would have another shocking surprise?

Back in the early 90's, a pregnant Judianna Castle and her husband singer/songwriter/producer Buddy Castle, began to write melodies for the child they were expecting. By the time the melodies had blossomed into little songs, their child, Amy, was born and two years old. That made her old enough to sing the songs that had been sung to her since before her birth. At the age of three the family began recording and in 1995, they released the CD BALLOONS, featuring 12 original songs. The album, and, specifically "The Cuppycake song" that young Amy sang became a hit among parents and children alike and is still a popular seller to this day.

You can see the four year old Amy singing the song here. For more information on the album, please follow the following link.