Danica Stewart as 'Zoe' (NBC)

(Originally posted October 2 2007) Update at bottom!

As some of you may have heard, NBC is launching a new online soap called Coastal Dreams. You should be pleased to know that Passions' own Danica Stewart, best known for playing the troubled Jessica Bennett, will be appearing as one of the show's main characters. Sporting her original blond hair, Stewart will be portraying Zoe, the classic girl next door and wanna-be jewelry designer who runs off to California to escape her stalker boyfriend. She may be in for even more trouble with the change of scenery, however. While on the coast, she goes to stay with her favorite cousin, April, who just happens to be played by Kam Heskin. Fans may remember her as McKenzie Westmore's able stand-in, playing heiress Sheridan Crane when McKenzie was on maternity leave last year. The fast-paced show promises viewers a chance to see these familiar faces in a new light and a few surprising plot twists along the way. The show will also feature Tanee McCall (Hairspray) as well as Charlie Koznick and Ken Luckey as the requisite beefcake surfers.

Coastal Dreams is available online only at its official website NBC.com/CoastalDreams. It will run for twenty four episodes with new episodes premiering every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on October the 2nd. The show will also feature an innovative use of interactive technology that will allow fans access behind the scenes and the chance to vote on the outcome of certain elements of the show.

Contest Update Dec 13!

Oddly enough, even though we do not cover Coastal Dreams, we've had a few emails regarding the contest that they've seen promoted for Coastal Dreams and Macys.

Sloan J writes,"I don't know if it was on this site or another but I want to know how I can enter my sister's name in the contest to win Coastal Dreams sunglasses and a M*cy's gift card."

Betsey S asks, "Where can I sign up to win that $100 gift certificate for Costal Dreams for my girlfriend for Christmas?"

I admit I had no idea of what they were talking about when I first saw these emails but I checked around and I believe you saw a contest from one of our sister sites, She Knows. I hope so!

Here is the information:

You can enter to win a $100 MACY’s Gift Card or one of five “Coastal Dreams” limited edition sunglasses or one of five runner up prizes! The contest is open to Canadian and USA residents only and runs from December 1 to December 31.

For more information on the contest and to enter your name or a friend's name, please follow the link below!

Coastal Dreams Contest.

Good luck and we hope you're enjoying seeing Danica and Kam on Coastal Dreams!