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    Passions CAST - Roberto - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Roberto Played by Jean Paul San Pedro on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jean Paul San Pedro (provided by the actor)

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jean Paul San Pedro
    Height: 6


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    A Beautiful Night For Flying.

    Monday, May 05 2008

    In Tabitha’s living room, Kay cries over her wedding dress going up in flames, Tabitha thinks evil is in Harmony, and Noah and Roberto trade snarky barbs. Kay sees a candlestick and blames Noah for knocking it over when he ran into the room, thereby setting her dress on fire. Noah insists it wasn’t him and Tabitha thinks to herself that it wasn’t Noah’s fault, but the book’s. Kay wants to know why Noah rushed into the room and he says it’s because he saw Paloma and Roberto kissing. Everyone turns to look at Paloma and she tries to explain that she doesn’t know why she kissed him. A cocky Roberto pipes up and says sometimes passion just sweeps you off your feet. Noah puffs up and orders Roberto to meet him outside, but Tabitha stops time before the men can fight. She looks through her book to see what’s supposed to happen and the book starts to bleed and then bubbles. Tabitha thinks she’s got the message loud and clear and restores time, telling the men not to fight in her house. Noah lunges for Roberto, but Miguel pulls him off. Paloma asks Noah to believe that she doesn't know why she was kissing Roberto just like she believed him when he didn’t know why he was with Fancy. Noah comes around and says he trusts her and understands. Roberto glibly tells Noah sometimes old feelings bubble to the surface, but Paloma says she doesn’t have feelings for him. Noah instructs Roberto to stay away from his fiancée or else! Miguel tells Noah to calm down and chalks the kiss up to the weird things that happen in Harmony. He reminds them that they are having a wedding and that they should focus on love. The couples profess their love for each other and Miguel says love will keep them together, just as the book starts throwing objects around the room. Tabitha thinks it’s another sign the marriage is doomed and then the madness stops. Roberto wants to know if the whole town is possessed by demons and Tabitha offers that maybe it was a seismic disturbance, but no one believes her. Everyone helps to clean up Tabitha’s house and Paloma worries the broken mirror she’s sweeping up is seven years bad luck. Noah tries to make her feel better, but Paloma sees an image of Theresa running in a piece of the glass. Paloma cries and says it’s a message from the grave, but no one else can see it. Paloma grows hysterical as she sees Juanita holding a butcher knife over Theresa’s lifeless body.

    Will You Marry Me?

    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    In her living room, Tabitha frets over all the warnings that evil is coming to Harmony. Her book starts to glow and crackle and she hides it when Kay and Paloma enter. Paloma asks for Kay's advice on caring for two men at the same time. Tabitha's book starts to spark and Paloma asks what she has behind her back. Tabitha zaps it out of her hands and says there was nothing. Paloma lets it go and she asks how is she supposed to know what she really feels for Roberto and Noah, as both men enter the room. Pilar pulls Paloma aside and tells her to listen to her heart and it will tell her who to be with. Paloma says she can't get the image of Noah kissing the woman at the Blue Note out of her head. Kay tells her to talk to him about it. Paloma asks Noah to come with her and tells Roberto she will talk to him later.

    Miguel enters with a box of wedding favors. Kay tells Tabitha she wants to know what was up with that spark, but turns her attentions to Miguel. Tabitha thinks she can't tell Kay that evil is coming to Harmony because she would make things worse. Miguel asks Roberto to help him get more boxes out of the car and Kay asks Tabitha about the spark behind her back. Tabitha lies and says she was working on a spell to help with the wedding. Kay eventually believes her and asks what the spell does. Tabitha doesn't want to spoil the surprise, but promises, "Things will happen that will make your wedding unforgettable."

    Miguel and Roberto come back with more boxes of stuff for the wedding and Roberto walks off. Tabitha thinks to herself that evil is targeting the wedding and Kay in particular. In the kitchen, Noah asks Paloma to go away together so they can spend time together without anyone around to bother them. She agrees and Noah leaves to tell Kay. Roberto comes into the kitchen wanting to talk to Paloma about the two of them, but Paloma says she is going to marry Noah so there's nothing to talk about.

    Miguel, Kay and Tabitha work on wedding favors and Noah walks in saying he and Paloma are going away for a few days. Miguel tells Noah he's glad they worked things out and wants him to take care of his sister. Noah promises to looks after her forever. Noah goes to find Paloma and the book zaps Paloma and Roberto, making them kiss just as Noah walks in and sees them. Paloma stops kissing Roberto and sees Noah. She's confused and says she has no idea what just happened. She runs after Noah and Roberto smiles.

    The doorbell rings and Tabitha answers it. She comes back with a box containing Kay's dress. Miguel wants to see it, but Kay says it's bad luck. Tabitha thinks the wedding is already cursed. Kay sends Miguel upstairs and shows Tabitha her dress. The book starts to spark and Noah, Roberto and Paloma enter arguing. The book sends a spark on Kay's dress and Noah tells Roberto he wants to see him outside! Kay then notices her dress is on fire and everyone helps to put it out. Tabitha thinks Harmony is in for a hell of a ride.

    New Disguises, Same Schemes.

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    Noah bartends at The Blue Note as Paloma and Roberto enter. Paloma is snippy with Noah for sending Roberto to the club where he got arrested. Noah sincerely apologizes and Roberto defends Noah, but Paloma thinks Noah is just jealous of Roberto and could have sent him to a nice place like The Blue Note instead of that dive bar. Noah tells Paloma and Roberto that he talked to Sam and he is going to straighten the mess out so Roberto doesn't get deported. Paloma is relieved and says she forgives him, but forgiving him is getting old. Noah tells her he loves her with all his heart and they will be able to get though anything. They kiss and the Demon Elf pops up and is sickened by Noah and Paloma's closeness. Noah tells Roberto and Paloma to sit at the bar and he will fix them his specialty drink, but Paloma says they need space and goes off to sit in a booth with Roberto. Noah is miffed and the Demon Elf is happy, but says it's not enough!

    In the booth, Roberto and Paloma discuss Noah. She tells Roberto she loves Noah and can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Roberto thinks to himself that he needs to work harder in order to break the two of them up. Roberto says he's glad for her, but then glares in Noah's direction. Paloma tells Roberto she hopes he meets the right girl someday and he thinks, "I already have."

    Roberto and Paloma talk about Paloma finding Noah with Fancy. Roberto calls her naïve for believing Noah's excuses and wonders why she's not worried. Paloma says he didn't cheat on her with Fancy and he never would. Roberto sees Noah kissing the woman and asks, "What do you call that?"

    Noah goes over to an icy Paloma and says he can explain. She demands to know why he was kissing that woman and Noah says she was a regular who used to flirt with him. Roberto tries to stick up for Noah, but Paloma says she's had it and needs some time apart from him. The woman comes over and flirts with Noah, making it seem like they had a past together. Noah tells her Paloma is his fiancée and the woman walks off. Paloma angrily tells Noah they'll talk about it tomorrow. Noah returns to the bar and the Demon sits down dressed as the woman taunting Noah about Paloma and Roberto.

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