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    Passions CAST - Jake

    Full detailed profile on Jake Played by Michael Dietz on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Dietz

    Actor: Michael Dietz

    Who played Jake over the years

    Michael Dietz (October 16, 2007 - current)


    Current: Harmony Police officer


    Jake was the police officer assigned to look after Esme while every man she got involved with was mysteriously dying. Unable to resist her charms, he promptly gave into temptation and soon became her paramour. It wasn't long before he wound up dead.










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    Monday, October 29 2007: The Evil Plots Thicken

    As Jake lay dying, Esme tries to get through to 911, but suddenly runs over to Jake and feels for a pulse. She doesn't find one and asks, "Why does this always happen to me?"

    Fancy literally drops in on Esme and Jake and Esme fills her in and asks, "Why do all my dates end up dead?" Fancy wants to know what Esme did to him, as she finds the whip. Esme describes their S&M scene and tells Fancy what exactly happened. Esme assures her friend that she didn't kill Jake and asks Fancy if she thinks she did. Fancy says no and Esme asks if she thinks Jake was murdered. Fancy says, "Well, your last two men were!" Esme wonders who would kill him. Fancy tells her friend that she doesn't believe that she killed Jake or any of the other men who have died. Fancy goes into cop mode and says she's going to tape off the room and do a clean sweep of the place to look for proof that Esme didn't kill Jake.

    Fancy continues to look for clues and sees the metal object that pierced Jake. Fancy thinks maybe it was poisoned and wants to run some tests. She looks under the bed and is affected by Tab's spell. She gets up and suddenly finds fresh fingerprints on the headboard. She asks Esme if they grabbed the headboard during their romp, and Esme says no, they had other things to hold on to. Fancy realizes that if they aren't hers or Jake's, they could be the killer's.

    Thursday, October 25 2007: Another One Bites the Dust

    Esme and Jake are dressed up in beach gear in her bedroom and make out. Jake says he's never met a woman like her and she asks, "You mean my trick jaw?" He says that and that she's so much fun. Esme asks if he's ready for their next sexcapade and goes to change. Jake wants to know if they are going to be doctor and patient this time, but Esme tells him to put that on the list and comes out with a whip and says it's time she whipped him into shape, as the mystery person watches them.

    Esme and Jake have changed into S&M gear and Jake lies on his stomach on the floor as Esme stands over him and playfully whips him. Esme tells him to roll over and gets on top of him. They start to kiss and the mystery person comes in the room and puts a poisoned sharp metal object in the bed, unbeknownst to them. They continue to play mistress and submissive, as Esme lets Jake stand up . She asks if he's ready to hurt and Jake says, "Make me squeal like the pig that I am." Esme tells him to lie on the bed and as he does, he just misses the poisoned metal spike. Esme gets on top of him and his arm gets impaled with the poison. Jake says it hurts and Esme says it's supposed to, thinking he's just role-playing. Jake is in serious pain, but Esme is oblivious to it. He starts to choke and Esme says, "You're really good at this. I'd think you were really in pain if I didn't know better." Jake grabs her and says, "Help me. I can't breathe." Esme finally realizes that he's not joking and freaks out that he could be dying. Esme panics and eventually tries to call 911, but can't figure out the number. Jake sees the mystery person and whispers, "You. You killed the others" as the person in the hallway shakes his head in agreement and Jake asks "Why?"

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