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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Hannia Guillen on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hannia Guillen

    Birthday: 1982
    Birthplace: Ciego De Avila, Cuba
    Real Name: Hannia Guillen


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    Plans Are Put In Motion.

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    Paloma returns with a tray of food and finds Noah naked in bed. As they kiss, they discuss how wonderful it is that there are no distractions, but then Paloma gets a call from Roberto. He's been arrested at a club on the wharf and needs someone to bail him out. She tells Noah she has to go help Roberto, much to Noah's irritation and gets out of bed.

    That Gives Me An Idea!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    At the church, Gwen and Ethan come out of Theresa's memorial service and Gwen tells him that Jonathan is with Sheridan and Pilar took the other kids home. Noah and Paloma walk up to them and Paloma says Theresa would have loved the service. Ethan says he will see them up at the house soon. Julian and Esme come by and Julian remarks that Theresa would have been proud, while Esme says some inappropriate things. Ivy and Rebecca follow and Ethan notices Rebecca's shark skin shoes. She tells him she has a matching bag as well. Gwen pulls her mother aside and yells at her for her tackiness while Ivy tells Ethan to ignore her. Ethan says he will, but notes that the pain of losing Theresa keeps getting stronger. Ivy urges him to let his love for Gwen grow. Ivy and Rebecca leave and Ethan tells Gwen that the service didn't seem complete without Theresa's body there. They leave the church and Theresa walks in the room saying she wishes she could tell Ethan she was right there.

    At the Crane Mansion, Noah consoles Paloma, while Esme sends Viki up to her bedroom and asks Julian if they can get out of there because she can't stand all the gloom and doom. She grabs a bottle of booze and leads him away. Viki watches and says she can't let Esme leave her and follows them. Meanwhile, Ivy and Rebecca ponder how they can keep Ethan from even thinking about Theresa and then toast to Theresa's demise.

    Ethan and Gwen walk in, but Ethan doesn't think he can face everyone right now. Gwen reminds Ethan that he promised he was going to focus on her and their family and wants reassurances that he can put Theresa behind him. Ethan says it's not that easy. Noah and Paloma walk up and tell them they are leaving. Paloma hugs Ethan and says they will get through this together. After Ethan and Gwen head into the living room, Noah tells Paloma he wishes they had a place to be alone together. They say they'll figure it out and the demon elf appears saying he has plans for them.

    Noah and Paloma go to the wharf lamenting the fact that they have nowhere to be alone together. The elf pops up and thinks they have much bigger problems than that. Noah gets an idea of where they can be together and steps aside to make a few phone calls.

    The elf tells a mystery man that it's time for him to strike. The man walks over to Paloma, grabs her and kisses her. Paloma breaks away and is shocked to see that it's Roberto. He tells her that he's back in Harmony for good because he couldn't keep away from her and she is clearly affected by him. He wants to pick up where they left off and kisses her again just as Noah returns. Noah punches Roberto who falls to the ground. Paloma helps her ex off the ground and tells Noah he's just an old friend. Noah knows exactly who he is and asks what he's doing there. Roberto says his time away made him realize what was important to him and Noah tells him that ship has sailed. Noah wants Paloma to tell him why that is and Paloma stalls a bit, but then tells Roberto that she and Noah are getting married. Roberto begrudgingly congratulates a defensive Noah and Paloma asks Roberto if he'd like to stick around and catch up. He says another time because right now he has to look for a place to live and leaves.

    The demon thinks his plan is working perfectly as he sees that Paloma still has feelings for her ex. Noah asks why she didn't tell Roberto right away that they were engaged and wonders if she still has feelings for him. The demon blows a black heart Paloma's way which makes her think about Roberto, but she tells Noah she loves him and he's the only man for her. Noah apologizes for overreacting and is happy he's the only man for her and hugs her, but Paloma doesn't look so convinced. Noah says he talked to Tabitha, and Paloma can rent a room from her until they get married, which the elf thinks is an excellent idea.

    Noah and Paloma go to Tabitha's and hear someone in the shower. Noah thinks it's Miguel, but the elf appears and says the house is full of surprises. They go in Paloma's room and hear that the shower has turned off. They yell for Miguel to come in, but are surprised to see a towel clad Roberto enter the room instead. Roberto says Tabitha rented him a room and they will be neighbors.

    Listen To Your Elders.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    After Sam and Ivy have sex, they move to the kitchen for a snack and continue their love fest. Noah and Paloma interrupt them when they enter the room while making out themselves. Both couples are a bit uncomfortable and try to cover up that they were getting intimate. Ivy opens a bottle of wine for everyone and Sam says he wants to talk to Noah and Paloma about their upcoming marriage. Sam wants to help them avoid the mistakes he and Ivy made and Ivy agrees. Noah pulls Paloma aside and tells her they will hear their advice and then find some place to be alone. The foursome sits at the table and Ivy tells them that plots and schemes always go wrong and come at a terrible price. She urges them to never lie to each other and Sam tells them to always be each other's champion because love and devotion will get them through anything. Noah asks Sam how he got over what happened to his mother and Ivy thinks that's a fair question. Sam responds that he was angry at Ivy, but she did what she did because of love. He says Grace chose David over him on her own and because of that, she was in London and was killed. He says it wasn't Ivy's fault and the bottom line is they love each other. They all toast to love and Noah says if Sam is in Ivy's corner, then he is too. As the couples sit at the table talking, someone watches from outside.

    Noah and Paloma leave the house eagerly wanting to be alone as someone follows them. They go to her bedroom and start to make out. They hear a noise and Paloma panics thinking it's her mother and says they need to go somewhere else so she doesn't catch them. They head to the wharf and try to figure out a place they can be alone together. When they are unsuccessful, they kiss and talk about their future. Noah says nothing will stop him from marrying her, as the mystery person lurks in the shadows.

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