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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Hannia Guillen on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hannia Guillen

    Birthday: 1982
    Birthplace: Ciego De Avila, Cuba
    Real Name: Hannia Guillen


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    That's What Blackmail is All About

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Noah and Paloma enjoy their attic interlude as the bed floats above the floor with a little help of the severed hand. Suddenly the hand vanishes and the bed drops. Winds whip around and black shadow like creatures enter the room. The creatures quickly disappear and Noah and Paloma are a little creeped out, as they try to understand what just happened. They decide to get dressed and Noah thinks maybe they just dreamt all the creepy stuff, but Paloma wants to know when the dream started, before the bed, or the mirror or the shadows? Noah says the bed stuff was definitely real, but maybe the strawberries they ate had too much sugar in them. He recalls that Tabitha once told his father that weird stuff happened in the house because it was on a fault line. Noah and Paloma decide to get back to finding evidence that will clear Miguel and Kay and suddenly hear static and a faint voice. They can't understand what the person is saying, but Paloma makes out the word "Help." Noah thinks the noise is coming from a chest and opens it up. He looks inside and says, "My God, it's Timmy." Noah picks up the Timmy doll and they discuss how Tabitha never got over Timmy's death and the doll being wrapped up so lovingly in the blanket proves it. Suddenly noises come from the doll and they think Timmy is talking to them. Paloma thinks she heard the word "help" again, but can't understand what else it's saying. She hears it again and Noah thinks maybe it has something to do with Miguel. Paloma thinks they have to do something because Miguel and Endora's lives could depend on it. They hear the doll say, "Endora and Miguel need help." They try to talk to the doll to get more answers, but don't get anything concrete.

    All is Not What it Seems

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Noah and Paloma go to Tabitha's to search her house for proof that Miguel and Kay didn't kill Fox and that Kay has nothing to do with Tabitha and Endora's disappearance. As Paloma searches the attic, she finds a severed arm in a box. Noah thinks the arm is still fresh, but then realizes it's a fake. Noah recounts how when they were kids Tabitha would go all out for Halloween and the kids would think her props were real. Just then the arm comes alive and starts to move unbeknownst to Paloma and Noah. Paloma then finds a full-length mirror that has "See your dreams come true" written on it. Noah and Paloma suddenly see themselves dressed in a wedding gown and tux in the mirror. Noah asks if she saw what he did and she says, "I don't know; what did you see?" Noah plays it off and says the light was playing tricks on him. They turn back to finding proof to clear Kay and Miguel and the hand crawls over to pull a box out from under a chair. Noah decides to tell Paloma what he really saw in the mirror and Paloma says that she saw it too and that marrying him is her dream. Noah tells her it's his dream too. The hand urgently points to the box that says, "Romance in a Box." Noah finds the box and opens it to find champagne that's worth more than Tabitha's house. The hand does something that makes the bottle uncork and the two toast to all of their dreams coming true. They realize that the champagne is chilled and wonder how that happened. The hand gives a thumbs up. Noah says that growing up next to Tabitha he learned not to ask questions. They then find a box of chocolates and an envelope that says "Open for atmosphere." Noah opens it and a lovely bed appears, music starts playing, petals flow and candles are lit. Noah and Paloma take advantage of their surroundings and fall on the bed kissing. As Noah and Paloma have sex the hand lifts the bed up.

    Caught in the Act

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    At the coffee house, Noah and Paloma share a hot fudge sundae. They discuss how Sam thinks Kay and Miguel killed Fox. Paloma then brings up Esme as a suspect and that they don't really know her. Noah tells her that Sam always told him to follow the evidence, as Esme and Kay both walk in separately.

    Kay sits down with Paloma and Noah and recounts all the events leading up to her being suspected of murder. Paloma asks her to not mention to Pilar that Miguel is a suspect in Fox's murder because she's got enough going on. Paloma asks if she's heard from Miguel or Tabitha and Endora. Kay nervously says no and Noah and Paloma think how strange it is she hasn't heard anything. Kay makes a hasty retreat and Noah and Paloma think she knows something.

    Esme sits with a cup of coffee that she pours alcohol into and Kay walks by. Esme flags her down and tells her she feels like someone is watching her again, relating it to the movie Scream. Kay feels the same way and whispers something into Esme's ear, as someone watches the women from behind a curtain. Kay and Esme then observe Paloma and Noah looking cozy and in love and they discuss their recent relationships. They get that weird feeling again and put their plan into action pretending to leave separately from the coffee house. A man stands up and starts to follow Esme, but is caught by the women. When Esme and Kay demand answers, the guy says he doesn't know what they're talking about. Noah and Paloma walk up and Paloma thinks she knows him. The guys say he's a cop tailing Esme and that someone else is tailing Kay. He says he's been having a blast following Esme since he usually tails low lifes. Esme starts to flirt with the cop and he looks very receptive. Kay interrupts Esme's flirtations reminding her that Fox just died. Esme reminds her that she was sleeping with Miguel while she was still married to Fox and returns to flirting with the cop, as someone continues to watch from outside. As Esme and the cop continue to flirt, Kay leaves the coffee house and the person outside watches Esme.

    Paloma suggests to Noah that they go to Tabitha's to find any clues on where Miguel is and they leave.

    Next time on Passions:

    Paloma tells Noah "Marrying you is my dream."

    Fancy enters the room where Luis and Sheridan are in bed.

    Ethan asks Theresa, "What could they know that they don't want you to tell me?"

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