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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Hannia Guillen on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hannia Guillen

    Birthday: 1982
    Birthplace: Ciego De Avila, Cuba
    Real Name: Hannia Guillen


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    Battle Lines are Drawn

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Ethan eagerly waits to meet the boy who donated his liver to Jonathan. Theresa and Gwen try to get Ethan to leave before Little Ethan is wheeled out of surgery, but Ethan is insistent he meet the boy. Gwen tells Theresa that if Ethan figures out the boy is Little E, her entire family will die. Paloma and Theresa panic as the boy is wheeled out and Ethan stops the nurse so he can talk to him. Ethan doesn't recognize him though because Little E is wearing a surgical mask and cap, but Ethan is upset that the boy's parents aren't with him. The nurse starts to take Little E up to recovery and Theresa walks with them. Ethan asks why she's leaving with the child and Paloma explains that someone needs to be with the boy since his parents aren't. The nurse says no one can go with the boy right now anyway and takes the boy to recovery. Ethan comments what a great kid he is and hopes that his son turns out to be just like him. Ethan and Gwen go to check on Jonathan and Ethan tells Theresa if she meets the boy's parents to tell them how much he admires them and their son.

    Paloma tells Theresa that she's doing the right thing by not telling Ethan the truth because Gwen and Rebecca will have them killed if she does. Theresa wonders why love has to be so difficult and Paloma tells her sister about finding Noah with Fancy. As they talk, the nurse comes back to tell Theresa that Little E needs her. Theresa thanks the nurse for keeping her secret and leaves to be with her son.

    Tabitha watches Noah and Fancy and wonders why her powers didn't work. She decides to leave them alone for now, but then sees Paloma walking along the wharf. She thinks Paloma is the missing ingredient in her evil deed, but Kay prevents her spells from doing any harm.

    As Noah continues to console Fancy, he gets a call and is thrilled. Fancy asks what's up and Noah tells her he got a job as a paramedic and now he and Paloma can get married. As Paloma walks along the wharf, she hears Noah's voice and thinks Noah will be surprised to see her there.

    Tabitha distracts Kay and gets a good zap in. Noah and Fancy feel the effects, but try to fight the urge to kiss. They ultimately succumb to it as Paloma gets closer. Tabitha is giddy over the thought of Paloma catching them, but Kay throws her own spell, placing Paloma in Fancy's place. Paloma and Noah are confused to find themselves kissing each other, but chalk it up to the mysteries of Harmony. Noah tells Paloma about his new job and that he won't have to bartend anymore and they will be financially set.

    Listen To What I'm Saying

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    At the hospital, Theresa worries which patient is in trouble - Jonathan or Little E. Paloma comes to see her sister after getting a call from Pilar and asks Theresa what's going on. Paloma realizes that Ethan is Little E's father and Theresa tells her sister that Ethan can never find out. Ethan walks up with Gwen and asks, "What can't I find out?" Theresa explains that one of the transplant patients is in trouble, but since they don't know which one it is, she didn't want to worry him. Ethan angrily tells her not to keep things from him especially when it comes to his son.

    Ethan and Gwen leave to find out what's going on with Jonathan and Theresa and Paloma discuss the hold Gwen and Rebecca have over them. The doctor comes into the waiting room and Ethan and Gwen rush back to ask which child is in trouble. The doctor says that Jonathan is the one in danger and Theresa looks relieved. Ethan and Gwen notice this and can't believe that she would be happy the donor boy is okay instead of Jonathan. Theresa tries to explain, but Ethan can't get over the look of relief on her face when the doctor said Jonathan was the one in trouble.

    As Ethan asks the doctor what they need to do, Theresa takes Paloma aside and details how this is just one more in a long list of misunderstandings between her and Ethan. She says she would rather die than have Ethan hate her, but he can't know Little Ethan is his son.

    The doctor tells Ethan and Gwen that he'll keep them updated on Jonathan's condition and leaves. Gwen thanks Ethan for helping her through this ordeal and remarks how Theresa really upset him. Ethan can't understand why Theresa would be happy that the donor is doing better than his son. The doctor comes back and says Jonathan's fever broke and they are moving him to a new room. Gwen starts to leave with the doctor and Ethan turns to Theresa to ask why she's been acting so strangely. Theresa tells him he doesn't know the whole story and Paloma interjects explaining that it's a big misunderstanding and that Theresa just wants what's best for his son. Theresa concurs and Ethan says he can't wait to meet the child who saved his son's life. Both Gwen and Theresa panic that Ethan will find out Little E is his son.

    No Such Luck

    Wednesday, December 12 2007

    Paloma waits in "Christmas Town" for Noah. Noah, dressed up like Santa, walks up and gets her to open up to him. Not knowing she's talking to Noah, she tells him how she feels about her fiancé, recounts how he cheated on her and says she doesn't know if she can trust him. "Santa" guarantees that her fiancé will never disappoint her again. She says she's an idiot for trusting Noah, but "Santa" tells her to listen to her heart and asks if she can get past what happened. Paloma says she can forgive Noah, thanks "Santa" and leaves. Noah peels of his beard and says "She loves me." Paloma comes back and yells at him for tricking her. She accuses him of manipulating her and slaps him. Noah says he was just trying to have fun and had no idea she would go into their relationship problems with "a two-bit Santa on the wharf," but Paloma sees it as a betrayal. She reminds him how upset she was over finding him with Fancy and Noah says he thought they were past it. Paloma says she thought so too, but isn't so sure. Noah asks if she still loves him and Paloma tells him that she doesn't know what to think anymore. Noah grabs her hand and leads her over to the mistletoe and they kiss. Noah tells Paloma he loves her and they kiss again. Paloma breaks away, saying she hates that he lied to her. Noah apologizes, but tells her he's not lying now - he loves her and they belong together. Paloma grabs him and kisses him.

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