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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Hannia Guillen on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hannia Guillen

    Birthday: 1982
    Birthplace: Ciego De Avila, Cuba
    Real Name: Hannia Guillen


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    Pilar Comes to Mexico

    Monday, January 28 2008

    The wedding debate rages on as Kay, Miguel, Noah and Paloma continue to try and make plans. They all end up compromising a little bit in order to make some decisions. Paloma then realizes they haven't made the most important decision of all - the date. After much discussion, they finally decide on a date they are all free on.

    The foursome agree on a date and Noah calls the church to book it. Tabitha enters the kitchen and they tell her about their double wedding. Noah gets off the phone and informs everyone that unfortunately, the church is booked. Tabitha says maybe it's a sign and privately tells Kay that she could fix everything by using magic. Miguel walks up and says "No magic!" As they argue the point, a bat hovers over Noah and Paloma. Kay and Tabitha wonder how it got there and Kay thinks maybe Endora did it. Tabitha goes to find Endora and brings her to the kitchen. Noah and Paloma wonder how the bat got in the house and Kay says the bat isn't real, it's remote controlled. Endora zaps a remote in her hand and pretends to use it to put a stop to the bat. The discussion turns back to the wedding and Endora zaps the phone to make it ring. Kay answers and learns that the church is in fact available the day they want it. As the couples celebrate, Tabitha rolls her eyes.

    Noah and Paloma leave and Miguel demands to know who used their magic to open up the church schedule. Tabitha and Kay both insist they didn't do it, but Miguel isn't convinced. Kay offers to take a test to prove it and asks Tabitha to take it too. Tabitha agrees saying she has nothing to hide, but Endora thinks to herself, "Uh, oh. I do!" Kay breaks out a special magical test, which proves whether or not they have been using magic. They both come up clean and Miguel apologizes for accusing them. He thinks that this proves that everything works out for the better without magic and Tabitha thinks that the world would work out better without him in it.

    Paloma comes to the Book Café and meets up with Luis. They discuss Theresa and Luis wonders what's going on with her. He tells Paloma that Theresa has a new man and thinks that everyone in town is acting out of character.


    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    At the kitchen table, Kay, Miguel, Paloma and Noah try to come to an agreement on their wedding plans, but it becomes obvious they all want different things. As they disagree on everything from the food to the music to the cake, Kay suggests they all learn to compromise. The women agree they want to save money, but the men say they don't. Kay and Paloma are surprised by this, but Noah and Miguel say they don't want to worry about money when it comes to their wedding because it's supposed to be special. Kay and Paloma try to convince their men they shouldn't splurge and end up with credit card debt, but Noah and Miguel are determined to make the day memorable. Noah still can't understand how they will all be able to come to an agreement on their wedding and Miguel turns on the radio so they can all dance, because romance is the one thing they can all agree on.

    Juanita Holds All the Cards

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    In their kitchen, Kay and Miguel talk about their wedding and Kay reconfirms her commitment to not using magic. Kay's not so sure Tabitha will keep her word though, but Miguel thinks he's "straightened her out" and she won't use her powers anymore. Noah and Paloma enter and Paloma remarks how unusual the house is. Kay asks what she's talking about and Paloma looks for the spell book she and Noah found before. Kay says it was just a prop that she used for Halloween. Paloma insists it was real, but Miguel says that there is no such thing as magic. Talk turns to both their weddings and Kay and Paloma think they should have a double wedding.

    Paloma, Noah, Miguel and Kay sit at the table unable to agree on details of their wedding. Pilar comes in and Paloma and Miguel share the news of their double wedding with her. Paloma wants to call Theresa to ask her to be her matron on honor, but Pilar says she's out of town. Pilar is visibly upset and Paloma and Miguel ask what's wrong. She says she's just overreacting because she's upset about Theresa and Ethan breaking up. Kay privately talks to Pilar because she knows something is really wrong. Kay asks if there's anything she can do and Pilar tells her to make sure nothing happens to her son and to cherish every moment she has with him. Pilar says goodbye to everyone and leaves.

    The foursome go back to talking about the wedding, but Miguel seems less than interested. He makes himself some coffee and Kay comes over to talk to him. She asks if he's worried about his mom and he admits he thinks that something big is up with her. Kay offers to use magic to figure out what's wrong with her, but Miguel says absolutely not and thinks that Pilar just has a lot on her mind. Back at the table, they go over the guest list and Kay realizes that her and Noah's mother won't be at the wedding. She gets upset and leaves the table. Miguel follows her and she tells Miguel that she just got this horrible feeling that something really bad is going to happen to them. Miguel tells her not to worry because they are in love and getting married. He asks what could go wrong?

    Christmas Wishes

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Before going to Christmas mass, Noah and Paloma walk outside and Noah tells her he wants to give her a Christmas present. They sit down and Paloma opens a box that includes blueprints for a house. Noah says he wants to build it for them so they can raise their kids in it. Paloma is touched and they kiss.

    The Christmas mass gets underway as Gwen & Ethan, Noah & Paloma, Luis & Fancy and Pretty sing along to the carols. Luis tells Fancy that nothing will ever come between them as Pretty watches them from the back in despair.

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