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    Passions CAST - Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Full detailed profile on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Hannia Guillen on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hannia Guillen
    Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Actor: Hannia Guillen

    Who played Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald over the years

    Hannia Guillen (October 16, 2007 - present)
    Silvana Arias (2004 - August 15, 2007)
    Addison Little (2000 - 2002 in flashbacks)

    Useful information on Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald

    * Youngest child of Pilar and Martin.
    * Struggled to build a relationship with her mother when she returned from Mexico.
    * Loyal friend of Simone and Jessica.
    * Engaged to Noah.


    Current: Police officer


    Paloma is the youngest daughter of Pilar and Martin. Martin had moved to Mexico soon after her birth and Pilar made the decision to send Paloma to Mexico to live with a relative because she could not provide enough for all her children and Antonio was already providing for his own younger siblings. Paloma had felt much resentment for her family after they had sent her away and did not even show much concern when Miguel called to tell her that Pilar was very ill and on her deathbed. When she returned to Harmony with Luis and Sheridan, she also learned the true identities of Bob (Martin) and Ellen (Katherine) Wheeler. She was not upset and still felt the same love for them both because they were the ones who shared her entire life together.

    Simone and Jessica soon became close friends to Paloma and she also started building a relationship with her mother, Pilar. She never had a problem with Simone's sexuality and was there to support her at all times. She and Tabitha also helped Jessica out when it seemed that Jessica had been killing Johns. All three of them took a journey to Rome hunting for priceless paintings. While there, they found information to connect the pieces of the puzzle together regarding an ancient chalice that Alistair had been looking for.

    Paloma has also started developing feelings for Noah, Jessica's older brother. The two slowly developed a relationship full of romance. All the while, she trained as a police officer, graduating to the force with kudos from her brother. Almost immediately after going on duty, however, she was placed in an awkward position when Jessica's role in the serial killing of johns, and her involvement in it, started to come to the fore.




    Noah Bennett (engaged)


    Martin Fitzgerald (father)
    Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (mother)
    Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother - deceased)
    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother)
    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother)
    Brian Fitzgerald (paternal grandfather)
    Antonio Lopez (maternal grandfather)
    Maria Lopez (maternal grandmother)
    Florencia Lopez (maternal aunt) (nun)
    Francisco Lopez (maternal uncle)
    Maria Lopez (maternal aunt)
    Ethan Crane (nephew)
    Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (niece)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (nephew)
    Jane Winthrop (niece)




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    Thursday, August 07 2008: There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Theresa hooks up the camera to the TV so everyone can see and hear Gwen and Rebecca confessing their crimes. Everyone watches in shock and anger, as Gwen and Rebecca stand there in horror. After it’s over Ethan angrily turns the camera off and lashes out at Gwen. Ivy, Paloma and Sheridan also take turns yelling at the Hotchkiss women while they try to defend themselves. Ethan is disgusted with Gwen, but she says the tape is a fake. She blames Little Ethan for editing various conversations between Gwen and Rebecca to make it look like they said those things. Little E says he couldn’t have messed with it because it was taped right after the footage of Kay and Miguel getting married. Sam says he’s right and police skills must run in the family. Ethan believes his son and Theresa happily hugs Ethan and Little E. Sam congratulates Theresa and Ethan, as Noah welcomes Little E to the family and Ivy apologizes to Theresa for not believing her for all these years. She says she realizes Theresa loves Ethan more than her own life and she welcomes her to the family. Theresa promises to be good to Ethan and Ivy says she believes her. Theresa asks Ethan if they are really going to be together and Ethan says they will be a family with Little E, Jane and even Jonathan. He tells a shocked Gwen that she is an unfit mother and he will not let her raise their son. Theresa says after all these years her dream has finally come true. Ethan smiles and enthusiastically plants a kiss on her. Gwen isn’t ready to give up and points out that Theresa lied to him too regarding Little Ethan. Theresa defends herself and Gwen continues her tirade, but Sam and Luis stop her by handcuffing both her and Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t put up a fight and requests a strip search, but Gwen says they can’t arrest them for what happened in Mexico because it is out of their jurisdiction. Sam counters that he will detain her until the D.A. reviews her involvement with Juanita and her plans to blow up the church. Ethan tells Gwen she just got her answer as to why he chose Theresa. Frustrated, Gwen spits out, “Damn it!”

    As Theresa walks down the aisle Fancy tells Luis that she’s pregnant. Luis is thrilled and Sheridan tells Antonio that will be them some day. Noah comments to Paloma that they will wait to have babies until they have more money, but Paloma tells him she’s pregnant too. Eve tells Julian there’s finally harmony in Harmony. Julian says all is quiet on every front and sadly looks down at his lap and says, "A little too quiet." Kay and Miguel tell him that everyone knows what happened and Kay offers to fix it. Julian and Eve say they would be most grateful and Kay takes his hand and magically corrects his “member” much to Eve and Julian’s delight.

    Wednesday, July 30 2008: The Disguises Come Off!

    As everyone braces themselves, the lights go out in the church. Father Lonigan tells everyone to trust in the Lord and to not be afraid. The earthquake stops and Paloma thinks it worked, as Father Lonigan praises God. Pilar thinks it’s like the end of the world and Fancy tells Luis she hopes it’s not like when she first came to Harmony and the tsunami hit. Gertrude and Ethan talk about how he and Theresa endured the tsunami together and Ethan promises he won’t let anything happen to her.

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