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    Passions CAST - Viki - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Viki Played by Amy Castle on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amy Castle

    Birthday: April 2, 1990
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Amy Castle
    Height: 5' 3½"


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    I've Finally Solved a Case!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Tabitha and Esme rush into the church but they are already too late: All of the guests to the wedding rehearsal are dead on the floor dead. Vincent and Viki stare down at the corpses smugly, happy that they have silenced all the irritating voices and gotten revenge. They break into gales of laughter. Esme starts to cry. Viki tells her that she should be proud of her for seeing something through from start to finish. Esme is disturbed to see all of the "hunky men" dead on the floor. "I think they killed women as well," Tabitha points out. "Oh... sorry. I don't usually notice women," Esme says, waving her hands before noticing Fancy is dead. Tabitha decides there's nothing for her to do and it's time to go. Esme blocks her exit. Vincent calls Tabs an old battle ax and that makes her angry. After she throws a few insults at the "winner of the blue ribbon for genetic mutation", Esme repeats her pleas and asks her to redeem herself and make her daughter happy. Tabitha isn't impressed and doesn't see the point in wasting time reanimating corpses when disaster is about to strike.

    The church suddenly starts to shake. Tabitha explains that the dark side is battling with the light. Her presence in the church is wreaking havoc with the laws of time and space. The whole universe could be destroyed! "All I wanted was for you to bring a few dead people back to life. Is that asking too much?" Esme asks. They bicker until the witch starts trying to cast a spell to bring everyone back. Viki and Vincent are baffled as they watch. Viki wishes she'd videotaped the murders. Esme argues with the killers and tells her niece that she has gone way too far this time.

    Sam and the others confront Viki and Vincent. Sam starts to read them their rights when Esme announces that Viki has more to confess. She tells Sam that Viki killed all her boyfriends, cut off Julian's winky-dink and killed Alistair. "I've finally solved a case!" Sam says, almost unable to believe it. "But she looks so innocent," Ivy says. This only makes Viki freak out and she lunges at Ivy, only to be held back. Vincent asks what happened to the witch and explains what they saw Tabitha do. Viki says that her Aunt can explain everything. "Of all the people to know!" Julian gasps. "She's a grouchy old broad but she's certainly not a witch," he says. Luis accuses Viki of trying to set up an insanity defense. As Vincent is dragged out, he vows to be back when they least expect it.

    Doesn't Everyone Look so Peaceful?

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    Eve is trying to get through to the hospital to send the antidote over. The signal isn't working. Viki and Vincent laugh, sure that their plan will work out and everyone will die. They continue to taunt Eve as she tries to pull Julian off the floor. "You were right Vincent. Mass murder is awesome!" Viki chuckles. "Sure beats video games," he smiles. Eve calls to Sheridan, telling her to keep the others moving. Sheridan holds Fancy up but Luis is on the floor. She calls down to him but he is unresponsive. Pushing Fancy aside, she shakes him, begging him not to leave her. He starts to mumble Fancy's name. Eve comes over with water, hoping it could dilute the poison. She admits that, although she's gotten through to the hospital, no one can get there in the storm.

    Eve continues trying to save Julian. She pours water in his mouth but Vincent continues to laugh. When she gets him on his feet, he starts to mutter as she fills him in on the situation. He tells her he'll be fine and encourages her to help everyone else. She hurries off and he sinks to his knees. As he flops to the floor, Eve runs to his side and injects him with adrenaline. He can feel himself dying. He tells her to fight. She screams and tries to keep his heart pumping. There's no response. She cries, begging him not to leave her when they've finally become so close. Vincent smirks and offers to help her follow him to the grave. "I loved you because you were in my womb but now I wish I had treated you like a tumor and cut you out!" she screams. He's smug: He's gotten everything he wanted. She starts to choke him. Viki grabs some poison and tries forcing it into Eve's mouth. Vincent pushes his mother off. They hold her down and force the poison down. Sheridan runs over to help Eve. Viki pushes her down and forces poison in her mouth. "You should go veggie like me. Meat will kill you every time," she says as Sheridan gives up the struggle.

    Tabitha and Esme arrive outside of the church. A terrified Tabitha jumps back, refusing to go in. Esme reminds her that everyone is dying. "Everyone dies sooner or later. I've died many times myself," the witch says. Esme tells her to honor her child's wishes. Tabitha says she's just a child and doesn't know what she's asked. Endora pops up and asks her to do it again. She kisses her mother's cheek and Tabitha relents, agreeing to save them all. "From this moment on, everything will change," Tabitha announces. As soon as they get inside the church, however, Vincent informs them that they are too late: Everyone is dead. They look at the floor littered with corpses. "There's no one left to take you away from me," Viki laughs to her aunt. "Doesn't everyone look so peaceful?" Vincent jokes. They cackle.

    Viki and Vincent Poisoned Everyone.

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    Vincent is choking his mother. "Stop whining and die," he gasps. Julian tries attacking him but Viki pulls him off. He tells her to finish off what she started at the mausoleum. As she pulls on Julian, Esme hurries over and orders her to stop. "I was just trying to help Mr. Crane sit down and conserve his strength," Viki says. Esme doesn't believe it, but that doesn't stop Vincent from punching Julian out and continuing to choke his mother. "You behave yourself missy! You've caused enough carnage tonight!" Esme shouts as Viki pouts. She demands to know why she became a serial killer. "It's not like I woke up one morning and decided this would look good on MySpace," Viki explains. Her parents wanted to send her away so..."kaboom". Esme insists that she would never leave her. "Sorry I overreacted," Viki apologizes. Esme hugs her and then notices Sheridan trying to pull Vincent off of Eve. She helps her drag him off. "Kill Esme and Sheridan so I can kill mommy!" Vincent yells at Viki. Eve gets up and yells at her son, reminding him that she didn't abandon him, he was stolen. He continues to threaten them but Eve wants to know what kind of poison was used. He laughs. Sheridan knees him and demands an answer. He refuses to help her after she let him drop to his death. She tells him to do the right thing and make his son proud. "I'll pass," he says. Esme starts to demand answers from her niece. "I will be a social pariah thanks to you. I sacrificed my freedom and my happy-go-lucky lifestyle for you," she rants. All of her boyfriends have been murdered just because Viki has "over the top separation anxiety". They argue and Viki lets it slip that the mushrooms were poison. Eve asks where she got them and that information is enough for her to figure out an anecdote. She tries to call the hospital for it but can't get a signal. Vincent smugly tells Eve that everyone will be dead before they can save them. Eve hurries off to help. Esme accuses Vincent of corrupting her niece. The pair of serial killers laugh at this. Viki talks about how easy it was to kill Alistair. "How did you go from being my sweet niece to this serial killer?" Esme probes. Viki shrugs. "Just lucky I guess," Vincent explains.

    Esme is trying to keep Julian standing. He can barely stay up. Eve rushes back, still unable to get though to the hospital. "Give it up. We're through with these losers. C'mon Viki. Let's get a bite to eat," Vincent says. Esme tries to stop them. How can Viki kill all of these people just to stay with her and then abandon her like this? "Ironic, isn't it?" Viki shrugs. Esme reminds them that Viki is underage and can't just leave; think of all the laws that they'd be breaking. "What's one more at this point?" Viki smiles. She and Vincent join arms and skip away. Eve and Esme jump them. "Poor Viki. You demented, homicidal freak. If your mother knew what you were up to, it would kill her. Oh wait, you already have," Esme says. Maybe they can get her a good lawyer and the right prescriptions. Eve doesn't think that Viki will ever change. Vincent doesn't think she should: "She's a top notch killer." Esme suddenly gets an idea and runs off. Eve tells her son that he's a horrible monster and she's finished with him.

    Life Isn't Worth Living Without Libation.

    Monday, July 07 2008

    At the church, Sheridan watches Luis with Fancy. She wonders what's wrong with her: How can she actually let Viki and Vincent poison everyone? She decides to let Fancy get poisoned and then reveal the plot. Meanwhile, Vincent panics that his mother and father aren't there. Viki calms him just as they walk through the door. He breathes a sigh of relief.

    Ethan asks Gertrude where she vanished to. Gwen covers before she can explain that she was locked in the basement. Ethan's happy with Gwen's explanation and walks off with her. Theresa tells her mother that she wishes she was dead. This morbid moment is interrupted by Vincent asking the ladies where they'd like to, "Die, uh...dine?" He shows them to their table and goes back to Viki. She's annoyed that people keeping walking around instead of staying at their tables and eating.

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