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    Passions CAST - Esme Vanderheusen - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Esme Vanderheusen Played by Erin Cardillo on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erin Cardillo

    Birthday: February 17, 1977
    Birthplace: White Plains, New York.
    Real Name: Erin Cardillo
    Height: 5' 6"


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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Kay zaps Father Lonigan to the church and tells him she needs him to baptize Tabitha. He says, “There’s no way in Hell I will ever baptize that witch.” He admits Alistair told him that Tabitha is a witch and he has known for years. He thought he could fight her evil better if she never knew that he knew. Everyone tries to convince him to baptize Tabby or else they will all be dead before dawn. Father Lonigan thinks everyone is trying to trick him and Tabitha lashes out at Father Lonigan. He wonders how she could have been allowed in a church without bursting into flames. Esme fills him in on how Tabitha gave up her powers and Tabitha continues her tirade against the Father. Tabitha asks Endora to zap them out of there so they can leave these mortals to die because it’s what they deserve and she storms out of the room.

    The crowd from the basement joins those in the church and they catch everyone up on what just happened with Theresa, Ethan and Juanita. Julian and Eve then reciprocate and explain about the volcano and the lava. The earth starts to shake again and Father Lonigan and Tabitha stand around the holy water, but they are having a hard time because the dark side is trying to prevent her from becoming baptized. Julian asks Endora to use her magic to help things and Endora zaps the bowl of holy water. The shaking stops and Father Lonigan baptizes Tabitha, but the volcano erupts again. Miguel says it didn’t work and Kay thinks the good side just needs some time to prevail over centuries of evil. Everyone is confused and Esme explains how Tabitha is a witch and gave up her powers for the good of the town. Esme tells everyone that Endora and Kay are witches too and Sam is shocked. Kay explains that all the Standish women have powers. They all listen to the volcano as it quiets down and Julian says Timmy was right, baptizing Tabitha saved their lives. Suddenly a bright light shines on everyone and they all stand with arms raised up to it. Tabitha cries and tells Endora that she’s truly happy for the first time in all her lifetimes because she knows what it is to feel happiness born of God’s love. Endora says she’ll live an eternal life like Timmy. Tabitha thanks Timmy because there was forgiveness for her after all and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Tabitha says there is only good magic in Harmony now – no more evil or demons. Sam asks, “What about the Cranes?” Julian responds that his father is dead and from now on Crane Industries will only do good things. Ivy says, “Redemption or not; I really need a drink!” Esme is way ahead of her with a bottle of pills and champagne.

    I Wallowed in Love but it's Wrong.

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    Upstairs, Tabitha laughs after Kay tells her that she was just in Heaven. Kay's not sure why they let her in, but it was beautiful. Eve's having a hard time dealing with this: "First everyone goes to Hell and then everybody goes to Heaven... who is your travel agent?" Tabs just wants to hear about Timmy but the thought is interrupted when baby Endora suddenly appears. She tells her mother that Timmy told her how to stop the disaster. Eve wants to drink the sacrificial wine. Julian tells her to stop; life may be strange, but they can face anything as long as they're together. Kay explains that Tabitha needs to do something to save Harmony. Endora bursts out laughing. A drunken Esme stumbles in looking for the weddings. She wonders where the priest is; she needs to make a confession again - she was down at the wharf when the fishing boats came in and she became the catch of the day. She strolls out, saying that she saw lava running down the street outside.

    Esme stumbles into the basement and tells everyone how much she was looking forward to sitting through four boring weddings. She stumbles toward the priest's office and knocks the camera on the floor. Theresa clutches at it. "Oh no! I'm never going to be able to prove what Gwen and Rebecca did!" she gasps. Theresa cries about how unfair this is. Fancy prompts Esme to apologize. Rebecca says Fate must not want Theresa to win. Ethan says it looks like nothing was on the tape anyway. Theresa clings to Ethan and refuses to let it end this way. Luis threatens to bring the camera to the crime lab. Gwen is smug. Pilar starts swearing. Gwen declares that the order of the universe has finally been corrected and she and Ethan will be together for good.

    Back downstairs, Theresa cries and apologizes for ruining everyone's wedding day. Ethan asks for a moment alone with her. "I don't like to see you cry," he tells her. He just got her back and now he is losing her again, but he doesn't have any hope for them. "I'm only half a man right now without you," he says. She cries about everything they've lost. He knows that everything she did was just because she loves him. He promises that their hearts will always be one. Gwen reminds him that they have a plane to catch. Ivy stops her. "Do you think you'll ever be able to make him happy?" she asks. Gwen does. She breaks Ethan away from Theresa and tells him that he's had enough time with Theresa. Gwen takes Ethan to the door and tells everyone that they have their true loves and she has the right to have Ethan. Pilar tells her that her marriage is a joke. Gwen tells her she and her family are bad Catholics. Esme calls her a word that rhymes with witch. Ethan tells her to stop embarrassing herself. Theresa continues to beg Ethan not to leave. She runs into Ethan's arms again and tells him she can't live without him. He loves her, but Gwen is his wife. Before he can leave, Sam walks in with the camera: It's been fixed. It plays and they can hear that Gwen and Rebecca exposed Ethan to the tabloids. Gwen tries to pull him out but he pushes her away.

    I've Finally Solved a Case!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Tabitha and Esme rush into the church but they are already too late: All of the guests to the wedding rehearsal are dead on the floor dead. Vincent and Viki stare down at the corpses smugly, happy that they have silenced all the irritating voices and gotten revenge. They break into gales of laughter. Esme starts to cry. Viki tells her that she should be proud of her for seeing something through from start to finish. Esme is disturbed to see all of the "hunky men" dead on the floor. "I think they killed women as well," Tabitha points out. "Oh... sorry. I don't usually notice women," Esme says, waving her hands before noticing Fancy is dead. Tabitha decides there's nothing for her to do and it's time to go. Esme blocks her exit. Vincent calls Tabs an old battle ax and that makes her angry. After she throws a few insults at the "winner of the blue ribbon for genetic mutation", Esme repeats her pleas and asks her to redeem herself and make her daughter happy. Tabitha isn't impressed and doesn't see the point in wasting time reanimating corpses when disaster is about to strike.

    The church suddenly starts to shake. Tabitha explains that the dark side is battling with the light. Her presence in the church is wreaking havoc with the laws of time and space. The whole universe could be destroyed! "All I wanted was for you to bring a few dead people back to life. Is that asking too much?" Esme asks. They bicker until the witch starts trying to cast a spell to bring everyone back. Viki and Vincent are baffled as they watch. Viki wishes she'd videotaped the murders. Esme argues with the killers and tells her niece that she has gone way too far this time.

    Esme searches for Tabitha and discovers her hanging on the wall without a pulse. "You were supposed to sacrifice your powers, not your life!" Esme pouts, begging her not to be dead. Tabitha opens her eyes. "If this is being alive, I feel awful," the witch says. "You were like a living sparkler," Esme chirps, telling her that everyone has come back to life and she should be proud of herself. Tabitha doesn't know who she is anymore now that she doesn't have her powers. She suddenly zaps herself to clean up her appearance. Esme claps: "You haven't lost your powers!" The witch says it's impossible. Esme tells her to try something else. She tries to conjure a martimmy. Her powers fizzle: She's got nothing. She slumps in a chair: "There's nothing. I'm not a witch." Esme tells her that she's done something good. Tabitha thinks most of them deserved to die. Esme starts to feel bad for pushing her into this. Tabs tells her not to. Esme thinks that everyone should know what she's done. Tabitha doesn't want that: Showing kindness to mortals doesn't mean that they will show kindness to her. She can't protect herself anymore. Now, she needs to go home and figure out how to raise a witch when she is no longer a witch herself.

    Sam and the others confront Viki and Vincent. Sam starts to read them their rights when Esme announces that Viki has more to confess. She tells Sam that Viki killed all her boyfriends, cut off Julian's winky-dink and killed Alistair. "I've finally solved a case!" Sam says, almost unable to believe it. "But she looks so innocent," Ivy says. This only makes Viki freak out and she lunges at Ivy, only to be held back. Vincent asks what happened to the witch and explains what they saw Tabitha do. Viki says that her Aunt can explain everything. "Of all the people to know!" Julian gasps. "She's a grouchy old broad but she's certainly not a witch," he says. Luis accuses Viki of trying to set up an insanity defense. As Vincent is dragged out, he vows to be back when they least expect it.

    Doesn't Everyone Look so Peaceful?

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    As the storm rages, Tabitha paces around her house, terrified that all of the evil is on the way. "I've seen worse," Endora says. Tabitha is not amused. Endora still refuses to go. "Mortals die," Tabitha explains. They just need to get used to it; soon they will be with Precious and they can forget about everyone else. Esme runs in. "Help them Tabitha! You have to save them from certain death!" she begs. Tabitha knows what's going on and jokes that everyone's in the right place to die. Esme begs her to try helping for once. Tabitha insists she's helpless. "Can you really just walk away? Do you think you could live with yourself?" Esme asks. Tabs tells her to blame her own family. The witch doesn't see why she should stop any of those families from dying out; each of them has been trying to kill her for centuries. Tabitha talks about being an outsider, even when she was at witch school. Esme thinks that she is just punishing people for never being part of the in-crowd. If she thinks that people should be kinder, she should try being a trendsetter and save some lives. Tabitha still refuses, sure that no one would even thank her for saving them. Esme tells her to take a leap of faith. The only leap Tabs wants to take is out of Harmony. Endora listens in and asks if her daddy is trapped in the church. Esme reads the word bubble and asks who her daddy is. Endora tells her it's Julian, much to Esme's shock. "He certainly gets around! We should compare notes sometime," she says before telling Endora that her daddy is probably dying a horrible death. Endora begs her mother to save him. Tabitha refuses to ignore hundreds of years of Crane cruelty. "I'm half-Crane," Endora points out, much to her mother's annoyance. Tabs still refuses and Esme accuses her of being as petty as a mere mortal. She tries quoting Scooby Doo to win Tabs over but it fails. Esme realizes there must be something else stopping the witch from going into the church. Reluctantly, Tabitha explains that if she steps foot in the church, she will lose her powers and she won't do that for anyone. Endora asks if she will do it for her. "Bad things happen to bad people," Tabitha quips. Endora offers to protect her. Tabs has always been a witch: "I couldn't bare to be a mewling, puking, sniveling mortal! Please don't ask me not to be who I am." If she loses her powers, all her enemies will come after them. Endora says she has enough magic to protect them both. She begs her mother again. Tabitha wonders... but the pressure is too much and she agrees to do it. Tabs lets her daughter out of the cage, but makes her promise to stay in the house until she gets back. Endora thanks her and wishes that she will be just like her mother when she grows up.

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