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    Passions CAST - Pretty Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pretty Crane Played by Melinda Sward on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melinda Sward

    Birthday: 1979
    Birthplace: Escalon, California
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Melinda Sward


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    Sheridan, I Love you but...

    Monday, June 30 2008

    At the mansion, Sheridan announces that it's time to reveal Pretty's secret. She tears off her niece's scar. Pretty cries and asks if she's bleeding. Sheridan tells her to give it a rest. Luis and Fancy can hardly believe that she's been faking her scar for all of these years. Sheridan's not surprised they were convinced; it was makeup worthy of the old Star Trek. Pretty demands to have her fake scar back, but Sheridan continues to lash out at her. Pretty lunges at her aunt and Luis has to hold her back. Fancy tells her sister that her face is lovely. "It would be if it wasn't full of so much hate," Sheridan adds. "Ugly... so ugly," Pretty murmurs. Sheridan explains that her face healed years ago and she used it as an excuse for being a failure as a human being. Pretty continues begging for her scar back. "It's my friend and it never leaves me," she says. Sheridan continues to explain, telling them that she had tracked Pretty through Europe and talked to her doctors. "She wanted to be ugly," Sheridan says. Fancy calls the hospital to get a shrink.

    After getting off the phone, Luis explains to Pretty that she is going to be taken away by some "very nice people". She wonders if they can make her beautiful again, but soon figures out that they are planning to send her off to the loony bin. She accuses her sister of ruining her life and scarring her soul. When Fancy tries to console her, Pretty pulls out a gun. She demands a jet and passage out of the country. Luis leaves to arrange it but comes back and grabs her, wrestling the gun away. Pretty is taken out in a straitjacket.

    Pretty's big Secret.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    In Fancy's room, Pretty pulls out the acid and accuses her sister of being smug. Sheridan watches, realizing that Pretty could ruin Fancy and Luis by destroying her young rival's face, but when Pretty tries to throw the acid in her sister's face, Sheridan rushes to stop her. The acid flies and Fancy screams and covers her face. Sheridan runs off to call 911. Luis covers Fancy's head in a towel. Pretty is giddy while she watches acid eat through the top of a table and imagines it doing the same to her sister. As she mumbles about how her sister will now be like her, Fancy suddenly looks up and reveals that she's okay and the acid didn't touch her. She smugly smiles at her sister while Pretty begins to scream.

    Sheridan calls off 911 as Pretty paces and mumbles to herself. She runs over and tries pulling Luis away from Fancy. As she cries fanatically, Fancy's jaw drops. Pretty doesn't know how she could have missed. Luis explains that Sheridan hit her arm and saved Fancy; Sheridan is a hero. Pretty says that Sheridan is nowhere near as innocent as they think: She knew exactly what she was going to do all along and was alright with it. Sheridan claims that she didn't think Pretty was serious. Luis and Fancy are forgiving, but this only makes Pretty angrier. "She is just as bad as me!" she whines, tearing at her hair. As she rants to herself, they wonder what to do with her. Fancy almost cries at how pitiful she looks. "Pretty please listen to me," Fancy says, trying to calm her sister. They tell Pretty that what she did was wrong. She starts to rant, claiming that she deserved to get her revenge. Sheridan steps in and explains that Pretty has been keeping a big secret and it's time for Luis and Fancy to know the truth. "Honesty is the only way to find peace. Lies are always wrong," Sheridan says. Pretty tries to run out but Luis stops her. "I'll show you Pretty's huge secret," Sheridan announces. "You can't play the victim anymore," she continues. "Your mental illness goes deeper than anyone thought possible." she grabs her niece by the face and tears her scar off, revealing that it has been a fake all along. Fancy and Luis stand in disbelief.

    She's not Dead!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    At the mansion, Luis asks Pretty to leave Fancy's room. "I will, but first I want to give Fancy a gift that's long overdue," Pretty proclaims before throwing acid in her sister's face. Fancy begins to scream and stares into the mirror. Pretty laughs and throws more at her. "You've lost your mind!" Luis shouts, pushing her back. "Fancy's lost her looks so now we're even," Pretty laughs. As Luis calls 911, bits of Fancy's face start falling off. Fancy goes into convulsions while he tries to keep her face on. Pretty tells Luis that she looks better than her sister now so they should make love and have a baby for real. "You're sick!" he says, disbelieving. She promises that she can make him happy if he gives her a second chance. "What the hell! You're probably right," he says, shrugging and taking her in his arms. Sheridan walks in, shocked to see what's happened to Fancy's face. Pretty suddenly flashes out of this - it was only a fantasy.

    Sheridan, Fancy and Luis ask Pretty why she just barged in and began making threats. Pretty hides the acid behind her back. Sheridan takes her aside. Pretty tells her to beck off: She knows that she wants her to win anyway. Luis and Fancy demand to know why they're there. Pretty wants her revenge and pulls the acid out, threatening to scar her sister like she was scarred. Fancy tells her that no one even knows she has one until she shows them: She's sick of this and demands that she get out. Luis tries to calm Pretty down and tells her that she can still lead a productive life. She shakes her head: There's no chance that she will forgive and forget. "Screw forgiveness!" she says. The only thing that matters to her is him. Fancy doesn't deserve him; she ruined her life on purpose and now she will pay. Sheridan tensely watches, half-hoping that Pretty will throw the acid, but when she tries, Sheridan grabs her arm to stop her.

    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    At Sheridan's cottage, Pretty smiles at the vial of acid she holds in her hands. She giddily imagines turning her sister's face into a "seething mass of scar tissue". Sheridan is disturbed, but Pretty is sure this is the only way to get the man she loves. After threatening her aunt, she storms off. "What am I going to do?" Sheridan worries. She realizes that Pretty is right though. Luis won't stay with Fancy if she's disfigured and, since he won't go with Pretty either, that will leave him for her. That's what she wants, but she can't go along with this... or can she? She's not the one throwing acid in Fancy's face... Her moral questioning is interrupted when Ethan walks through the front door. "What's the matter? You look like you just lost your best friend," he says. He guesses this is about Fancy and Luis; he knows just how she feels, even if he still has Gwen. He admits he's still in love with Theresa. She advises him to keep that to himself. At least he has someone... she has no one: Luis is with her niece. Ethan reminds her that she married another man and she needs to accept that Luis has moved on. "He still loves me and he will realize it once..." she stops herself. He asks her to explain, sensing that she is hiding something that she knows is wrong. "Love only happens when there's honesty," he says. Theresa's lies destroyed his love for her and ended up causing her death. She tells him his lecture is misguided. He leaves, sure that she'll do the right thing

    At the mansion, Luis and Fancy relax in bed. This is the first time in months that she's felt safe. They wonder where Pretty may have vanished to and hope she left the country. "Nothing's going to come between us. Not now. Not ever," Luis smiles. They start making love when Pretty arrives, spoiling the mood. The couple gets dressed and tells her to leave. Fancy lashes out at her "sick" sister and wonders how she thought she could have gotten away with such a crazy plan. "I want nothing to do with you for the rest of my life," Fancy says. That's what her sister wants too. They go over the past again and Fancy tells her that if she hates her scar so much, she should just cut off her head. Luis tries to calm her but Fancy only becomes more outraged and blames everything on her sister, calling her a list of names and listing her various crimes. Pretty warns her to watch her mouth. Fancy says she's finally getting what she deserves. "So will you," Pretty says before splashing the acid in her sister's face. She smiles while Fancy screams.

    You Killed Roberto?

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    When Sheridan arrives at home, she's disturbed to find Pretty there. The scarred heiress had nowhere else to go. Sheridan thinks she should have gone a lot farther than her cottage, like maybe the bottom of a volcano. "You're as crazy as Luis' ex-girlfriend Beth and we all know what happened to her!" Sheridan shouts as Pretty paces. She repeats that she has no chance with Luis now and she has only proven that she is ugly on the inside. Pretty screams that she is wrong and no one can stand in her way. "You're delusional... you had nothing. He had sex with you because father forced him too," Sheridan points out. Pretty protests; her time with Luis was pure magic and he made her feel beautiful. Sheridan knows what that's like. Pretty says the difference between the two of them is that Sheridan wallows in memories while she will do anything to get Luis back. Sheridan becomes more worried as an exasperated Pretty starts talking about blowing up Fancy's plans. "I have the perfect way to get Fancy out of Luis' life forever!" she laughs. Sheridan thinks her fantasies are getting out of control. Pretty explains that she won't do anything lethal, just something "deliciously perverse". She takes out a vial of acid and explains that she will destroy her sister's life exactly the way she destroyed hers.

    Lose the Battle, but Win the War!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    Luis, Fancy and Sheridan bring Pretty to the hospital, but she insists she doesn't need a doctor. Fancy snarks that Pretty's pains are awfully convenient and Luis goes to find a doctor pulling Fancy along with him. After they leave, Sheridan marvels at Pretty’s scheme. Sheridan says she better hope the doctor doesn’t find out she’s faking her pains and Pretty thinks to herself that she’s got bigger things to worry about, like Luis finding out she’s not pregnant at all! Pretty is pleased with herself for stopping the wedding, but Sheridan thinks it’s only temporary because once Luis finds out the baby is out of danger he will marry Fancy. Pretty thinks she will always be able to think of a reason to break up their marriage as long as she’s having his baby.

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