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    Passions CAST - Pretty Crane

    Full detailed profile on Pretty Crane Played by Melinda Sward on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melinda Sward
    Pretty Crane

    Actor: Melinda Sward

    Who played Pretty Crane over the years

    Melinda Sward (July 30, 2007 - present)

    Useful information on Pretty Crane

    * She was named Pretty because she was so beautiful
    * Conceived in Sri Lanka
    * Stole a caterer's van
    * Refused to return when Ethan was being taken off of life support
    * Faked her pregnancy


    Like the other Crane children, Pretty spent most of her younger years growing up at boarding schools and had minimal contact with her family. In the brief time that she did spend with her sister, they usually got up to pranks and mischief. When they got older, however, they began to compete for boys.

    The mysterious Pretty left Harmony years ago after a brutal fight with her sister Fancy. Since then she has been living in Europe under an alias. She was brought back to harmony by Vincent and pushed by he and Sheridan into trying to break up Fancy and Luis' wedding. The wedding never went ahead, but that wasn't really because of her. Although she thought about leaving again, the reappearance of Alistair halted her departure. He recruited the rather naive and desperate woman to help him spy on Luis and Fancy and promised her that she would get her revenge.

    Alistair had her and Luis confined in a basement where he forced them to make love in a bid to destroy his relationship with Fancy. Although the pair had sex, it didn't ruin his love for Fancy and he quickly reunited with her once he was freed. Pretty became even angrier at this since she had fallen in love with Luis after their first embrace. In spite of her grandfather's cruelty, she continued to work for him, using a mind control device on her sister to throw her into psychotic episodes. This put strain on Fancy's relationship with Luis, combined with the fact that Pretty was now telling Luis that she was carrying his baby. This was a ruse, however, which she managed to keep from him by bribing nurses and doctors. She even threatened to have an abortion if he turned his back on her. Finally, Luis discovered the truth behind this front when Juanita accidentally knocked Pretty's fake baby belly off while attempting to kill her.




    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (sex under threat from Alistair)


    Julian Crane (father)
    Ivy (mother)
    Fancy Crane(sister)
    Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane (brother)
    Vincent Clarkson (half-brother
    Endora Lenox (half-sister)
    a href="">Ethan Winthrop (half-brother)
    Alistair Crane (grandfather - deceased)
    Katherine Crane (grandmother)
    Harrison Winthrop (grandfather - deceased)
    Helen Revere-Mott-Beaton (grandmother - deceased)
    Sheridan Crane Boothe (aunt - Katherine)
    Chad Harris (half-uncle - Liz)
    Beth Wallace (half-aunt - deceased)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (cousin - deceased)
    Miles Harris-Crane (half-cousin)
    Little Ethan Crane Winthrop(half-nephew,)
    Sarah Winthrop (half-niece - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (half-niece)
    Rachel Barrett (great-aunt)




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    Monday, June 30 2008: Sheridan, I Love you but...

    At the mansion, Sheridan announces that it's time to reveal Pretty's secret. She tears off her niece's scar. Pretty cries and asks if she's bleeding. Sheridan tells her to give it a rest. Luis and Fancy can hardly believe that she's been faking her scar for all of these years. Sheridan's not surprised they were convinced; it was makeup worthy of the old Star Trek. Pretty demands to have her fake scar back, but Sheridan continues to lash out at her. Pretty lunges at her aunt and Luis has to hold her back. Fancy tells her sister that her face is lovely. "It would be if it wasn't full of so much hate," Sheridan adds. "Ugly... so ugly," Pretty murmurs. Sheridan explains that her face healed years ago and she used it as an excuse for being a failure as a human being. Pretty continues begging for her scar back. "It's my friend and it never leaves me," she says. Sheridan continues to explain, telling them that she had tracked Pretty through Europe and talked to her doctors. "She wanted to be ugly," Sheridan says. Fancy calls the hospital to get a shrink.

    After getting off the phone, Luis explains to Pretty that she is going to be taken away by some "very nice people". She wonders if they can make her beautiful again, but soon figures out that they are planning to send her off to the loony bin. She accuses her sister of ruining her life and scarring her soul. When Fancy tries to console her, Pretty pulls out a gun. She demands a jet and passage out of the country. Luis leaves to arrange it but comes back and grabs her, wrestling the gun away. Pretty is taken out in a straitjacket.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008: Pretty's big Secret.

    In Fancy's room, Pretty pulls out the acid and accuses her sister of being smug. Sheridan watches, realizing that Pretty could ruin Fancy and Luis by destroying her young rival's face, but when Pretty tries to throw the acid in her sister's face, Sheridan rushes to stop her. The acid flies and Fancy screams and covers her face. Sheridan runs off to call 911. Luis covers Fancy's head in a towel. Pretty is giddy while she watches acid eat through the top of a table and imagines it doing the same to her sister. As she mumbles about how her sister will now be like her, Fancy suddenly looks up and reveals that she's okay and the acid didn't touch her. She smugly smiles at her sister while Pretty begins to scream.

    Sheridan calls off 911 as Pretty paces and mumbles to herself. She runs over and tries pulling Luis away from Fancy. As she cries fanatically, Fancy's jaw drops. Pretty doesn't know how she could have missed. Luis explains that Sheridan hit her arm and saved Fancy; Sheridan is a hero. Pretty says that Sheridan is nowhere near as innocent as they think: She knew exactly what she was going to do all along and was alright with it. Sheridan claims that she didn't think Pretty was serious. Luis and Fancy are forgiving, but this only makes Pretty angrier. "She is just as bad as me!" she whines, tearing at her hair. As she rants to herself, they wonder what to do with her. Fancy almost cries at how pitiful she looks. "Pretty please listen to me," Fancy says, trying to calm her sister. They tell Pretty that what she did was wrong. She starts to rant, claiming that she deserved to get her revenge. Sheridan steps in and explains that Pretty has been keeping a big secret and it's time for Luis and Fancy to know the truth. "Honesty is the only way to find peace. Lies are always wrong," Sheridan says. Pretty tries to run out but Luis stops her. "I'll show you Pretty's huge secret," Sheridan announces. "You can't play the victim anymore," she continues. "Your mental illness goes deeper than anyone thought possible." she grabs her niece by the face and tears her scar off, revealing that it has been a fake all along. Fancy and Luis stand in disbelief.

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