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    Passions CAST - The Demon Elf - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on The Demon Elf Played by Danny Woodburn on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danny Woodburn

    Birthday: July 26 1964
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married to Amy Buchwald
    Real Name: Danny Woodburn
    Height: 4'


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    Evil Isn't Fair

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    Meanwhile, in the woods, Jessica has died and appears above ground as a spirit, cradling her baby in her arms. As she watches Kay, Tabitha and the Elf, she realizes that Tabitha really is a witch. Oh well, she's on her way to a better place now, she tells her baby. Tabitha isn't happy that Kay gave the Demon Elf a drop of blood. He doesn't understand the problem: What's wrong with unleashing Hell? he wonders as demons twirl around the fire. Kay starts to think that she's made a mistake when the Elf admits that he never promised to find Jessica alive. As she demands to know where her sister is, the demon refuses without 'a wee bit more' of what he wants. They continue demanding an end to the delays, but the longer the delays, the more potent the evil becomes. Kay doesn't think this is fair. 'Well honey, evil never is,' chirps the Demon Elf. When Tabs spots Sam and his search party in the distance, Tabitha, the Elf and the demons have to make themselves invisible. When Sam arrives, the ghostly Jessica is happy to see her father, but she takes the opportunity to walk over and slap Spike. As he yelps in pain, they ask him what's wrong. He claims that he was stung. 'I hope you get a disease and die,' Paloma spits at him. When they explain that they believe Spike buried Jessica, Kay jumps for him but they hold her back. Sam begins to dig and threatens to bury Spike alive if he doesn't tell him the truth now. Jessica wishes that her father would bury him. Now that he is sure that Jessica is dead, the Elf doddles over to Kay to tell her where her sister is buried. They all run over to the spot when Kay points to it and begin digging. The Elf walks by Spike and stomps on his foot before returning to Kay. Tabitha tells her that she should try to get everyone to say a prayer, maybe that will help. At the burial site, everyone prays while the Elf and Tabitha try not to be sick at the words. Jessica's spirit returns to her body and they reach the coffin moments later. The demon shakes his head while Tabitha explains how powerful prayer is. 'Jeeze witch, and I'm starting to think that's a typo, whose side are you one?' She still insists that she is evil, but worries about how Kay will deal with what she's unleashed. Once Jessica is pulled out of the ground, they find that she has no pulse. Tabitha suspects a wave of evil, unknown since the days of zombie Charity, is about to cover Harmony. The Demon Elf sends his demon minions out across the town to do terrible things.

    He Came After You, Right?

    Monday, June 25 2007

    In the woods, Tabitha calls out for Jessica, desperate to find her before Kay makes a deal with the Demon Elf. It's too late though, Kay has already decided to settle for the demon's deal. He sets a fire and then asks for his payment. Before he can take it, Tabitha runs back and begs Kay to stop. Kay blames herself for everything that's happened to her family; she can't live with the guilt anymore. Tabby shakes her head but the deal is on. As she runs off to search some more, the elf asks for a drop of blood. Kay's not sure how that's supposed to help, but he convinces her to put a drop of blood into the fire. Once Tabitha has wandered, she realizes that the elf tricked her to get her out of the way. Before she can get back, the blood falls into the fire and demons begin shooting out. Tabitha is distraught, so the elf starts to tease her about all the rumors that she's become a good witch. Tabs just insists that she doesn't want to see one of her own suffer. The elf assures them that no harm will come to Kay: Everyone else, but not Kay. Meanwhile, Jessica lays in her coffin, choking on dirt and trying to stay calm. Suddenly, a light comes on and a voice calls out to her. It's Grace's voice; she's come to take her home.

    Tired of Being a Puppy Dog?

    Friday, June 22 2007

    At Tabitha's, the Demon Elf is glad that Kay told 'the hag to bag it' and agreed to his deal. The hag keeps encouraging Kay to change her mind, but Kay won't: This is her only chance to get Jessica back. As the elf taunts Kay, she has to give in. 'He's not from Santa's toyshop y'know?' Tabitha remarks and then reminds her of the last time that she made a deal with the dark side. Tabitha casts a spell to put out the Hell fires and threatens to turn the elf into kitty litter. 'Hagitha' can't get rid of him though, only Kay can do that. Kay asks the demon what he wants. 'Just a wee little thing,' he says, before channeling Jessica's screaming, choking spirit and flailing around on the table. Tabitha won't let her give in, even after the evil elf gives her a hint. Ushering her away, she offers to help but the demon isn't far behind.

    Those Two Jerks Deserve Each Other

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    As Kay casts her spell, the boys in the basement get excited and shoot out smoke as the door from hell opens. The demon elf arrives and dances around. 'Tabitha Lenox! Why you haven't changed a bit. Too bad. My what a dump! You'd think you'd learn something about interior decoration after all these centuries!' he quips. She's not thrilled to see him. Last time he was there, he was supposed to help her find Timmy but he only found a drunken Pinocchio. The demon elf start chasing Kay around and making lewd suggestions. Dancing his way into a chair, he assures Kay that if she wants to see her sister again, he is her only hope. Although the elf can find anyone, he works for the devil and doesn't work for free. He offers 'hot stuff' (Kay) the chance to make a deal. Tabitha begs her not to do this. The demon elf mocks her and then leaves to get some food in the kitchen while they decide. Kay feels like she has to make this deal; she blames herself for her mother's death and everything that has happened to Jessica. She can't take anymore loss. They go into the kitchen and the demon elf has already changed form (it's hard to stay consistent when you travel through dimensions). As the elf stuffs his face with the food he finds in Tabby's fridge, Kay calls Miguel to see if they've made any progress. They haven't. Tabitha repeats that hooking up with the demon elf is a bad idea, but the elf tells 'cream pie' (Kay) not to listen to the 'prickly hag' (Tabitha). He conjures up Jessica's voice as she screams out from her coffin. Kay demands to know where she is, but the demon elf wants his deal first. As the screams get worse, Kay gives in. The demon elf is delighted and recites a spell, calling flames of hell up all through the kitchen.

    The Biggest One I Know

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    At Tabitha's, Kay is shocked when Simone calls her to say that Spike has kidnapped Jessica. 'Again? That man has no imagination,' Tabitha says. Kay asks her brother if Spike will hurt their sister. 'He'll do anything to bury the truth,' he says. She promises to help and hangs up. Kay hurries Tabitha's mind wiping of Miguel so that she can send him out to look for Jessica. After they unfreeze him, she sends him to Noah and the others. Kay thinks that there is a lot more she can do by staying there. Tabs doesn't like the sound of this. Kay starts searching the spell books and Tabitha wonders if she has any brains at all. After asking Tabitha to go and check her bowl, Kay makes another stupid decision and keeps looking for a spell. As she searches for a picture of her sister to do the spell with, the book begins to glow. When she gets back and starts the spell, she wonders for a moment if she is making a mistake, but continues, even as the boys in the basement begin to belch out smoke. The house starts to shake as Tabitha runs in and tries to stop her, but Kay won't stop. A door to hell suddenly appears and the demon elf walks out in a flashy red suit.

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