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    Passions CAST - The Demon Elf - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on The Demon Elf Played by Danny Woodburn on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danny Woodburn

    Birthday: July 26 1964
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married to Amy Buchwald
    Real Name: Danny Woodburn
    Height: 4'


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    The Search for Theresa Continues

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    At Tabitha's, the demon elf wrecks havoc in the kitchen by breaking all the dishes and Kay and Tabitha enter. They're horrified to learn the demon elf is still around and panic when they see that Paloma and Noah are approaching. Tabitha threatens to do him harm if he doesn't stop throwing dishes around and steam comes out of her nose. This stops the demon from creating more chaos just as Paloma and Noah enter the house fighting. The two argue over Fancy and his standby excuse that "strange things happen in Harmony." Noah tries to get through to Paloma saying he loves her, but it's no use. The demon elf tries to cause trouble by making the table float and Kay distracts Noah and Paloma so they don't see it. Kay tells Paloma that things aren't always as they seem and maybe she should give Noah another chance. Paloma tells Noah that she will forgive him if he swears he loves her and that Fancy meant nothing to him. The demon elf sees this as an opportunity to cause evil and blows green dust Noah's way. Noah tells Paloma he loves her even if Fancy is a better kisser than she is! Noah says he's sure Plaoma can be a better lover eventually and Paloma is crushed. Kay tries to diffuse the situation by telling Paloma that Noah is just tired and acting weird as a result of all the weird things in Harmony. Noah returns to normal and tells Paloma of course he thinks she's a good kisser and doesn't know why he said those things, but Paloma wonders why all the weird things in Harmony break her heart. As Paloma starts to soften, the demon blows the green dust on a bowl and makes it explode. Noah says the explosion proves his point that weird things happen, but Paloma says she can't do it anymore because he broke her heart by kissing Fancy and leaves. Noah thinks he was getting through to her and Tabitha tells Kay he would have if they had sent the demon back to the dark side with their magic.

    The Demon Elf Returns

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Kay comes back to the kitchen when she can't sleep because she's worried about Miguel. She goes to make some tea and the demon elf appears. He sneaks over to the stove and turns up the flame under the kettle making it explode. He thinks Kay is a stupid witch because she inadvertently summoned him through the portal. As Kay turns down the flame, Tabitha enters with a facial mask on because she has to resort to mortal means to keep her face looking fresh. Kay tells her what happened and Tabitha notices some odd fingerprints on the knob and says the demon elf is back. The elf reveals himself, explaining that Kay brought him back. Tabitha is outraged that Kay would perform magic behind her back. Kay explains she used magic to save Miguel's life and the women discuss how they can dispatch of the elf. Kay says they can't use magic, but Tabitha tells her she already broke her promise to Miguel and she needs to send the elf back right now! Kay says she will, but without using magic. Tabitha eventually relents and says they can try incense and herbs to get rid of him, but it will probably take a lot more than that to do the job. As the witches prepare their concoction, the demon laughs at them for thinking something so simple could get rid of him. Kay dumps their mixture on his head and the demon starts to choke. They think it's working, but the demon lets them know he was fooling them and it will take more than incense and herbs to get rid of him. He starts to choke again the whole house starts to shake. The demon elf disappears and Kay is thrilled that they didn't have to use magic to get rid of him. She thanks Tabitha and hugs her. After they leave the kitchen, the elf reappears and smugly smokes his cigar.

    Killing Isn't a Good Time

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    At the Book Café, Ethan arrives and smells Theresa's breath. Because a sweet smell comes out, he assumed that she must have been poisoned. Rebecca eagerly hopes that she will actually die this time but Gwen refuses to let her die before Ethan finds out the truth. Jared watches as Ethan gives mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrive. Gwen gets on her knees and starts trying to slap Theresa awake. She's pulled off and Jared gets her breathing again so that she can have the antidote to the poison administered. The Demon Elf throws his hands up in disappointment and Sheridan continues to wonder if she had anything to do with this. Gwen eats a muffin, surprised that she actually wants to see Theresa alive, even if it's only to make her life a living hell. As Theresa revives, she embraces Ethan and tells him that she loves him. Standing right beside her as this happens, Jared realizes that he means nothing to her. When Ethan explains that she's been poisoned, she accuses the smiling Gwen, although Ethan knows that's not possible since she was with him. Meanwhile, Fancy apologizes to Jared for calling Ethan over. Upset, he leaves while Ethan tells Theresa that she needs to get checked out. There is something that no one can protect her from though, Gwen says cutting in, and that's the truth. Theresa just wants to go home; she's sure that leaving now won't have any impact on the investigation. Sheridan starts to fidget nervously while the police bag the evidence and question people. Sheridan insists that she saw nothing and she walks out while Fancy stares after her. Theresa asks her where Jared went. When she tells her that he went to the office, Ethan finds this hard to believe. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to push her daughter to let the truth out. Gwen promises she will, but watching Theresa squirm is just too fun.

    He's Dreamy

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    At the Book Café, the Demon Elf cheers on as Theresa drinks the tea which Sheridan poisoned. As he does his comedy routine, Theresa starts to feel awful. Sheridan hopes that she's not getting a cold. Tea is the best thing for a soar throat, Theresa says as she drinks more poison. Sheridan says that she will never let go of Luis, even once he's free, she will still go after him. Right now, Luis is just confused: 'He's a man and they truly are the weaker sex,' she explains. Fancy is just what was around because Sheridan was unavailable, but why have saccharine when you can have sugar? Theresa says that they should really be worried about getting her bother free right now. There is nothing anyone wouldn't do to free him. Thinking of the blackmailer's offer to free Luis if she killed Theresa, Sheridan wonders if she's right. Theresa insists that she is right: Anything necessary must be done to free Luis. Fancy and Jared arrive and tell them that they are looking for the monster together. As he goes to get some coffee, Theresa starts to cough and choke, she still tries to find a way to talk to Jared about their relationship. When he returns to the table, she collapses onto the floor making nauseating guttural sounds while Jared cradles her head and tries to keep her breathing. When Jared tries to revive her, Sheridan starts to have strange memories that she poisoned the tea. After making a phone call, Fancy returns to say that she called the paramedics and Ethan. Although Jared wishes she hadn't called his nemesis, he continues trying to get his wife breathing again.

    I am Not a Monster!

    Monday, July 16 2007

    At the Book Café, the Demon Elf shoots his minions into Sheridan as she stands at the counter. Spotting some rat poison, she drops it into Theresa's tea and carries it over to her as the elf cheers her on, getting tingly at the thought of murder. Sheridan is becoming agitated when Theresa seems to delay drinking the tea. Theresa apologizes for everything that she said before about how Luis should be with Fancy.'While we're at it, why don't we give her the lethal injection too and lay them in the same grave! What? I can't go after Luis but you can go after Ethan? Why don't you just drink your tea you selfish hypocritical b***!' Sheridan snaps. She continues to lash out at Theresa with more nastiness until Theresa excuses herself. The Demon Elf realizes that he may have gone too far and pulls his demons back. Theresa returns and tells Sheridan that she's obviously made her angry and she should go. Un-possessed and unable to recall what just happened, Sheridan has no idea what she's talking about. She says that Theresa is entitled to her opinion but they can agree to disagree. Why don't they just enjoy their tea together? Reluctantly, Theresa sits down and begins to drink.

    Next on Passions:
    Jared tries to save Theresa when she is poisoned.

    Julian can't wait to meet his son, will he hear Eve's warning?

    We Are Doomed

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    At the mansion, Sheridan tells Gwen that the blackmailer offered to free Luis and bring back Pretty if she would only kill Theresa. That price seems too high, but lately she's really felt like she could do it. They start to talk about all of the times that they've wanted to kill Theresa. The next time, they might not be able to stop themselves. They rush over to the church for some spiritual guidance. The demon elf follows them, doing a James Brown impersonation all the way, but he has to stay outside of the church walls. Once inside, the ladies meet with Father Lonigan. He tells them that there is a terrible evil in the town, a demon's evil far worse than that of the blackmailer's. 'We are doomed,' he announces. After some prayers, Gwen decides it's time to go. She's not scared to go alone. No demon has hurt her more than Theresa already has. When she goes outside, the demon elf is waiting. He sends a few demons into Gwen's ear and conjures up a cord. Gwen kneels down and picks it up. 'I wonder where Theresa is?' she smiles before finding Theresa and putting the cord around her neck. Back inside the church, Sheridan asks the priest if she should bring Pretty back. He already knows what happened to the unfortunate Pretty and wonders what Sheridan's real reasoning is. He assumes that she wants to bring her niece back to destroy Fancy and Luis. That would be wrong. Sheridan tells him that she's already made a deal with the blackmailer to free Luis. The priest tells her to break the deal. This love she has for Luis will destroy her.

    Theresa is About to Die

    Monday, July 09 2007

    At the mansion Sheridan and Gwen hug, reunited after a long time apart. The demon elf has followed them and hides off to the side while the two friends catch up. Gwen insists that she is not there to stay and she doesn't want Ethan anymore. She will always love him, she admits, but she is definitely finished with him. A worried look fills Sheridan. She warns her friend that she is making a big mistake: She knows from experience. Gwen won't debate this though; she refuses to come in second to Theresa and be a punch line in a joke. Lately though, ever since she got back into town, she's had the most overwhelming urge to kill Theresa and she's afraid that she may go through with it. Sheridan understands; she's been having the same feelings. It's scary. The demon elf chuckles to himself, expecting blood soon. Sheridan tells her friend that a lot of people feel like killing Theresa. It's really not that unusual. Gwen insists that this is different. All of the times that she tried to kill Theresa before, she actually felt like she was doing something wrong. Now, something has changed. She just wants to get the divorce over with and leave town before she actually loses control. Sheridan wishes that she could go too, but she can't leave Luis to die. She does have a way to free him, but the price is very high. She has to do more than just get him out; she has to get rid of Fancy. Gwen knows the best way to get rid of Fancy is Pretty. Almost no one knows where she is though...except for the blackmailer, Sheridan whispers. They tried to kill her once, Sheridan explains, but then offered her a deal to get Luis free and bring Pretty back if she would just kill Theresa. Sheridan's afraid that she may give in because she loves Luis so much. 'You will do it Sheridan. Theresa is about to die,' says the elf.

    Happy Happy Happy

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    At home, dressed in proper witch wear, Tabitha prepares breakfast for her daughter while she worries about the evil that's been unleashed. A perky Kay comes down and greets her witch 'sisters', eager to use her powers to make her life better. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this. When Kay tries to conjure up scrambled eggs, a stream of egg yolks fall from above onto her head. Tabitha laughs and tells her that egg yolk is good for her hair. This just proves that she shouldn't be trying to heal Fox if she can't even make breakfast. Kay won't listen and storms off. Right now, Tabitha is more interested in finding a way to protect Endora from the onslaught of evil on the way. She decides Endora needs lessons in self-protection and casts up a vicious beast and then asks Endora to try and make one. Endora conjures up a puppy instead. Tabby shakes her head; she has to take drastic measures. Endora sends the pup to the president, he could use a friend right now, she says. They try again. This time Tabitha creates a crow and her daughter makes a parrot. Shaking her head, Tabitha realizes that there is only one thing to do now: They're going to have to betray everything she ever believed in. Snapping her fingers, they vanish. The Demon Elf zaps himself in, disappointed that Spike doesn't have enough evil to power his demons after all. He's sure that he'll find something around here to help though.

    It's You!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    As everyone stares down at Jessica's dead body, Kay wanders away to see Tabitha and the Demon Elf. This is just the beginning, the elf promises as his demons fly off into the night. Kay feels awful, but, as Tabitha points out, this is all because she never listens. Returning to Miguel's arms, she watches as Sam tries to revive his daughter. Eve arrives and starts looking Jessica over while Spike hopes that she is really dead. Suddenly, Jessica begins coughing after Eve gives her oxygen. 'Dammit!' curses the elf. Now his demons will be coming back after losing the power of possession. He stomps off angrily to find someone else to boost the power of his demon brigade. Kay is smug to see him go, but Tabitha wouldn't count him out yet. Meanwhile, Spike tries to act concerned and swears that he will make whoever did this to his precious wife pay. Jessica swats him and then kicks him in the groin before revealing everything that he did to her. Sam places him under arrest and they drag him away. Watching this, the Demon Elf thinks that he's just spotted someone to give him his power back.

    Tabitha follows them all to the station and watches through the window as Spike is dragged to the cells. Upstairs, Jessica thanks everyone for their help. Miguel asks her why Spike would do this to her, but she can't say. When Kay leaves, Miguel offers to go with her but she tells him to stay behind. Downstairs, when Spike gets put behind bars, Sam promises him that he'll never be a free man again and tells the guard to shoot him if he causes trouble. When Spike sits down, the Demon Elf transports himself into the cell. He's found a mortal so foul that his demons can feed on his evil and still have energy to spare. The flock of demons fly in and begin to circle him before plunging in, feasting on his evil. Spike goes into convulsions as they possess him. His eyes turn black and he growls. Back upstairs, Sam hugs his daughter before sending her home with all her friends. He thanks Eve for all her help and wonders what to do with Spike. When he goes downstairs to the cells, he finds that the door of Spike's cell has been torn off. Spike is gone and the guard is tied to the upturned cot.

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