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    Passions CAST - The Demon Elf - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on The Demon Elf Played by Danny Woodburn on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danny Woodburn

    Birthday: July 26 1964
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married to Amy Buchwald
    Real Name: Danny Woodburn
    Height: 4'


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    Gertie Can't do That!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    At Tabitha's, the Demon Elf does battle with Endora. He zaps her forcefield as she worries that her powers will soon give way and they will be reduced to atoms. He continues to threaten revenge on Tabitha for betraying the Dark Side and having appalling taste. The forcefield collapses. Endora cries to her mother. "Say goodbye to earth!" the elf cackles. Tabitha tries standing up to him, threatening him with the strength of her motherly love. He zaps her and she collapses. Endora cries at her mother's side. The demon tells her to come with him to the Dark Side and fulfill her destiny... or die. "I want to be a good witch," Endora protests. "No one messes with my mother!" she yells, zapping the demon against the door. Tabs revives as the demon screams. Tabitha repeats to her daughter that she loves her and this gives her an energy boost. The young witch manages to send the demon back to Hell before falling down to the floor. Tabitha cradles her, feeling like a burden for being unable to protect her. "You are my Mommy! You'll never be a burden," the young witch says.

    I am Alive.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    Tabitha wanders around her house and asks her daughter to conjure up some bicarbonate soda. She'll never get the sight of Norma and Edna's wedding out of her mind. Endora says they were sweet. Tabitha thinks they should have been filmed for the Nature Channel. They chuckle. Endora's just glad she got there in time to catch the bouquet. Tabs tells her to get rid of it and wash her hands, reminding her of Edna's "little accident" when she got overexcited. Endora chucks the flowers and magically sends Edna a wedding present; a binding spell that will stop her from ever need diapers again. Suddenly, the house starts to shake. Tabitha expects the end but it's only the Demon Elf. "Gross!" Endora cringes.

    It soon becomes obvious that the Dark Side knows Tabitha's lost her powers and they want Endora. "This doesn't bode well," Tabs surmises. The demon accuses her of embracing the power of Good and lists her many transgressions against Evil. It's now time for her to answer for her crimes! When he threatens to torture her in Hell for eternity, Endora stands up for her. Tabitha is sure that no one can hurt her as long as she has her daughter by her side. He explains that Endora's power came from Tabitha's subconscious power and now that that is gone, she's no match for the forces of darkness. He zaps the former witch onto the floor. Endora's furious and shoots back. She and the demon crack their knuckles and prepare to battle. Her mother tells her just to zap them out of Harmony. The young witch tries but the magic fizzles. "You're all going to die!" the demon cackles. He mocks Tabitha's legendarily bad taste in interior design as he prepares to destroy her. Tabitha wishes she had never done the right thing. The demon shoots again and Endora battles off the blasts. Endora creates a forcefield to protect her and her mother. The demon continues shooting at them until it begins breaking down.

    New Disguises, Same Schemes.

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    Noah bartends at The Blue Note as Paloma and Roberto enter. Paloma is snippy with Noah for sending Roberto to the club where he got arrested. Noah sincerely apologizes and Roberto defends Noah, but Paloma thinks Noah is just jealous of Roberto and could have sent him to a nice place like The Blue Note instead of that dive bar. Noah tells Paloma and Roberto that he talked to Sam and he is going to straighten the mess out so Roberto doesn't get deported. Paloma is relieved and says she forgives him, but forgiving him is getting old. Noah tells her he loves her with all his heart and they will be able to get though anything. They kiss and the Demon Elf pops up and is sickened by Noah and Paloma's closeness. Noah tells Roberto and Paloma to sit at the bar and he will fix them his specialty drink, but Paloma says they need space and goes off to sit in a booth with Roberto. Noah is miffed and the Demon Elf is happy, but says it's not enough!

    The Demon Elf sits at the bar and thinks he should bring someone from Noah's past around in order to speed up his and Paloma's break up. He thinks the Fancy card has been played too many times and wonders who else he can conjure up. He tries to get inside Noah's head to grab a memory of a past love, but the only woman Noah is thinking of is Paloma. The Demon thinks there must have been at least one woman who has come into the bar that's turned Noah's head and Noah thinks about a brunette in a red dress. The Demon Elf zaps himself to look like the woman and kisses Noah!

    Noah goes over to an icy Paloma and says he can explain. She demands to know why he was kissing that woman and Noah says she was a regular who used to flirt with him. Roberto tries to stick up for Noah, but Paloma says she's had it and needs some time apart from him. The woman comes over and flirts with Noah, making it seem like they had a past together. Noah tells her Paloma is his fiancée and the woman walks off. Paloma angrily tells Noah they'll talk about it tomorrow. Noah returns to the bar and the Demon sits down dressed as the woman taunting Noah about Paloma and Roberto.

    That Gives Me An Idea!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Ethan and Gwen walk in, but Ethan doesn't think he can face everyone right now. Gwen reminds Ethan that he promised he was going to focus on her and their family and wants reassurances that he can put Theresa behind him. Ethan says it's not that easy. Noah and Paloma walk up and tell them they are leaving. Paloma hugs Ethan and says they will get through this together. After Ethan and Gwen head into the living room, Noah tells Paloma he wishes they had a place to be alone together. They say they'll figure it out and the demon elf appears saying he has plans for them.

    The elf walks unnoticed into the living room and sees Rebecca. He thinks he can use her and says he will see her later. Rebecca and Ivy secretly talk in the corner while Theresa eavesdrops from outside. Rebecca tells Ivy they need to interview nannies so Gwen doesn't have to think about the children and can focus solely on Ethan.

    Noah and Paloma go to the wharf lamenting the fact that they have nowhere to be alone together. The elf pops up and thinks they have much bigger problems than that. Noah gets an idea of where they can be together and steps aside to make a few phone calls.

    The elf tells a mystery man that it's time for him to strike. The man walks over to Paloma, grabs her and kisses her. Paloma breaks away and is shocked to see that it's Roberto. He tells her that he's back in Harmony for good because he couldn't keep away from her and she is clearly affected by him. He wants to pick up where they left off and kisses her again just as Noah returns. Noah punches Roberto who falls to the ground. Paloma helps her ex off the ground and tells Noah he's just an old friend. Noah knows exactly who he is and asks what he's doing there. Roberto says his time away made him realize what was important to him and Noah tells him that ship has sailed. Noah wants Paloma to tell him why that is and Paloma stalls a bit, but then tells Roberto that she and Noah are getting married. Roberto begrudgingly congratulates a defensive Noah and Paloma asks Roberto if he'd like to stick around and catch up. He says another time because right now he has to look for a place to live and leaves.

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