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    Passions CAST - The Demon Elf

    Full detailed profile on The Demon Elf Played by Danny Woodburn on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danny Woodburn
    The Demon Elf

    Actor: Danny Woodburn

    Who played The Demon Elf over the years

    Danny Woodburn (June 20, 2007- July 20, 2007; February 11, 2008-)

    Useful information on The Demon Elf

    * Has his own army of demons


    Current: Demon


    The Demon Elf first appeared when Kay called him up from Hell to help her find her sister Jessica. He easily manipulated her into giving him enough power to unleash a small army of demons on Harmony and has since drifted around town, in various eccentric costumes, mocking and manipulating the town's inhabitants.


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    Monday, July 28 2008: Gertie Can't do That!

    At Tabitha's, the Demon Elf does battle with Endora. He zaps her forcefield as she worries that her powers will soon give way and they will be reduced to atoms. He continues to threaten revenge on Tabitha for betraying the Dark Side and having appalling taste. The forcefield collapses. Endora cries to her mother. "Say goodbye to earth!" the elf cackles. Tabitha tries standing up to him, threatening him with the strength of her motherly love. He zaps her and she collapses. Endora cries at her mother's side. The demon tells her to come with him to the Dark Side and fulfill her destiny... or die. "I want to be a good witch," Endora protests. "No one messes with my mother!" she yells, zapping the demon against the door. Tabs revives as the demon screams. Tabitha repeats to her daughter that she loves her and this gives her an energy boost. The young witch manages to send the demon back to Hell before falling down to the floor. Tabitha cradles her, feeling like a burden for being unable to protect her. "You are my Mommy! You'll never be a burden," the young witch says.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008: I am Alive.

    Tabitha wanders around her house and asks her daughter to conjure up some bicarbonate soda. She'll never get the sight of Norma and Edna's wedding out of her mind. Endora says they were sweet. Tabitha thinks they should have been filmed for the Nature Channel. They chuckle. Endora's just glad she got there in time to catch the bouquet. Tabs tells her to get rid of it and wash her hands, reminding her of Edna's "little accident" when she got overexcited. Endora chucks the flowers and magically sends Edna a wedding present; a binding spell that will stop her from ever need diapers again. Suddenly, the house starts to shake. Tabitha expects the end but it's only the Demon Elf. "Gross!" Endora cringes.

    It soon becomes obvious that the Dark Side knows Tabitha's lost her powers and they want Endora. "This doesn't bode well," Tabs surmises. The demon accuses her of embracing the power of Good and lists her many transgressions against Evil. It's now time for her to answer for her crimes! When he threatens to torture her in Hell for eternity, Endora stands up for her. Tabitha is sure that no one can hurt her as long as she has her daughter by her side. He explains that Endora's power came from Tabitha's subconscious power and now that that is gone, she's no match for the forces of darkness. He zaps the former witch onto the floor. Endora's furious and shoots back. She and the demon crack their knuckles and prepare to battle. Her mother tells her just to zap them out of Harmony. The young witch tries but the magic fizzles. "You're all going to die!" the demon cackles. He mocks Tabitha's legendarily bad taste in interior design as he prepares to destroy her. Tabitha wishes she had never done the right thing. The demon shoots again and Endora battles off the blasts. Endora creates a forcefield to protect her and her mother. The demon continues shooting at them until it begins breaking down.

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