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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    Happy Halloween!

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    At the hospital, Gwen tells Eve to leave the ER because her son could die because of her. Julian asks what is going on and Ethan tells them that the dosage prescribed was wrong and it could kill Jonathan. Eve wants to help Jonathan, but Gwen stops her. Eve defends herself and says that she wrote the correct dosage for an infant. Vincent lurks in the hallway, pleased that Eve is being blamed, as she continues to defend herself. Gwen tells Eve she will have her arrested if Jonathan dies and tells her to leave. Eve insists it was a mistake, that she prescribed the correct medication. Rebecca and Gwen order her to leave and Julian agrees that they should go and leads Eve out of the ER.

    Vincent watches the scene and asks himself why he wasted so much time attacking people himself, since his grandfather's way of manipulation is much more fun.

    Eve wonders what she'll do and heads over to her desk and pulls out a bottle of booze. Before she opens it, she decides it's a bad idea, but then hears Vincent's voice. Vincent enters the room and Eve says he's a figment of her imagination, but Vincent insists he's real and puts her hand on his chest. He tells her it's his heart beating and it felt just like that before he fell off the cliff. Eve cries and says he's not real - he's dead. Vincent insists he's real and Eve goes for the bottle and takes a drink. Eve closes her eyes and says when "I open my eyes you will be gone." When she does, Vincent isn't there and she thinks it was just an illusion. Vincent suddenly comes up behind her, scaring her and lashes out at her for being a bad mother and doctor. Vincent tells Eve that Jonathan will die because of her. Eve clings to the bottle and cries. She insists that he isn't there and that he's dead, but Vincent continues to taunt her about abandoning him when he was a baby and that her other children and husband left her because she's a bad person. He tells her that she's a bad doctor and that she's unqualified and insecure. Vincent then tells her that Jonathan will die because she was drinking and wrote the wrong prescription. Eve continues to drink as he berates her over Jonathan. Eve cries, "What have I done?" Eve tells Vincent she'll never get past the death of a child and that she's a bad person and doesn't deserve to live. Vincent picks up a scalpel and tells Eve to do something positive. He tells her to atone for her crimes by killing herself before she causes more pain to the people she loves.

    The End of Tabitha?

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    In the ER, the nurse gives Jonathan his medication, as Vincent watches and flashes back to him altering the prescription. The nurse checks the baby and sees that medication isn't working like it was supposed to and notes that something is wrong. Vincent, who's watching from the hallway, is pleased that his plan to frame Eve for Jonathan's death seems to working and thinks to himself, "Poor mommy, I think everybody will hate you."

    Ethan urges Theresa to tell him what she's been keeping from him and she tells him that the news will make him feel better. Theresa says she's been waiting for this moment for a long time and Ethan says if it's good news he can't wait to hear it. As Theresa is about to tell him about their son, a beeper goes off and a nurse runs out of Jonathan's room yelling, "Code Blue!" They all run in to check on Jonathan and Vincent peeks his head around the corner and says, "Let the games begin."

    Eve runs into the ER and Gwen slaps her. Eve is shocked and asks why she did that. Gwen tells her, "My son could die because of you." Vincent watches from afar and remarks that it's all going downhill for his mommy.

    The Evil Plots Thicken

    Monday, October 29 2007

    Julian brings Eve coffee in her office and Eve talks about her guilt over Vincent and how she was the one who outed him as the killer. Eve tells Julian she regrets what happened with him but that she won't let it control her or her future. Vincent listens at the door in doctor's scrubs and plots against his mother.

    Vincent, still in scrubs and face mask, peeks his head around the corner and says out loud that Ethan shouldn't worry, because after Jonathan dies he will have one son left and that he is going to frame Eve for the baby's death. Julian comes up behind him and says, "Excuse me son."

    The nurse tells Eve that nothing is working with Jonathan and Eve tells her to continue what she's doing. She goes into the hall and calls Julian away before he can see that he's talking to Vincent. They go into another room and Eve tells Julian that Jonathan isn't responding to treatment. Julian assures her that she can help him, but Eve has doubts recalling the patient she almost killed by giving him the wrong medication. Vincent sneaks up in the hallway and thinks to himself that Eve will make a fatal mistake. Julian notes that Eve seems so fragile and Eve recounts her error with the patient. As they head back to Eve's office, Julian reassures her that she can do it considering she hasn't been drinking and that the staff is there to help her. Eve thanks him for his support and Julian tells her that he loves her. He tells Eve he'll get her something to eat and leaves her.

    Vincent skulks in the hallway, as Eve sits in her office thinking how good it is that she didn't slip up. She suddenly hears Vincent talking to her. She yells out that Vincent is dead, but hears Vincent ask for her help. Eve takes out a bottle of alcohol from her desk drawer and takes a drink. Vincent hangs out in the hallway with the recording device he was playing for Eve, pleased with how his plan is progressing and marvels that Eve has no idea how bad things will get. Eve collects herself and decides she doesn't need to drink and recounts all the guilt she has felt over Vincent. She realizes that it wasn't her fault and that even though she couldn't help Vincent, she can help Jonathan, but first she needs to keep her wits about her. Eve gets a call from the nurse who says Jonathan's fever is still above 100 and asks if she should use the IV she prescribed. Eve says yes.

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