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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    Eve Learns the Truth About Vincent

    Thursday, November 22 2007

    Eve lies passed out in her office with an empty bottle of booze next to her. She wakes up and tries to remember what happened. She recalls the pelvic exam she gave Valerie and says she's never seen anything like that in her life, except for Vincent, but he's dead. Eve gets up and sees Vincent in Valerie's place on the exam table and screams. Eve asks what he's doing there and Vincent says he's been there all along. Eve touches him and says she's not crazy, he's alive! Eve remembers that she was examining Valerie and asks where she is. Vincent says she knows the answer to that, but Eve says it's impossible. Vincent says she hasn't lost a son, she's gained a daughter and holds up Valerie's wig and Eve screams. Eve doesn't understand because she thought he was dating Valerie. Vincent says, "Was I?" and then asks if anyone actually saw the two together. He tells her that he's gotten really good at doing voices and for years he's been playing a role until he could come to grips with who he is and now he's pregnant. Vincent says the father could be Chad or Julian and Eve asks how could anyone not realize his genitalia was off. Vincent says it's a little complicated down there, but he's never had any complaints. Vincent then taunts Eve with the thought that he slept with his own father and that Julian could be the father of his baby. This is too much for Eve to take and she grabs a bottle of booze saying oblivion is the only place she wants to go. Eve tries to make sense of everything, but can't quite wrap her mind around the fact that her son is having a baby, possibly by his own father.

    Pilar's Secret Revealed

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Next on Passions:

    Vincent whips off the Valerie mask and tells Eve, "You haven't lost a son you gained a daughter. I'm Valerie too."

    Paloma yells, "I can't believe you cheated on me with Fancy!"

    As Fancy and Noah kiss, Kay tells Tabitha she won't stand for this and zaps a turkey in Fancy's place.

    Gettin' Tanked at the Blue Note

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    At the hospital, Eve goes to her office and wonders why Julian doesn't believe her. She insists that Vincent is alive, as Vincent stands behind her saying, "Isn't it obvious?" Vincent asks if she's ready to hear the next step in his plan to ruin her life. Eve says thanks to him the hospital wants her out. Vincent says "Excellent." Eve tells him he needs help and that there can be no more rampages. Vincent says she can't stop him and thinks that maybe he should go after Julian, Whitney or Simone next. Eve grabs him and yells that he won't do anything to hurt her daughters. Vincent just laughs at her and the phone rings.

    Eve starts to pack up her office and sees a photo of her and Julian. She wonders what when wrong between them and Vincent appears. Vincent tells her that nothing went wrong; everything is going exactly to plan. Vincent tells Eve he has a surprise for her and he vanishes. Eve thinks Julian is right and that she is hallucinating, as someone watches her from a closet.

    Theresa Confesses!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    Next Time on Passions:

    Vincent asks Eve if she's ready for the next part of his plan to ruin her life.

    Theresa says she would never try to kill Gwen.

    Julian grabs Esme and kisses her.

    The woman in Mexico demands that Pilar be killed.

    Let's Get Ready to Rumble

    Monday, November 05 2007

    At the hospital, Vincent runs into an office nauseous and thinks maybe eating something will settle his stomach. But first he goes to a computer to spy on Eve to make sure she killed herself by slitting her wrists. He says it's his revenge for Eve letting Alistair take him the night he was born and turning him into his own personal killing machine. Vincent then throws up. He decides to run some tests to find out what's wrong with him. Vincent talks about all the things Alistair taught him and performing his own medical test apparently was one of them. He turns his attention to a photo of Julian and says now that Eve is gone, he can focus on killing him. Vincent waits for his results to come in and wonders how he will kill Julian. He thinks about an elevator accident or maybe cutting the breaks on Julian's car.

    Julian searches the hospital and starts to look in different rooms. Julian calls out for Eve and Vincent hears him. He panics that Julian will find him and then he won't be able to kill him. Julian walks into the room and finds it a mess. Vincent hides behind a wall and Julian makes a call to security to look for Eve. Julian tells security that she's not in her office and Vincent looks dismayed and thinks to himself that Eve couldn't even accomplish the simple task of killing herself. Security tells Julian they've spotted Eve and he leaves to find her.

    Vincent goes back to trying to figure out what's wrong with him and looks on the computer. The results are in and he looks at the monitor and says "This can't be right." He thinks he typed in the wrong code and reruns the results. They come up again and Vincent realizes they were right the first time and shockingly says, "I'm pregnant."

    More Secrets Uncovered

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    In Eve's office, Vincent taunts his mother saying she almost killed one patient and now Jonathan is probably dead. Vincent tells her to kill herself to stop the pain and once she's gone her family can start to heal. Eve takes the scalpel from Vincent, takes another drink and starts to cry. As Vincent urges her on, Eve says she'll do it and tells Vincent she's sorry and asks him to tell everyone else how sorry she is. She starts to cut her wrist and draws blood, as Vincent looks on. Eve hesitates and tells Vincent killing herself is a sin, but he tells her that continuing to hurt people is the real sin. Eve says she wishes she could go back and fix things and that she didn't mean to hurt Jonathan. Vincent yells at her for caring more about the baby than him because while he's dead, all she wants to talk about is someone else's kid. Vincent tells her he needed to punish her and that he was the one to increase the dosage on Jonathan's prescription. He tells her that no one will ever know the truth and they will all blame her. Eve starts to panic over cutting her wrist and wants to get help. Vincent tells her that no one can help her now. Eve tries to get up and staggers a bit before falling to the floor passing out. Vincent kneels down beside her and says, "Out like a light for all eternity." He laughs and stands up but then has a pain in his stomach. He leans on the desk and gets Eve's blood on his hand. He starts to get nauseous at the smell of blood and bolts from the room covering his mouth.

    Next Time on Passions:

    Rebecca reminds Pilar to keep Theresa away from Ethan.

    Vincent looks at a picture of Julian and says, "Make no mistake, you're a dead man walking."

    Luis tells Fancy, "I love you, not Sheridan."

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