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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    My Pregnant Son is a Serial Killer!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    Vincent, who is clearly showing now, sits with a drunk Eve at the kitchen table. Eve says she needs to tell Julian the whole story about Vincent/Valerie and gets up, but Vincent stops her saying she won't do a damn thing! Eve says she can't live like this anymore, but Vincent insists Julian can never know or else he will be forced to kill both her and Julian. Eve relents, saying she has no choice because, "My pregnant son is a serial killer," and if she doesn't do what he says, she'll die. Vincent feels the baby kick and Eve says it's probably gas.

    Eve gets a phone call about Julian and gets upset. She fills Vincent in on what happened to Julian and says they want her to perform surgery. Vincent tells her she has to do it. Eve says she's too drunk, but Vincent thinks he can sober her up with coffee. Eve can't understand why Vincent wants to help save Julian and Vincent says no man should have to go through what Julian is dealing with, but as he pours her coffee, Vincent puts a drug in it. Eve drinks her coffee, but doesn't think she'll sober up in time. Vincent urges her to keep drinking and thinks to himself that she has to perform surgery on Julian so he can die. Vincent puts Eve's coat on, but Eve is worse than before and just wants to sleep. Vincent puts his special coffee in a thermos so she can keep drinking it and they leave to go to the hospital. Vincent thinks if he can get her to the OR while she's this messed up, daddy is as good as dead!

    One Day at a Time

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    In Eve's kitchen, Eve tries to wake up a passed out Julian because she thinks they are in danger from Vincent. Vincent enters the room and tells her that both of them have to die. Eve says he can't kill them because they are his parents, but he says that's exactly why he has to kill them. He points the gun at Julian and Eve stands in front of him. She tries to reason with Vincent and says she could help protect him from Alistair if he lets her live. He agrees, but says Julian can't know he's alive. Eve promises to convince Julian that Vincent was never there. Vincent hides in the pantry and says he will be listening so she better make it convincing.

    Julian wakes up thinking Vincent is alive. Eve tells him he's not, but Julian can't understand why she's changing her story now, after trying for so long to convince him that their son is alive. Julian calls Vincent a monster and Vincent comes out of the pantry pointing the gun at Julian's back. Eve continues to try and convince Julian that he was seeing things and Julian asks if he was drinking Eve's booze and if it was drugged. Eve says it was because putting her drugs in the booze gets her high faster and that's why he is having hallucinations. Julian says that explains everything and makes Eve promise not to drink any more booze or take any more drugs and leaves. As soon as Julian is gone, Eve pours herself a drink and says her life is one catastrophe after another. Vincent comes out and warns Eve to make sure Julian never finds out about him or else she and Julian will both die.

    Julian Finds Out About Vincent

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Valerie is on top of Julian on the kitchen table kissing him and telling him what a stud he is, while Eve is bound with tape over her mouth in the pantry. Valerie is loud on purpose so Eve hears them and Eve tries to get free so she can stop Julian from having sex with his son. While going at it, Julian grabs Valerie's hair and her wig comes off. Julian sees that it's Vincent on top of him and both men scream out in horror. Vincent runs away and Eve worries what Vincent will do now that Julian knows the truth.

    Vincent paces outside the kitchen door in Valerie's dress worried that Julian will take the baby away from him or even worse, not let it be born. He then thinks he will have to kill both Eve and Julian so they never tell anyone about him and his baby.

    Passions is Interrupted Today

    Monday, February 25 2008

    In her kitchen, Eve coaches Vincent on breathing exercises to prepare him for childbirth and thinks about drinking. Vincent notes that the position he is in for Lamaze, hurts his "man package." Still thinking about her bottle of booze, Eve tells her son that his unique situation probably wasn't taken into consideration when they devised the method.

    When Will I Wake Up From This Nightmare?

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Julian stands at Eve's door and demands to be let in because he saw what she's hiding. Eve and Vincent hide under the table and Vincent says he'll kill Julian if he finds out he's alive. Eve convinces her son to hide in the pantry, but he takes a butcher knife with him. Eve opens the door and Julian says he came to see how she was doing, but now he knows her secret. He pushes his way in and says it's all over. As Vincent prepares to stab his father, Julian tells Eve he knows she's been drinking. Vincent relaxes and Eve starts to laugh hysterically. Julian tells her that rehab obviously hasn't done any good and Eve tries to deny that she was drinking. As they argue, Vincent makes a noise and Julian demands to know if someone is in the pantry. Julian tries to open the door, but it's locked so he shouts for whoever is in there to come out right now! As Eve tries to get Julian to leave, Julian forces open the door and Valerie walks out. She makes up an excuse as to why she was in the pantry and then tells Julian that Eve hasn't had any alcohol since she's been home. Julian wants to know why there's a bottle of booze out then. Valerie says Eve needs to learn to live around alcohol and Eve is doing a great job of resisting the bottle of scotch. Julian suggests Val pour it out and Valerie complies. Valerie says her baby is lucky to have a father like Julian and kisses him.

    Later, Eve sits at the table alone drinking and remarks that Julian and Valerie couldn't get out of there fast enough. Vincent enters the kitchen with a smug look on his face and asks if Julian came back. Eve yells that he's sick for kissing Julian like a lover and Vincent says they are lovers. Eve is disgusted and Vincent pours her another drink saying it's their own version of "Peyton's Place." Eve takes a sip and wishes she could wake up from this nightmare.

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Eve drinks at home in her kitchen when Vincent walks in. He says it's time for his gynecological exam. He takes the bottle away from her and reminds her that she's not supposed to be drinking because she needs to be at her best when she examines him. They discuss the bizarre situation they are in and Eve still can't quite wrap her mind around Vincent getting pregnant by his father. Vincent says as long as they keep the secret no one will have to die. Vincent gets on the table and Eve prepares to give him an exam. She makes snide remarks about his genitalia and Vincent tells her not to make jokes because the baby is really important to him. As Eve checks him out, Vincent gets excited thinking about having his baby and watching him/her grow up. After Eve finishes, Vincent asks if everything is okay. Eve says everything looks perfectly healthy and Vincent says he thinks he was born for motherhood. Eve tells Vincent to really think about what will happen to his child when people find out the details of the his/her parentage. Vincent says no one will ever learn the truth!

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