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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    Little Julian Is So Little!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    Esme comes back in the room as Eve talks about reconstructing Julian's penis with another surgery. Julian fearfully asks, "You're going to slice Little Julian off again?" Esme is all for it if that means Little Julian is returned to his normal size and Julian wonders when he'll be able to make love again. Eve doesn't know and Julian grows faint. Vincent privately asks Eve if she can really fix Julian's problem and Eve says she hopes so. Sam questions Julian about who attacked him in the mausoleum and Julian tries to remember. Viki stands in the hallway and thinks if he says it was her, she'll go to jail forever. Sam again asks if Julian saw who attacked him, but Julian just says he can't be sure what happened. Sam encourages him to try and remember and Viki wonders if Julian actually saw her face. Suddenly, Julian says Viki's name.

    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    In Julian's room, Eve and Vincent (dressed in a wig and nurse's outfit), marvel at Julian's upside down penis. Eve blames Vincent for what happened because he kept her drugged up during the operation. Vincent thinks there's enough penis left, but notes that even Rebecca isn't limber enough to make it work. Eve says she's going to tell everyone Vincent is alive so he can be arrested for all of his crimes. Vincent insists that Eve will not turn him in because he will escape and then find Whitney and Simone and kill them. Eve says she won't let this go on and Sam enters asking, "You won't let what go on Eve?" Ivy, Esme and Viki enter the room and Sam demands to know what Eve was talking about. No one recognizes Vincent and he tries to leave, but Eve stops him and starts to tell Sam the truth. However, Julian starts to moan and they all turn their attention to him. Sam asks if Julian knows who attacked him and Vincent tells Eve he will kill everyone if she tells the truth about him. Eve relents, while Sam continues to question a comatose Julian. Eve stops him and Sam asks Eve what she was going to say. Eve suggests everyone move out into the hall so Julian can rest peacefully.

    Everyone leaves the room except Viki who thinks she needs to finish what she started. Viki holds a knife and tells a sleeping Julian that she won't let him send her off to boarding school and walks towards him. Out in the hall, Eve tries to tell everyone about Julian's penis being upside down, but is interrupted by Julian's screams. As Viki watches, Julian continues to scream in horror. Sam tries to get in the room, but the door is locked.

    Someone Slashed my Poor Pookie's hot Poker in two!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    A nurse wanders into the operating room to ask the drunken Eve if she is really up to performing the surgery to reattach Julian's penis. Vincent insists that she's up to the task and explains that Eve is just preparing for her role, like an actor. "Right now Dr. Russell looks like she's playing a drugged out doctor on TV," the nurse quips. Vincent says that anyone who's watched Eve over the years knows this is par for the course; she put John Wayne Bobbitt back together and he became a porn star, he explains. Eve stumbles back over to the operating table. "What am I doing again?" she asks. Vincent starts instructing her. When she starts to prepare the body, Vincent plays with the box holding the organ. "People think I'm weird down there... wait until they get a look at the new and redesigned Julian," he thinks to himself, pleased to finally get his revenge.

    Once Eve has prepped the area, she announces that she will be putting the penis back where it belongs. Vincent pulls out his tongs and takes it off the ice. The nurse is impressed at the sight of it and Eve almost launches into some anecdotes. "Valerie doesn't remember it being this big," Vincent thinks. They stand around admiring the member while Vincent explains that they need to "downsize" the organ to make the operation go smoothly. "Come here my old friend," Eve says, grabbing it while Vincent asks her if she wants a cleaver or saw. They pull put the cutting board and cleaver and start to chop. "The skill of a surgeon, the eye of a gourmet butcher," Vincent says, offering the nurse the leftover scraps for her dog. Eve starts to reattach it upside down but nothing is fitting together and the urinary tract is sewn on upside down. Eve says that, at least, Julian was always agile and hopes that he doesn't get aroused and explode before the surgery is complete. It still doesn't look right to her. "It's much smaller now," Vincent reminds her. After finishing her stitching, Eve becomes disoriented. The nurse takes Vincent aside and they continue arguing. He threatens to have her charged with malpractice and throws her out the door. Vincent assures his mother that Julian will be better than ever. Working with Julian's penis has obviously worn her out so he sends her off for a nap.

    Rebecca arrives in Julian's hospital room. Pulling up a chair, she pays her respects to his "violated happy place" and vows to bring Little Julian back. She admits that she's still attached to the little guy, even if he is barely attached to Julian anymore. "I will be there for you and Little Julian both," she says. Meanwhile, Vincent watches and laughs, sure that even Rebecca will be shocked by the freakish new face of the little guy. Rebecca pulls out her flashlight and takes a peek under the blankets. She quickly realizes that it is much smaller and upside down. She collapses on top of him as Eve walks in.

    The Best Revenge.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    A very drunk Eve walks into the hospital in scrubs with Vincent who encourages her to perform surgery on Julian. Vincent's in scrubs as well thinking no one will recognize him in his "get up." Esme sees Eve and urgently asks if she can reattach Julian's penis. Vincent puts a surgical mask on so as not to be noticed and Eve tells Esme she needs to examine Julian before she can make any promises.

    Eve and Vincent go into Julian's room and look under his covers. Viki crawls out from under his bed and leaves the room. Eve and Vincent are shocked by the sight of Julian's wound and Eve looks for Julian's "member." She finds it in a cooler and says at least it's on ice. Out in the hall, Viki finds Esme who is worried about Julian. Viki consoles her aunt, but thinks to herself that Julian's life will be over soon. Esme comes into Julian's room pleading with Eve to make Julian whole again and Eve drunkenly promises to do her best. While sleeping, Julian has a fantasy about him and Esme fooling around in the hospital, but sees that his penis is missing. He starts to freak out and his monitors go off. Eve yells, "Code Blue!" but she can't think of what she needs to do and Vincent whispers, "It's his heart." Eve agrees and uses the defibrillator on him, but Viki unplugs it so Eve won't be able to save him. Julian flatlines and Viki and Vincent revel in the fact that Julian will perish. A nurse sees that the machine has been unplugged and plugs it back in. Eve uses the paddles again and brings Julian back to life.

    Alone with Julian, Eve tells Vincent she's still too drunk to operate. Vincent assures her she'll be fine and fakes worry about his father, begging Eve to save his daddy. Julian has another fantasy, this time about Eve. When he takes off his gown so they can have sex, Vincent's face pops up in his groin area! Julian starts to shake and mumble and Vincent tells Eve she's Julian's only hope. Eve eventually agrees to do the surgery and Vincent says today she's really going to make a difference in someone else's life.

    Julian gets wheeled into surgery and Esme tells Eve she needs to save Julian and "Little Julian." Eve almost drops the cooler containing Julian's organ and says she'll do her best and walks off. In the OR, Vincent helps Eve put her surgical gloves on and the anesthesiologist comes into the room. Vincent explains that he's a nurse and the anesthesiologist puts Julian under. Eve asks Vincent for a scalpel and he hands her one thinking, "All these scalpels. Maybe my father's death isn't the best revenge after all."

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