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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    A Ticking Time Bomb.

    Wednesday, May 14 2008

    Feeling stupid, Sheridan goes back to the cottage and Vincent comes out with a gun. He tells her it’s time to find out what death feels like and lashes out at her for letting him fall off the cliff. Shocked, Sheridan tries to defend what she did, but Vincent prepares to pull the trigger.

    The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Eve basks in the joy of a new baby being born and Julian reminds her of the bizarre circumstances surrounding the birth. Eve wants to hold the baby, but Vincent makes her swear to be a better grandmother than she was a mother first. Exasperated, Eve reminds him that she couldn’t be a mother to him because of Alistair, but she will do everything she can to help him be the best mother he can be. Vincent is grateful and hands his baby over to Eve. Eve then wants Julian to hold his son, but Julian pretends to be getting sick and says he doesn't want to pass it on to the boy. Eve hands the baby back to Vincent and privately yells at Julian for dismissing his grandson. Julian thinks the baby is a freak show and Eve berates him for turning his back on his grandchild. Julian asks if she is barking mad because not only is the baby his grandson, but also his child he conceived with his psycho son! Eve tries to reason with Julian telling him it’s not the baby’s fault and if the child receives love, unlike Vincent did as a child, he should be fine. Hurt, Vincent asks if Julian loves their baby and Eve demands Julian be supportive even if he has to lie. Julian walks over to the baby and takes him from Vincent’s arms. He awkwardly holds the baby and Vincent is thrilled. Julian eventually loosens up and says they need to register the baby’s birth, but Eve and Vincent yell out, “No!” Eve says if they do that Vincent will go to jail, but Julian says there’s no way to hide what’s going on and starts to call Sam. Eve reminds him he will have to admit that he slept with his son if the truth about Vincent comes out. She says the media will be all over this and threatens that they might even get their hands on his surgery photos. He hangs up the phone and Vincent hugs him. Eve says he’s doing the right thing, but Julian isn’t so sure. Eve thanks Julian for not sending Vincent to jail, but Julian worries what their psychopathic son will do next. Eve thinks he’s changed and all he needed was a show of love from his parents and Julian not calling Sam did the trick. Eve thinks he will never do anything evil again, but Vincent quietly tells his son that while mommy and daddy are off the hook, Sheridan has to die.

    He's All Boy.

    Monday, May 12 2008

    Eve wants to take Vincent to the hospital to give birth, but Vincent and Julian are opposed to the idea. Vincent pleads with his mother to make sure he and his baby make it through alive. Eve says his female parts are too small to let a baby pass and Julian suggests she give Vincent a lot of booze and use a butcher knife to perform a C-section. Vincent yells at Eve to safely deliver his baby and demands that Julian tape the birth so he can win the bet from his fellow bloggers. Eve tells Vincent the baby may not be able to come out and encourages him to breathe and push. As Vincent screams and yells, Julian videotapes, drinks and makes snide comments about Vincent. The two men trade barbs and Eve sees the baby’s head. Julian comes to the end of the table and looks on in horror at Vincent’s genitalia. Eve thinks if Vincent pushes really hard they can get the baby out, but Vincent passes out from the pain. Eve says they need to wake Vincent up so he can continue to push, so Julian shakes Vincent’s head and yells at him. Vincent wakes up and grabs Julian’s hand to give one final push. The baby comes out and Julian prays that the baby is either a male or female and not a mixture of both. Eve assures both men that the baby is a healthy boy. Julian and Vincent get snarky with each other once again, but Eve tells them to be quiet so they can savor the moment. She gives the baby to Vincent and Julian finds a new bottle of booze to drink from. Julian wants reassurance that the baby is okay and Eve says the baby is all boy.

    Danger at Every Turn.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    In Eve’s kitchen, Julian drinks from a bottle of booze in disbelief, as Eve prepares Vincent to give birth. Julian wonders if Eve reattached his brain upside down along with his penis, but she assures him she didn’t. Vincent explains how he survived his fall from the cliff, why he stayed “dead” and that he is Valerie. Julian doesn’t think it’s possible, but Vincent assures him it is and that Julian got him/her pregnant. Eve backs up Vincent’s story and Julian passes out. Eve wakes Julian up and Julian asks how long she’s known about Vincent. She explains everything while she tends to Vincent who is screaming in pain and doing his breathing exercises. Julian continues to drink in disbelief and Eve tells him Vincent is responsible for her reattaching his penis the wrong way and shrinking it. Julian tries to strangle Vincent, but Eve pulls him off. Vincent tells him he did it to avenge Julian getting his mother pregnant and then abandoning him at birth. Julian screams they thought he died at birth and he wishes he had! As Eve helps Vincent, he whips out his video camera and tapes everything for his blog. He says he bet everyone online he was giving birth and he plans to collect! He tapes Julian as he drinks and then asks him to say something nice to their bundle of joy. Julian refuses and Vincent grows angry. Vincent assures Julian he changed their names so no one will know who they are, but Julian reminds him everyone will recognize his face. Vincent didn’t think of that and wants to reshoot Julian’s scenes, but Eve says there’s no time. Vincent gets a really bad pain and says it feels different than the other ones and thinks something is wrong. Eve checks him out and says there’s a problem and they need to get him to the hospital. Both Vincent and Julian say absolutely not! Vincent worries he’ll go to jail and Julian says the Crane name can’t endure any more bad publicity. Julian pulls out a butcher knife and suggests Eve do a C-section right there. Eve insists Vincent’s abnormal situation is making it difficult and if they don’t get him to the hospital they could lose him and the baby. Julian callously asks, “Is that so?”

    Men Don't Have Babies!

    Tuesday, May 06 2008

    Eve drinks at her kitchen table and Vincent, in a robe and nightgown, videotapes her as part of his pregnancy blog. Eve demands Vincent turn off the camera and he asks why she’s drinking again. She tells him it’s because of what she did to Julian and Vincent tells her Julian got what he deserved. He calls it karmic justice and thinks Eve agrees with him on some level. Eve denies it, but Vincent pours her another drink and accuses her of making sure Julian will never cheat on her with anyone else ever again. Eve blames Vincent for tricking her into reattaching Julian’s penis the wrong way and making it smaller while she was drunk. Vincent laughs and makes jokes about Julian’s penis size and then Eve notices that his water broke. She tells a shocked Vincent that he’s having his baby. Vincent doesn’t think it’s possible because he doesn’t feel anything and Eve says maybe the contractions haven’t started yet. Vincent is thrilled his little bundle of joy is coming and that he and daddy get to finally be parents. Eve wants another drink, but Vincent tells her she has a baby to deliver. Eve tells him he can’t have the baby here, but Vincent says he can’t go to the hospital because he’s supposed to be dead. He yells at Eve to do what she has to in order to help him deliver his baby.

    Eve gets some blankets and supplies and comes back to see Vincent on the kitchen table in his Valerie wig. Vincent gets out his camera to record the birth of his baby and then gets a contraction. He demands a spinal, but a delighted Eve tells him his insides are too complicated so he’ll have to deliver naturally. As Vincent screams in pain, Julian enters and assumes it’s Valerie on the table because he only sees the back of Vincent’s head. Vincent's contractions get closer together and Eve keeps referring to “Valerie” as a he. Julian tries to correct her, assuming she’s just drunk, but Eve insists she knows exactly what she’s saying. Julian tells her that men don’t have babies and says Valerie is a woman and he won’t let Eve harm another person while under the influence. He tries to get “Valerie” off the table so he can take her to the hospital and Vincent yells out “No!” Julian is stunned by the deep voice and walks around to see Vincent’s face. Vincent pulls off his wig and says it’s him in the flesh. Julian is stunned and Eve hands him a drink. He bypasses the glass and drinks straight from the bottle.

    You are a True Crane.

    Wednesday, April 23 2008

    Eve tells Vincent Julian could die if he gets an erection. Vincent revels in this information, but Eve says the medication she prescribed will prevent him from feeling any sexual urges so he'll be fine. Vincent reminds her that he won't exactly be fine considering his penis is upside down. Eve and Vincent go back to her office and Eve is surprised her key still works. Eve says Julian's medication should prevent him from having an erection, but admits that Julian doesn't know getting aroused could kill him. Vincent laughs at the thought of "daddy" dying from an erection. Eve lashes out at him for laughing at his father, but Vincent thinks she should see the humor in the very thing Julian lives for, is the thing that could kill him.

    Eve and Vincent come to Julian's room and Esme tells them what happened. Eve is shocked to learn Julian was aroused because she gave Julian medication to prevent it. She tells Esme an erection could kill him, so Esme puts her coat back on and tells Julian to think of elderly nuns or something else so he doesn't die. Eve gives Julian medication to help stop the erection and Viki thinks, "She better not save him if she knows what's good for her." Eve and Esme look under the covers and see that the medication has worked. Eve says Julian should be alright and Julian asks what is happening to him. Vincent laughs and urges Eve to tell him and Eve sends Vincent out of the room. Eve tells Julian that until they perform the new surgery, he can't become sexually excited for any reason or he could end up dead. Viki lurks around thinking, "Next time Julian. There's always a next time."

    The Mad Scientist Strikes Again!

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    In Julian's hospital room, Sam asks who stabbed him and Julian says Viki's name, but only because she is standing in the doorway. While everyone is relieved to hear he's not accusing Viki of the crime, Vincent notices Viki looked scared and he wants to find out why. Julian can't remember who attacked him, but is more concerned about his penis, especially since he has to go to the bathroom. Everyone leaves so Julian can pee, except for Eve and Vincent. Vincent (as the nurse) brings Julian a bedpan and helps him out of bed. They tell him to aim straight down, but Julian says, "I make no promises." It seems to be working, but then Vincent and Eve get sprayed by Julian. Sam, Ivy, Esme and Viki return and get sprayed as well. Julian stops peeing and asks if they all enjoyed the show. Eve sends everyone out of the room and since he's a "nurse" now, tells Vincent to stay behind and clean Julian and the room up.

    Little Julian Is So Little!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    At the hospital, Sam, Esme, Ivy and Eve try to open the door when they hear Julian scream. Sam breaks down the door and Viki hides. Everyone enters the room and sees Julian curled up in the fetal position. They ask what's wrong with him and he throws the covers off saying, "Little Julian is on backwards and Little Julian is really little!" Esme freaks out over the size of it and Julian demands to know who did this to him because he's going to kill him! Eve regretfully tells him it was her. Julian is stunned and demands to know why she did this to him. Esme pipes in saying they can make his penis bigger because she gets emails all the time about enlarging the male organ, but Julian doesn't want to hear it. Eve says it was an accident and Ivy suggests she did it on purpose. Everyone questions Eve's motives and Julian wants to know if this was revenge for him sleeping with Esme and Ivy. Eve defends herself, but Julian is distraught. As everyone gangs up on Eve, Vincent (dressed as the nurse) says she can tell everyone exactly why Eve put Julian back the way she did. Still hiding in the corner, Viki thinks she needs to make her escape and sneaks out of the room. Vincent/nurse says it wasn't Eve's fault because everything happened so fast and they didn't realize someone in technology reversed the images on the screen during surgery, so they couldn't tell his penis was upside down. Vincent/nurse says Eve saved his life, but Julian still blames Eve for the mistake.

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