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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    Life Isn't Worth Living Without Libation.

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Vincent and Viki encourage everyone to sit down and eat. Ethan invites Gertrude to sit with he and Gwen. Theresa doesn't want to but Gwen is giddy with the opportunity to torture her. Uncomfortable, Theresa sits down and Gwen starts laying it on thick, telling Gertrude that one day she can have a man who loves her as much as Ethan loves her. She kisses Ethan and Gertrude cringes.

    "I'm dying to eat," Fancy says as she sits down. Sheridan steps over to her table and smiles. Luis decides he'll be taking some food home to Marty. Sheridan realizes she needs to stop this and promptly runs over to Vincent and Viki, confronting them with what she knows. Turning to the guests, she announces that she has important news for everyone. Thinking fast, Vincent subtly pulls out a gun and pushes it into her back, whispering a threat in her ear. Sheridan picks up a glass to make a toast to Luis and Fancy. She claims that she can finally be happy for the couple and toasts to them living happily ever after. Everyone raises their glasses and all the couples kiss. Viki and Vincent escort her out and lock her into a closet before skipping back into the room. In the dining room, they can hear Sheridan banging on the door so they turn the radio on to drown it out. Noah stands up to make a toast. "No matter who gets in your way, true love always wins," he toasts before kissing Paloma. She announces that it's time to eat.

    Luis thinks he can hear Sheridan calling for help. He asks Fancy to go and check the washroom. Viki steps in and says that Sheridan was just outside confronting someone who was trying to retract a donation. Julian rises and announces that he wants to make a toast. He asks Viki to turn down the music. Vincent explains that the radio is broken and can't be turned down. Julian sits down and starts to eat, soon coughing.

    Pilar is encouraging her daughter to eat. She can't; seeing Ethan and Gwen is making her sick. Soon, everyone in the room start to cough violently. "All the people dying in a Catholic church... I guess you could say it's a 'mass murder'," Vincent jokes. The guests begin to double over and collapse on the floor. Fancy tells Luis she loves him before she collapses. Eve tries to revive Julian as he lays on the floor. Vincent kicks Sam's cell phone out of his hand before he can call for help. Taking off his wig, he reveals himself. "This is what you get for trying to send me off to boarding school," Viki says to Ivy. "Everyone die!" Vincent laughs. He goes to his mother's side. "You didn't eat enough sauce to die so I guess I'll have to kill you the old fashioned way," he says as he begins choking her. Everyone starts to collapse into a pile. Viki helps Gwen onto the pile as Gertrude runs to Ethan's side and discovers that he isn't breathing.

    What Would Julia Child do?

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    At the church, Vincent stirs his pot of poisoned mushroom sauce. He wants his victims to die with a pleasant taste on their palates. Viki tells him the poison is quick and they won't have time to taste it. He's eager to serve it to his parents. Viki tells him that Eve and Julian have left the church. He starts to panic. They search without luck. Angrily, he flails around before knocking the poisoned sauce onto the floor. "Master chef! Now what do we do?" Viki asks. He suggests they hurry back down to the docks and get some more mushrooms. They flounce off.

    Vincent and Viki hurry down to the docks. The wood pile where they got their mushrooms is gone. "What would Julia Child do?" Vincent wonders. As he ponders recipe ideas, Viki snaps him out of it, reminding him they need poison. He spots another pile of wood and rushes to it, thanking God. "I'm not sure God had much to do with it," Viki says. "You'd be surprised," he grumbles as he searches for fungi. They starts filling their sacks and hurry back to the church courtyard where they begin cooking again. "Next is to find my parents. Then I will finally have my revenge," he smiles.

    Back upstairs, Gwen and Ethan are rehearsing their ceremony with Sam. They hurry through it. Ethan says they've gone through it enough times that they have it down pat by now. He just wants to kiss the bride. As he starts kissing Gwen, Gertrude walks in and watches from the end of the aisle. As Paloma and Pilar stand beside her, she wonders how she could have lost Ethan again. "It's Juanita. It's always Juanita," Pilar says. Gwen turns to her mother and they spot Gertrude at the back. Rebecca wonders how she will manage to keep Theresa away from the actual ceremony. "I may just have to kill her," Gwen smirks. Sam announces that it's time for dinner and everyone begins filing out and into the dining room. Rebecca gets called away to visit Pablo in the stable while everyone else sits down. Vincent and Viki go around from table to table, serving the meals they've prepared. "I like a piece of steak but it's supposed to be bad for you isn't it?" Sam jokes. "But what a way to go," Ivy smiles.

    Dolly the Evil Genius.

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    In the courtyard, Vincent, in disguise as an old woman, and Viki, dressed as a waitress, watch from the distance while tending to the meal they are preparing. "Those fools have no idea that death is lurking just outside the church," Vincent says as he stirs the poisoned mushroom sauce. Esme arrives and Viki introduces him as "Dolly" the caterer. Esme is excited and hurries inside, sure that everyone will remember this dinner. Vincent and Viki smirk: No one will be alive to remember.

    Esme stumbles outside and orders "Dolly" and Viki to unload the delivery truck. After they leave, she decides to teach herself about food and starts to stir the sauce. Before she can taste it, Viki rushes over and stops her. They cover, explaining that the sauce isn't ready. Esme walks off. "That was too close. We can't kill Aunt Esme," Viki says. Vincent doesn't see why not, though he wouldn't say so aloud. Viki doubts his poisoning skills. He asks her to get a cat so he can prove them. She refuses to hurt a kitty so he poisons some flowers which quickly die. "You are an evil genius," she glumly shrugs. Sheridan stands in the doorway eavesdropping. When she hears the details of their plot to kill everyone, she gasps and walks back into the church. She wonders if she should tell Sam that Viki is Harmony's killer. When she spots him standing at the altar beside Fancy and Luis, she wonders if she should let the plot go ahead. If she could find a way to let Fancy die and everyone else live, she could have Luis all to herself. She decides that, for her son's sake, it's best to let Viki and Vincent go ahead.

    Everyone takes their places as the rehearsal begins. Pilar looks around, continuing to worry. After Sam finishes rehearing, he gets down beside Ivy and tells her he remembers when he was as much in love as the young couples are. "I'm still that much in love," Ivy smiles. Julian watches with a grin. Eve puts her arm around him and tells him that he could find happiness too. At that moment, Viki and Vincent walk into the back of the church. Esme hurries over and asks to taste the sauce again. They tell her the bar just opened and she runs off in the other direction. Spotting his parents, Vincent turns to Viki and tells her he can't wait to have his final revenge. "I just hope there's not too much vomit. I always think that's icky," Viki says.

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