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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    Deceit and Manipulations

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Eve walks into her house and sighs, "A house should feel welcoming, but this place feels like a tomb with everybody gone." Recounting everyone who's left, Eve is clearly feeling depressed and lonely and doesn't see Vincent peeking out from behind a curtain. Eve sits on the couch looking at a photo album and tells herself she can't keep living in the past. About to take a drink, she reconsiders and puts the bottle of booze she had out away. She decides to take a bath, as it will help her relax and maybe "Stop me from talking to myself." After she leaves the room, Vincent enters saying, "Don't worry mommy, your son talks to himself all the time" and takes out the bottle of alcohol from the cabinet. Vincent grabs a bottle of pills from his pocket and places it next to the booze where Eve will be able to see them. Eve comes back from her bath and can't understand how the bottle of scotch got out of the cabinet and wonders where the pills came from. She puts the bottle back in the cabinet as the phone rings. She hears a desperate Vincent on the other end saying, "Mommy is that you? Mommy please help me; help me please!" as Vincent rolls his eyes to his obvious act. Eve cries and asks where he is so she can come to him. Vincent says, "You never loved me. You don't care about me." Eve tells him he's her son and she loves him and asks where he is. Vincent abruptly hangs up the phone, which makes Eve hysterical. Vincent looks out at his mother from behind the curtain with a devious smile. Eve doesn't know if she did in fact talk to Vincent or if she imagined it because of her extreme guilt for not saving his life. She runs to the cabinet, pulls out the bottle of scotch, takes a drink and cries. She yells out for Vincent to forgive her and Vincent thinks, "Leave forgiveness to God mommy."

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    Behind her door, Valerie begs for Vincent to stop. He hears his mother coming and decides to hide, warning that he'll kill her if she betrays him again. When Eve knocks on the door and enters, she's shocked to find that the place has been trashed. Valerie claims that someone broke in. Her life is looking even more grim now that Alistair is back, she remarks. Eve sadly shakes her head and tells her that Chad is dead. 'Not Chad! I loved him!' Valerie blurts out before backtracking and saying that she used to. With even more difficulty, Eve then tells her Vincent died. Valerie coldly says that she doesn't care if he fell off a cliff and died. Eve's baffled: She never said anything about how he died. Valerie claims that she heard it on the radio and offers to make some tea to calm their nerves. After they have a chat, Valerie shows her out. Leaning against the door she smiles and says, 'You can come out now.' Valerie then begins to speak with Vincent's voice and pulls his/her mask off to reveal that it is Vincent underneath. 'Mommy, your son is alive and well and mad as hell,' he laughs diabolically.

    I'm Not Drunk, I'm Destroyed!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Having miraculously survived the fall, Vincent crawls out from the water and onto the shore. He's soon back to his old self (well, one of them) and ready to make everyone pay. He makes his way to Valerie's house and begins screaming through the door accusing her of telling on him. Soon, he is inside and we can hear him screaming at her, telling her that she will pay. 'I'm going to kill you and your dear sweet mother!'

    I Hate Them Both

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Sheridan tries to keep her grip on Spike and Vincent as they hang over the cliff. She has little doubt who she will actually save though. Suddenly, Spike claims that Marty is alive and he knows where he is. She doesn't know what to do: It's hard to believe Spike after all. Soon, Eve and Julian arrive thanks to a call from Crane security. As the try to help, Sheridan starts to wonder if Spike might be telling the truth. As Julian tries climbing down to help, he loses his footing and almost falls. Once he climbs up, he runs off to get a branch or rope . When Eve turn her back, Sheridan lets go of Vincent's hand. As he falls screaming, Julian and Eve run back to the edge. Eve screams out in horror. 'He never had a chance! He never had a chance!' she cries as she clings to Julian. They start berating Sheridan for dropping their son when she could have dropped Spike. They urge her to drop him now but she pulls Spike up. Eve is still distraught that her son fell. Julian suggests that they call the coast guard to look for his body and they walk off. Alone, Spike tells Sheridan that they need to run before the cops get there. She twists his arm and tells him he's not moving until he tells her where her son is.

    Why Did it Have to End This Way?

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    'I've met some guys with identity issues but you take the cake,' Spike proclaims after chasing Vincent down. As Vincent begs Spike not to kill him, Sheridan suddenly runs into the fray, slapping Spike's gun toting arm away. 'I won't let you kill my nephew!' She helps Vincent up into her lap. Spike tells her that he doesn't answer to her, only to Alistair and he'll kill them both if he has to. She won't let him do that and she's sick of him calling her honey and acting like a pervert. When he tries to shoot Vincent, she pushes Spike over and then runs off with her nephew. They get in her car and start driving as Spike follows behind. When she sees that she's running out of gas, Vincent freaks out and grabs the wheel. They crash into a tree, jump out and run. Spike chases them to a cliff and yells at her to step aside so that he can take care of her psycho nephew. She shields him with her body and tells Spike that he'll have to kill her first. She offers him money and he puts the gun down for a moment...then he lunges at Vincent, knocking both of them over the cliff. Both men cling to the edge and Sheridan leans down to grab a hold of their hands. She can't hold both of them and has no doubt about who she is dropping. Spike suddenly claims that Marty is alive and he knows where he is.

    I Love You...Only You

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    Vincent waits for Spike by the water. He soon appears, wearing sunglasses at night. Vincent assures him that this fashion statement doesn't make him look like a movie star. Spike is annoyed with his frequent partner in crime: How could he have known that Alistair was alive all this time and never said anything? He only does what he's told, Vincent insists. Spike pulls out a list that Alistair gave him of people who they have to kill. Vincent's been having second thoughts about all of this. He always thought that Alistair had his best interests at heart but since his grandfather tried to kill him, he has his doubts. Spike tells him that Alistair tends to save the worst for his own family. As he's about to open the envelope, Vincent grabs him into a kiss. Spike fights him off; he doesn't do that, at least, not for free. With this rejection, Vincent starts crying but Spike tells him he has to turn his frown upside down so they can get to work. He looks at the list and asks Vincent for a gun. Once he hands it over, Spike levels the gun on him. 'Surprise! You're the first name on the list,' Spike sneers. Vincent begs and asks him if this is a joke. Spike starts to laugh and then shoves the list in his face. Vincent is sure that his grandfather loves him and wouldn't do this. 'Oh father! Thank god!' Vincent blurts out. When Spike turns around, Vincent runs off. Spike chases him around the docks before finding him whimpering in a corner and begging his invisible grandfather not to kill him.

    Your Dream is My Dream

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    In her cabin, Sheridan screams out for help as Vincent holds a knife to her throat. Luis walks through the door and spots them. He asks Vincent to put the knife down and tries to calm him. Vincent wants to kill Sheridan; he already knows that he'll be executed so what's another murder? Luis tries to convince him that he won't be executed and explains that they already have the list of people he is supposed to kill so his plan is ruined. Vincent begins to laugh when Luis tells him that the mission can't be accomplished. After telling Luis that he has no idea what kind of power he has behind him, he explains that he's doing him a favor by killing Sheridan. Reminding him that she tried to destroy Fancy and kill Theresa and that, like him and Fancy, she is a Crane: She only hides it better than he does. 'Isn't it better to be upfront about your feelings?' he asks Luis. Surprisingly, Luis agrees with him. In fact, the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks that Vincent should kill her. Despite all of Sheridan's cries for help, Luis finally turns his back and walks out. She prays for mercy as he drags the knife across her throat and then raises it to stab her. Before he can, Luis rushes Vincent from behind and knocks the blade from his hand. Sheridan drops to the floor and Vincent easily escapes.

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    What Have I Done?

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Sheridan returns to her cabin and, after slipping into her negligee, lights some candles and waits for Luis. When a knock comes at the door, she's shocked to find Vincent walking in. He tells her that he just had to get out of the mental hospital. He's not crazy, he laughs. She tells him that this isn't a good time and she'd like to be alone when Luis gets there. She wishes him good luck but he sits down, refusing to leave. He was told to come there and he always does what he's told, he explains, taking out a knife. She backs up as he holds the knife to her throat. Terrified, she reminds him that they are friends and family; she wants to repay him for all the favors he's done for her. The only thing he wants her to do for him, however, is to die. She is just the first on his list, he tells her, and it will be a long night. As she screams, Luis starts to run toward the cabin.

    This Ruins Everything!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Disguised as a guard, Alistair easily makes his way into the terrified Vincent's cell. As Vincent cowers and crawls into a ball, Alistair tells him blankly that he is going to kill him. When Vincent begs for mercy, reminding him that he's a Crane too, Alistair calls him 'simply a sickly byproduct.' Like every other descendant he's had, Vincent has failed him. As he grips Vincent's throat with his arm, he tells him that this will be his reward for failing in his mission. And this after he had given him more of a chance than anyone else in his life ever has. Before he can kill him, Vincent offers to tell him a secret. Alistair drops him and demands to know what it is. It's a secret about little Ethan. Alistair grabs him again and threatens him with excruciating agony if he doesn't tell him everything immediately. 'Julian isn't little Ethan's father... Ethan is,' he blurts out. Alistair is shocked and refuses to believe it. Vincent tells him that he has proof. Alistair is furious and begins to scream: 'This ruins everything! Everything!'

    She Did It!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Julian arrives at the mental hospital with Dr. Williams. She takes him to visit his son. Vincent has been deteriorating drastically, she warns him. They find him hiding under his bed. Dr. Williams promises him that his father is only there to visit and not to hurt him. Julian tells him that he shouldn't be hiding under the furniture; that's no way for a Crane to behave. Vincent starts to cry and the doctor tells Julian to stop being so confrontational. Eve arrives, shocked to see her son hiding. She asks Julian what he did to him. The doctor says it wasn't anything Julian did; their son is obviously terrified of someone though. She'd like to hypnotize him and find out who is behind this fear. Eve has to coax her son out, promising him that they only want what's best for him. After he crawls out from under the bed, he curls up on Eve's lap. He then starts to climb around the room and act like a toddler. Dr. Williams asks him to sit down and play a 'game'. She hypnotizes him and he quickly tells them that he is there because he failed in his mission to destroy everyone in Harmony. 'There's so much you don't know,' he smiles. When they ask for more details, he starts to go into spasms and breaks out of the hypnosis, crying at his mother's feet and begging for protection. The doctor asks Vincent to let his parents go so that she can talk to them. He refuses to let go until she offers him some cookies. Julian can't understand why his son thinks that he wants to hurt him. The doctor suggests that someone else might be involved in everything that's been happening. Vincent seems to be regressing to childhood because he feels powerless; someone must be controlling him. Who could be cold and calculating enough to use someone so fragile for their own evil ends? 'It couldn't be...' Julian wonders, thinking of his father. Meanwhile, Vincent eagerly runs up to the bars when the guard arrives with his cookies. The guard crushes the cookies before his eyes. Vincent suddenly recognizes him and begs the guard not to hurt him again. It's Alistair!

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