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    Passions CAST - Vincent Clarkson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Clarkson Played by Phillip Jeanmarie on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Phillip Jeanmarie

    Birthday: October 6 1978
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Phillip Jeanmarie


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    The Evil Plots Thicken

    Monday, October 29 2007

    Vincent overhears Eve and the nurse's conversation and goes into Jonathan's room. Vincent picks up the baby's chart and messes with it, saying the prescription won't help his fever, it'll end his life. Vincent hides as the nurse comes back, still talking to Eve. They discuss how the IV will change the baby's life and Vincent says to himself, "Drinking on the job. Dead babies. I hope mommy's insurance is paid up."

    The nurse injects Jonathan's IV with medication and Vincent says the mediation will bring his fever down forever and that Eve will end up in the gutter.

    Next Time on Passions:

    Gwen says, "My son could die because of you!" and slaps Eve as Vincent peers from around the corner saying to himself, "Let the games begin."

    Fancy wonders how she'll tell Sam his daughter is the killer.

    Kay accuses someone of killing "her."

    Caught in the Act

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Eve yells at Julian and Valerie as she finds them in Julian's bed. She berates Julian for always ending up in another woman's arms. Valerie thinks to herself, "I always know where Daddy is." Julian tries to explain to Eve that he thought Valerie was her and Valerie says that she thought Eve kicked him out of her life once and for all. Eve tires to leave, but Julian tells her that he loves her and she loves him and they can make it work. Eve asks him why he always turns to another woman at the slightest sign of disaster. Julian just tells her how much he loves her. When Eve dismisses him, Julian tells her he'll prove it to her and demands that Valerie get out of his room. Valerie says she doesn't want to leave. Julian says he doesn't care what she wants and that she should never approach him romantically again. When Valerie pleads with him, Julian threatens to call security. Valerie says she'll go, but she needs to get her clothes first. Julian turns to Eve and asks if they can talk about it. Eve says she doesn't know if there's anything to talk about. Valerie hides under the bed and says, "Damn it mommy you took daddy away from me." Valerie continues to think that "mommy ruins everything" and that there are consequences to her actions. Julian continues to persuade Eve to forgive him, but Eve doesn't know how he can expect her to trust him since she always catches him with other women. Julian says it's because she continues to push him away. Eve can't believe he's blaming her, but Julian says he's not and asks her to come back to him. The conversation turns to Vincent and Julian asks if she really thinks Vincent is alive considering all the alcohol she's been drinking. Julian tells Eve that Vincent is gone, but Valerie says to herself under the bed, "Maybe it's time to pay mommy another visit," and grabs at her mask. Julian tells Eve he knows how much they both want Vincent to be alive, but they must face the reality that he's dead. Julian then suggests she stop drinking and Eve tells him she's sober now because she almost killed a patient at the hospital. Valerie takes off her mask and Vincent says, "Interesting. I can use that." As Julian again says that Vincent is gone, Vincent says to himself, "The Hell I am. Just you wait." Julian tells Eve they can't throw everything they've meant to each other away and asks if he can help her. Eve says yes and that she wants to feel loved and feel hope. Julian tells her he will always be there for her and that it will be just the two of them together forever. Vincent thinks that Eve is always taking "daddy" from him and that "mommy has to die."

    Vincent Steps Up His Plan

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    Over at Eve's house, she comes downstairs looking for Julian. Eve finds a note he left telling her he's gone out to get food, but Eve remarks that she doesn't need food, she needs booze. She grabs a few bottles and sees that Julian has emptied them all out. Eve says, "This is my house and if I want to stack alcohol up to the rafters it's my business." She goes to look for a bottle of brandy she hid and is delighted to find it as she takes a drink. As Eve enjoys her "one true friend," Vincent appears in the flesh to her. She asks if he's really here and he says "What does it look like?" Eve asks if he's a ghost and he holds out his hand and asks if he feels like a ghost. Eve touches him and says "You're real!" She hugs him and tells him she knew he wasn't dead. She asks what happened because she saw him fall off the cliff. All Vincent says is that he's missed her and gives her a couple pills to make her feel better. Eve asks what they are and Vincent tells her they'll make her feel better and asks "Don't you trust me?" She says of course she does and turns to take the pills. When she looks back Vincent is gone. Eve yells out for Vincent as Julian walks in the door with a bag of groceries. Eve tells Julian that Vincent was just there and asks him to help her find their son. Eve tries to convince Julian that she's telling the truth, but Julian thinks she was sleeping or drunk. They argue about it and Julian tells her that Vincent is dead-there's no doubt about it. Julian tells her that he loves her and wants what's best for her and goes to make coffee and sandwiches so they can talk about what really happened to Vincent. Eve becomes dizzy and lays back on the couch. Vincent calls for her and appears to her again, but this time won't let her touch him. Vincent tells her he loves Daddy, but whines that Julian doesn't believe he's alive. "Why doesn't Daddy love me?" Vincent asks. Eve begs him no to go, that he should stay and convince Julian that he's alive. Vincent says that Julian is ashamed of him and that he doesn't want him around. Eve says that's not true, but Vincent states that he doesn't believe her and that's why he's going for good. Eve breaks down as Julian returns and she slaps him telling him it's his fault Vincent is gone. Julian is completely confused and Eve tells him that Vincent was just there and Julian accuses her of hallucinating. Eve takes another drink and continues to blame Julian. Julian tells her he heard from Sam and that the police have solid evidence that Vincent is gone. Vincent eavesdrops from behind the curtain and says "This should be good." Eve asks what lies Sam is spreading because she just touched him, but Julian says they found a lot of blood on the rocks that matches Vincent's DNA. Vincent pulls up his sleeve to reveal a bandage and says "Lucky for me I bled like a stuck pig." Eve won't believe it and breaks down. Julian tells her not to ignore the evidence because she's a doctor. Eve wonders if she's going crazy and Julian tries to console her. Eve asks what she should do and Julian says they should think about that tomorrow. He wants her to get a good night's sleep and they'll talk about it in the morning. Vincent makes a noise form behind the curtain and worries that they will find him. Julian passes by the curtain and sees someone standing behind it. He grabs the person and throws him to the floor as Eve yells out that it's Vincent.

    Crazy Eyes

    Monday, October 01 2007

    In his Valerie disguise, Vincent tells his reflection in the mirror that his parents will pay for what they've done to him and it will be "Sick in more ways than one." "Valerie" prepares herself to seduce Julian and thinks about Eve walking in on Julian kissing Valerie.

    Mind Games

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    A drunken Eve lays on the couch talking to herself about Vincent, as Vincent's image appears to her. She yells at him that he's not real-he can't be. Vincent tells her to trust her heart and says he loves her. He then lays on the guilt, asking, "How could you let Alistair take me from you?" Eve stumbles off the couch and Julian knocks on the door. She goes to let Julian in and Vincent tries to erase his image from the room. He panics when his contraption doesn't work fearing Julian will see it. Eve tells Julian "Our boy is here!" Vincent's image disappears just as Julian enters the living room. Julian asks what's wrong with Eve and she tells him Vincent is there. Julian realizes Eve is drunk, as she tires to figure out where Vincent went. Julian tries to talk to her about Vincent and that they did everything they could for him, but now it's too late. Eve tells him it's not too late because Vincent is here. Julian offers to search the house even though he doesn't believe in ghosts. Hearing this, Vincent panics and tries to run, but makes a noise that Julian hears. Julian says, "If anyone is here. I'm going to find you." Julian goes to the curtain and says, "Good God!" as he opens it. Julian sees all the empty bottle of booze Eve had been drinking. Eve tells him she needs to cope somehow and Julian remarks, "No wonder you're seeing things." Eve tells him she's not seeing things and that Vincent is alive and throws a glass at him. Julian adamantly tells her that their son is dead! Eve tries to convince Julian that she saw Vincent, but Julian reminds her they watched him go off the cliff. An exasperated Julian tells her it's the grief getting to her and that alcohol is only making it worse. Eve grabs another bottle and Julian wrestles it away from her. Eve lashes out at Julian telling him he doesn't know what she's been through-he didn't carry Vincent for nine months or give birth to him. Julian starts to down the bottle of scotch so he can match Eve's drunken state and they can talk on an even plane. He starts to drink the whole bottle and Eve stops him. Julian tells her that what happened to Vincent was not her fault and that Alistair tortured his soul and turned him into a serial killer. Julian reminds her what a wonderful mother she was to Simone and Whitney and that they are fine young women. Eve says they hate her and pours herself a drink and then hands it to Julian. Eve rehashes her history with Vincent and thinks that as a mother she should have known he was in trouble and saved him. Eve tells Julian to leave, that she wants to be alone with her grief. Julian quips that she only wants to be alone with her bottle and she says it helps to dull the pain. Julian says he's the one that needs to be drunk because he lost two sons and that maybe they should look for oblivion together. He passionately kisses Eve, but she tells him to stop and to leave her alone. Julian tells her he loves her and wants to help her. He says she's perfect, but Eve tells him he's wasting his time and that he shouldn't love her. Julian replies, "It's like asking the stars not to shine," and goes on to profess his deep feelings. Eve doesn't think she deserves it because she let her son die. Julian tells her that love is what's important in life and that he's lost two sons tonight and he wants to be with the woman he loves. She tells him she's horrible and a drunk and Julian assures her he loves her no matter what and kisses her again.

    After leaving Eve's, Vincent goes to the docks and remarks how easy it is to slip in and out of his mother's house. He then talks to himself about his plans for Eve and Julian because they destroyed his life and now he'll return the favor. Vincent then goes to Valerie's and picks up a wig off the couch saying it's time for Valerie to wake up now so she can pick up where she left off with "daddy." Vincent devilishly laughs as he recalls that Julian has always wanted Valerie and now he'll have her.

    Going to the Dark Side

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Next time on Passions:

    Gwen warns Theresa if she tells Ethan about Little E he'll be as good as dead.

    A drunk Eve tells Julian that Vincent is in her house.

    Close, but No Cigar

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Drunk, Eve calls the operator to try and trace Vincent's call, but they tell her she received no incoming calls. Confused, Eve tries to get answers, as she slurs into the phone, but to no avail. Vincent looks through the curtain and mischievously smiles to himself. Eve recounts the recent events of Vincent's death and thinks guilt is making her mind play tricks on her. Vincent quietly says, "Don't worry mommy, there's a long road ahead. I'll make you think you're losing your mind." Eve then takes the pills Vincent left out for her, saying she'll only take them so she can rest and then flush them down the toilet tomorrow. Eve passes out on the couch and wakes up to Vincent's voice saying "Mommy, help me." She gets up, asking where he is, as Vincent's image appears to her. Eve talks to the image of her son saying she'll help him and that she's happy to see him. He tells her she never loved him and that she gave up on him, but Eve says that's not true because she did try to find him. They go back and forth over whether or not Eve loves him and his image disappears. Eve yells out for Vincent, as he holds some sort of image-projecting device behind the curtain.

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