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    Passions CAST - Charity Standish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charity Standish Played by Kristina Sisco on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Sisco

    Birthday: 1982--04-18
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Real Name: Kristina Sisco
    Height: 5'6"


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    All "Heaven" is About to Break Loose

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    Fox explains to Miguel that Jessica was there blaming Kay for ruining her life. By Miguel's cool attitude, Fox realizes Miguel couldn't have seen Charity yet. He kisses Kay and hurries to find Charity with the excuse of checking on Jessica.

    "You still haven't told him have you?" Kay tells him Fox kept interrupting her. Miguel offers to kiss her cheek where Jessica slapped her. Kay stops him before other people see them. She talks about the situation with Jessica and how upsetting it was. "What if she was right? What if I am to blame?" Miguel is more interested in the situation with Fox. "You have to tell him now." They agree that she has to tell Fox the minute that he gets back.

    Fox finds Charity where he left her still waiting in the yard. He tells her to come with him. He has another surprise for Kay and Miguel.

    Fancy Hears Wrong

    Tuesday, November 21 2006

    That's it for Miguel. He can't let Kay marry Fox. Kay is too busy kissing him to argue. He shows Kay how it would be crueler for her not to tell Fox. Kay agrees to get it over with right away. She gets up to get dressed.

    Tabitha is outside her house still worrying about whether she saw Charity. She is startled by Julian who has arrived early. He wants to see his daughter. Tabitha refuses. She thought she made if very clear that he will never be a part of her life. Julian backs down for now because of Fox's party but the matter is by no means over. He walks off.

    Tabitha goes to check on Endora. She knows that "when a Crane is denied something, you never know what length they will go to get it."

    Charity returns to the bedroom and an anxious Fox. He announces that he has changed his mind. Instead of waiting for the guests to arrive, he wants her to see Miguel and Kay immediately.

    Fox sneaks Charity into the backyard. It is all set up with decorations and tables for the shower. He can't wait until he sees the look on Kay and Miguel's face. He goes inside to get them.

    Kay joins Miguel in the parlor. She is dressed for the party. Miguel reminds her she is doing the right thing. Fox arrives. He puts his arms around Kay and kisses her passionately while Miguel watches in discomfort. Fox is ready to get the party started. He wants to show her something in the backyard. Kay won't let him do that until she talks with him. Fox tries to stop her several times but Kay stands firm.

    Miguel leaves to give her a chance to talk with Fox. He walks outside in the backyard and doesn't see Charity who is hiding a few feet away.

    The Truth Hurts

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Upstairs Fox talks Charity out of speaking to Kay and Miguel just yet. If she goes down now it will spoil the surprise. The surprise Fox has in mind will split up Miguel and Kay for good but he doesn't tell Charity that.

    Fox is leaving nothing to chance. He bought clothes for Charity so she can make a grand entrance. Charity laughs at his taste. Her style leans more toward the frumpy. Fox insists she try on the sexy, red dress saying Miguel's eyes will pop out of his head when he sees her in it. That is incentive enough for her. She goes off to change into the dress.

    Fox is growing impatient waiting for Charity. When she finally comes out the bathroom, Fox is wowed by her appearance. With Charity as his secret weapon, Kay and Miguel don't stand a chance.

    Fox tells Charity to wait there while he checks to see if the coast is clear. He goes downstairs. In the parlor, Kay and Miguel are naked under a blanket making out. He is very disturbed by what he sees. Kay and Miguel don't even notice he is there.

    Finally, Theresa tells Ethan the truth!

    Friday, November 17 2006

    Fox is on the phone making the arrangement for bringing Charity to Harmony. He doesn't want anyone finding out she's in town. It would ruin the scam he is playing on Kay and Miguel. He turns around and sees Miguel and Noah behind him.

    Fox starts to do damage control but Noah interrupts him. Noah understands why Fox picked Miguel over him for best man. It's okay. Dodging that bullet, Fox needles Miguel by gushing about his impending marriage to Kay. Miguel reaches his breaking point and orders Fox to stop. There's something he needs to tell him about Kay.

    Noah stops him from telling Fox. He shouldn't be talking behind Kay's back. Fox agrees. Kay walks in and Fox runs over and kisses her.

    The doorbell rings. It is Julian. He has brought a bottle of champagne for the shower. He pulls Fox away from them. Noah, Miguel and Kay go back into the room.

    Fox tells him the news about Charity. "I'm betting that just seeing the two of them together will be enough to make Kay doubt Miguel's commitment to her."

    Fox's phone vibrates. Charity has arrived. He instructs the person to bring her up the back way. Julian and Fox start upstairs to meet her. Fox says to himself that Miguel and Kay are over and they don't even know it.

    Noah warns Kay not to make the same mistake of remaining silent and leaves. Miguel won't accept any more excuses from Kay. She has to tell Fox the truth tonight.

    Upstairs now, Julian tells Fox he is proud that Fox is acting like a Crane. Someone knocks at the door. It's Charity. They are very happy she is there.

    They're all in Triangle Hell

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Fox continues his charade to keep Kay from leaving him. He pretends to talk to a doctor on the phone about his terminal illness while Kay eavesdrops from the hall. "I love her with all my heart. Even if it is defective."

    Kay decides to come into the room and Fox quickly ends his "call." He pulls her into his arms. She asks if there is something he needs to tell her. He affirms there is something. He leads her to the bed and sits her down. His big news is that he has planned a special bridal shower. It's not the news she expected. "You make me want to live forever just so I can love you and take care of you. I cannot wait to be married to you." He hugs her, hiding the smug look on his face from her.

    Miguel is in the hall as Kay comes out of Fox's bedroom. He immediately wants to know if she told him. He gets very upset when she tells she didn't.
    Kay defends Fox. How can she hurt him now especially since he has never hurt her?

    Fox phones Charity. He asks if she got his instructions?" She did. He wants her to follow them "and you will be in Harmony by tonight." He wants her to attend a special party he has planned.

    No Faith, no hope, but Charity is back

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    Miguel asks what took Kay so long. She thinks back to the sex she just had sex with Fox. Miguel insists she tell him she didn't make love to Fox.

    Fox watches from his bedroom window. "How dense can you be, Miguel," Fox says out loud.

    Kay doesn't admit to having sex with Fox. She excuses her tardiness saying she didn't want to leave until Fox was sleep and he took a while.

    Fox listens with approval. Lying to Miguel is a good sign that she won't leave him.

    Kay reminds Miguel that she said she would tell Fox in her own time. His dying changes things. That may be so but for Miguel it doesn't change the most important thing—their love. He wants assurance from Kay that she won't marry Fox.

    Fox gloats from his bedroom.

    Even though he promised he wouldn't, Miguel pressures Kay to tell Fox the truth. He doesn't understand why she is so resistant. "Is it Charity?"

    Kay didn't see that coming. Miguel promises he would never make that mistake again. Charity is out of his life.

    Fox plans to put that promise to the test. He makes a call to security. The call has something to do with his plan to beat Miguel.

    Kay has lingering doubts about them because of Charity. She remembers how Miguel treated Charity like a princess. Kay especially remembers hearing Charity tell Miguel that a fortuneteller said she would be with the same man all her life. That should be her fortune. Miguel asks her what she is thinking about.

    Fox has finished his phone call. It had to do with a big surprise for Miguel. Probably not a happy one.

    Kay wonders how Miguel can be so sure he won't go back to Charity. He just is. Besides there is no point discussing her because nobody even knows where Charity is.

    Wrong answer. Fox has tracked her down. He pleads with her to come to Harmony right away. "It's a matter of life and death."

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