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    Passions CAST - Charity Standish - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Charity Standish Played by Kristina Sisco on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristina Sisco

    Birthday: 1982--04-18
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Real Name: Kristina Sisco
    Height: 5'6"


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    Can Fancy be saved?

    Friday, December 15 2006

    Miguel has assembled a list of all the hotels on the island where Charity is staying. He plans on calling each and everyone until he locates Charity. Luis' mind is more on Fancy. He is worried because she never returned his call. He reassures himself that she is just too busy Christmas shopping. Miguel works until he narrows the search to rental houses.

    He finally finds Charity and gets connected to her by phone. The real Charity is surprised to hear from him. Charity reminds him that they have no future together. Miguel gets that now. He called because he is in love with Kay and he needs Charity's help.

    The Big Reveal

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Fox talks with "Charity" and "Miguel" about what they did to Kay. It may hurt now, but it was the right thing to do. She'll be happier in the long run. Besides, she betrayed Fox first. "Charity" asks if he always punishes the people he loves? Fox answers that the main thing is that he doesn't lose.

    There is no chance Kay will be going back to Miguel after she saw him making love to Charity and vowing she is the only woman he loves.

    Fox pays Charity. Then he hands over money to “Miguel” for a job well done. He orders them to take off their disguises before someone sees them. They pull at their necks, peeling off masks, revealing different faces.

    "Amazing what a little make-up and latex can do," Fox says as he looks at the pair.

    Fakes and Frauds

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Fox sits on a bench outside in the snow.. He is too happy to be bothered by the weather. Charity walks up to him. He laughs wickedly. Things went better than he hoped. Kay and Miguel are finished. Kay may be upset now but Fox can't dwell on that, if ever. "I won't lose Kay. She's mine. I did what I had to do to hang on to her."

    Fox tells Charity that he is doing what he is doing because he loves Kay. It sounds like he wants to own Kay to Charity. He doesn't think that's a fair assessment of the situation. He finally found a woman he wants to spend his life with and he'll be damned if he lets Miguel take her away from him.

    Miguel joins the two of them. "I was wondering what happened to the two of you. Are we good or what? Kay won't be calling off your wedding."

    Fox and Miguel shake hands over a job well done. They helped save his relationship with Kay.For that he thanks them. "No problem. Anytime."

    There's going to be fireworks in Harmony

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Simone and Kay listens Miguel and Charity as they speak of their love for each other. Around the corner, Fox and Julian watch Kay's reactions to all she sees. Fox has another bout of remorse about what he is doing to her. Julian has no doubts that Fox is doing what is necessary to keep Kay. He tells him to stay strong and leaves to take care of some business

    Simone tries to get Kay to confront Miguel but Kay won't. Miguel doesn't love her. He never did.

    Miguel proposes to Charity. Charity doesn't want to get married. She is too young for that. In fact, she may never marry. When Kay hear this, she begins to think that there is still a chance for her with Miguel. Charity tells Miguel that it's all right with her if he marries Kay to be with his daughter. They can still be together. This surprises Miguel and shocks Kay. Miguel and Charity start making love again.

    Kay is so distraught, she runs off with Simone right behind her. Fox believes this is the best outcome for Kay. She will have a better life with him.

    Simone offers to go with Kay to talk to Miguel but Kay just wants to get out of there. Simone goes to get the car so they can go for a drive. Fox hates seeing Kay in so much pain. Julian rejoins him in time to tell Fox not to back down. "If you lose the woman that you love, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Fox asks him who is he talking about.

    Kay stands waiting for Simone to return. "Kay? Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you." Kay turns around to face Miguel looking at her innocently.

    Sheridan has become her father's daughter

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Kay peers through the window at Miguel making love to Charity. Simone pulls her from the door. "He's forgotten I'm even alive." Kay feels powerless and heartbroken.

    Simone tries to get Kay to stop torturing herself over Miguel and Charity. Just tell him off and get it over with. Kay suddenly remembers Tabitha's prediction that bad things would happen when Miguel and Charity made love. She decides not to confront him. He can have Charity. Simone, however, won't let Miguel get away with breaking promises to her best friend. For justice sake, Kay needs to throw his promises in his face. Kay sees the irony in the situation. Miguel betrayed her and she betrayed Fox at her bridal shower. She regains her backbone and promises Simone that she will tell Miguel off.

    Kay isn't sure what to say to Miguel. It is simple to Simone. "The man is a bum." Kay goes closer to the door again so she can hear what the two lovers are saying. Miguel tells Charity that he loves making love to her. Charity reminds him that he told her she was the only girl in the world for him. She wonders how he can be so sure. He just is. Charity asks him to forgive her for leaving him. He blames himself for driving her away. He loves her and if she wants his forgiveness, she has it. Charity realizes that she made a mistake by turning her back on him. He vows they will never make that mistake again. They will be together forever. They kiss again.

    Simone pulls Kay away from the door again. "Who knew Miguel could be such a lying bastard?" Kay can't take anymore. She starts to leave. Simone has other ideas. She isn't going to let Miguel get away with it. She barges into the shed. Miguel and Charity try to cover their nakedness. Miguel asks Simone "what are you doing here?" Simone tells Miguel she's sticking up for friend and punches him hard in the face. Charity screams.

    Simone chokes Miguel while Charity watches helplessly. At least that was Simone wishes she could do. In reality, Simone is twisting Kay's arm. It was just her imagination. Kay goes back to the door and peeks in the window. She hears Miguel finally remembers her. He tells Charity they have to talk about Kay. Kay is thrilled. Simone thinks it's a little late. He remembered her after he made love to another woman.

    Kay thinks that things are going to work out for them after all. She listens as Miguel explains he was going to marry Kay. Charity reaches for her clothes. Miguel stops her from leaving. He was trying to do the right thing because Kay was the mother of his child. But now that Charity is back he can't be with Kay. "You're the only woman in my heart. I love you, I always will."

    Kay feels sick. Simone demands she kick the door down but Kay can't. Inside, Miguel and Charity make plans for the future. They talk about leaving town. To Kay, she was just a stupid girl that he got pregnant and nothing more. She is devastated..

    The Curse of the Cranes

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    While Fox is reporting the progress of his plan to his father, he observes Kay sobbing to Simone Fox feels so guilty that he decides to tell Kay what he did. Julian grabs Fox by the arm and pulls him back. He reminds him how Kay was going to break his heart by betraying him with Miguel. Fox let's go his remorse. The pain she is in is her just punishment for what she's done to him.

    Simone tells Kay to confide in her. Kay spills everything from how she realized it was Miguel she wanted to marry to overhearing that Fox was dying. Now Charity is here out of the blue. Miguel looked at her and kissed her. "And he told her that he loved her, right in front of me, just after he told me the same thing." Simone understands. "Men are pigs."

    Simone advises Kay to go and talk to Miguel. Kay is afraid of what he will say. Simone prods her to go anyway. They go into the house with Fox and Julian following from a distance. Miguel and Charity are nowhere to be seen. Kay is beside herself. After all these years, Charity still beats her. Simone reminds her it is not a competition. Then she notices something. "Looks like Charity lost something." Simone picks up a bra from the couch.

    Simone suggests they should follow the trail of clothes to find Miguel and Charity, They do. Fox can't wait to see what happens. He knows that at the end of the trail of clothes is the end of Miguel and Kay. Julian and Fox follow the girls.

    Simone and Kay have followed various clothes items to the outside. It has led them to a shed. Simone thinks maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Kay won't stop now and looks in the window on the shed's door. All her fears come true. She sees Miguel and Charity making love.

    A Whole Lot of Kissing Going On

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Fox and Kay watch as Miguel and Charity kiss. Fox marvels at Miguel and Charity's affection for each other. He knew Miguel wasn't over Charity. Kay is stunned that Charity came back. Fox suggests there may even be a double wedding with the pair.

    Fox wants to leave the two alone and go greet their guest, unless Kay still wants to have that talk with him. Kay is fixated on Miguel and Charity. She tells him the talk can wait. He can go out to the guests. She will be there in a second. Fox kisses her and leaves

    Kay watches Miguel and Charity. Miguel and Charity only have eyes for each other. "What is he doing? I have to say something. He said he loved me." She walks towards the two now.

    Fox is on the phone telling his father that his plan worked like a charm. Now the wedding will go off as planned as long as Kay doesn't find out what he did. "Find out what, Fox?" He turns around to see Simone is behind him.

    Miguel and Charity finally separate. He tells Charity that he loves her and only her. Kay remembers when he promised never to leave her even if Charity came back. She realizes his promise was all a lie! She runs out the room.

    Fox quickly ends his call. Simone repeats her question. He tells Simone he has a surprise lined up for the honeymoon. Simone is happy to hear that and runs off to find Kay. Kay finds her first. She is crying as she runs into Simone's arms. Miguel doesn't really love her. "He loves Charity."

    Is Jared Theresa's Destiny?

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Charity is eager to see Kay and Miguel but Fox isn't ready to reveal her just yet. He snaps "No" when she suggests going to the party. He regains himself and tells her that he wants the surprise to be perfect so she has to wait for the perfect time. Charity continues to go along with his plan.

    Fox leaves Charity in the bedroom with instructions for her to wait. It will be worth it when they see the look on Miguel and Kay's face.

    Kay comes into the house, looking for Fox. He comes down the stairs and tries to steer her outside to see their guests. She tells him to sit down. What she has to say is really serious. He sits down as she begins to tell him about her and Miguel. She stops when she hears someone behind her and turns around to see Charity. She is in shock.
    Charity, Fox and Kay are in the living room when Miguel comes in. When he sees Charity his whole face lights up. She rushes over to him. They are holding hands now and he caresses her face. He tells her that he looked all over for her. He still loves her and he always will. Kay watches in horror as Fox stands behind her with a smug look on his face.

    All "Heaven" is About to Break Loose

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    Miguel is walking around the grounds when he sees a disturbing sight—lots and lots of pictures of Fox and Kay. What he doesn't see is Charity hiding a few feet away from him. Charity wonders if she misunderstood Fox about where she was supposed to wait and leaves the spot.

    Paloma arrives at the party and notices Theresa. She changes her mind about talking to Theresa when she sees Noah. Paloma has plans for him this night.

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